Liar Game (tvn): Episode 2 Recap

A review of ‘The Actresses.’ 

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Tomorrow’s Cantabile: Why I’m In Love

5 reasons why I have fallen hard for ‘Tomorrow’s Cantabile’

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Liar Game: A Review

A review of the Japanese drama, ‘Liar Game’.

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Highlights from Tomorrow’s Cantabile: Episode 6


Love triangle begone! In this episode we have so much more happening now to our Fab 5: Yoo Jin, Soo Min, Il Rak, Nae Il, and Min Hee. There’s more growth for each of the characters in this episode, which is much appreciated: Yoo Jin learns something about conducting from Stresemann and sees why he wasn’t a good conductor at the start. Nae Il suffers from anxiety when she thinks of her harrowing childhood with a formidable piano teacher. Soo Min and Il Rak realize how bad they are compared to their peers at the music festival. Il Rak also falls in love.

But I miss the old crazy shenanigans so much!

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Go Ah Sung Joins Hollywood Entertainment Agency


Go Ah Sung is making more strides in Hollywood! She recently signed on for Untitled Entertainment, which boasts Ashton Kutcher, Elizabeth Banks, Uma Thurman, Kate Hudson, Jeremy Renner, Demi Moore, Sofia Vergara and others as part of its list of talents. Could this mean we’ll expect more of Go in Hollywood movies in the future?

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Joo Jin Mo Makes Musical Debut in ‘Gone With the Wind’


Another actor makes his way to musicals! Following the announcement of Gong Hyo Jin’s turn towards the stage, veteran film and drama actor Joo Jin Mo is following suit. I’m actually quite surprised that he has not done a musical before.

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Behind the Scenes with ‘Mr. Baek’


Stills have been released for Mr. Baek that feature Jang Na Ra, Lee Joon, and Shin Ha Kyun in character. To note, we have Shin Ha Kyun all dressed up in prosthetics and looking similar to an Asian Albert Einstein; we have Jang Na Ra with new bangs; and we have Lee Joon looking dapper as he shoots his scenes at a Gangnam club.

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Highlights from Tomorrow’s Cantabile: Episode 5


I just enjoy watching this drama so much for its cuteness and frivolousness, and for the hilarious facial expressions. We have the dramatic face-off between A and S orchestras, a budding romance between Il Rak and Shi Won, a moment of jealousy from Nae Il, and more moments of von Stresemann being so unreliable that it actually helps the S orchestra’s cause. And! A water park is involved!

In any case, a fun episode, and here are my favorite moments – in gifs! (Of course, there may be a few spoilers, especially if you know the context…)

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