On My Watchlist: Big Hero 6


Alright – this is a little different from my other ‘watchlists.’ I was introduced to this movie after watching the trailer before Guardians of the Galaxy (fun movie I might add, with an awesome soundtrack). It’s a Disney film animated in the likes of Wreck It Ralph but is based on a Marvel superhero comic of the same name. (Disney + Marvel = more superhero films than ever before.)


Things I’m Obsessed With Thanks to K-Dramas


Several times I’ve caught myself in the middle of an online shopping spree buying Korean makeup, plushies, and jewelry. And then several more times I find myself wanting the latest model of a smartphone even though my current one is just fine. Most of the time this happens because I’m inspired by the dramas I watch: I see something I like, and I want it. And when my baby cousin decided to take my pig-rabbit away for some cuddle time I realized that one doesn’t have to be a K-drama fan to like Korean products. They genuinely have really charming products, and dramas are just a great gateway to being exposed to them since I’m no longer among the preteens who know the latest and greatest cute stuff from Asia.

(Blue Bear I’ve left you behind, but Mashimaro you’re still in my heart.)

So here are some things that I’ve recently been obsessed with. What are some of yours, and did any drama inspire you to get them?


My Secret Hotel: Episode 4 Recap


After this week a new writer will be taking the helm. The original writer Kim Ye Ri had written out the screenplay for episodes 1-4 before passing away from cancer in March. Kim Do Hyun (Goodbye Dear Wife) will be taking over for the rest of the series. Hopefully this writer will be able to continue the wonderful tone that Kim Ye Ri has set, and hopefully this drama does not decline.

(Apologies for a lot of the recap delays! I promise to catch up very soon with this and Joseon Gunman going forward!)


Running Man: Episode 207


Ji Suk Jin has been one of the ‘underdog’ characters on Running Man for most of the show, having won only a couple of challenges in four years. In episode 207, the producers decide to give our dear Big Nose Hyung an episode for his own. The guests for this episode are Suk Jin’s friends: Nam Hee Suk, Park Soo Hong, Kim Jae Dong, Kim Hee Chul, and Lee Soo Yeon. They play on Suk Jin’s team, with an advantage provided by the producers, to best the other Running Man members.