Rumor Mill: Park Shi Hoo-Kim So Yeon Coupling?

I think I have to be forcibly restrained to prevent falling into the temptation of posting this. But! since I’m not, it’s going up. 😀

Yes – another Park Shi Hoo interview – but this one is all for the rumor mill. Prosecutor Princess fans are unwilling to let go of this possible coupling (myself included), which is simply a testament to their chemistry. Though it is a relatively early-2010 drama, here’s hoping that SBS recognizes the two actors and at least awards them a Best Couple Award by the end of the year.

The following interview is one that was analyzed (but not the only one) and it completely added fodder to this rumor. But judge for yourself! I think Park is teasing fans and the reporter, and yet also his answers seem quite honest. So…

Disclaimer: The translation may be off, as I translated it from a Chinese version of the interview. Thanks to ai* @ soompi for helping clarify some of it!

This interview took place on the afternoon of May 21, the day after PP ended.

There’s a lot that happened but I would like to focus (hehe) on the kiss-drama with Ma Hye Ri. I heard you had to “grit your teeth” for this.

Q: When filming it, how did you (PSH) honestly feel?
PSH: Happiness. Hehe. Even though the ratings weren’t as high, the response to the drama exceeded expectations. It felt kind of new. I like to joke that everyone has a Seo Byun syndrome and it will take a while before it dies down.

Q: A lot of female viewers like Seo Byun, who knows how to take care of women – are you like him?
PSH: I treat my girlfriends really well. If they’re hungry I’ll prepare a boxed meal for them; take care of them when they’re not feeling well and cheer them up; I could date one person for a long time. In addition, in previous kiss scenes I didn’t get a good response from them. This time I gritted my teeth and did it.

Park Shi Hoo also said, he heard that when his character is getting close to Hye Ri, it should look like a performance, and that he would act like that because he got drunk. Originally his personality is quite introverted and shy, so when after drinking he became more intimate, he would becoming quite an amusing person. To experience this kind of feeling, Park Shi Hoo would drink some wine while rehearsing his lines.

Q: What is your ideal girl? Is having long straight hair the first thing that attracts you to her?
My last girlfriend was four years ago. I used the feeling of being with girl you love in front of you in my scenes with Hye Ri. Because of that, recently I’ve been hoping to fall in love once again.

His ex-girlfriend saw him in the MBC drama “Let’s Get Married” and called him to say he used every trick in the drama which he had used when he was with her. It seems actors carve out their acting skills from their own experiences and what screenwriters do, is to bring in their own experiences into their screenplays too. Park Shi Hoo really wants to be in love again.

Q: Park Shi Hoo’s ideal girl “having long straight hair as the first criteria for a girl,” how vague is that? Is Ma Hye Ri like your type?
(laughing) Are you still insisting on seeing a relationship between me and So Yeon? Because reporters are incessantly asking what are my thoughts of acting alongside So Yeon, asking whether or not our daily interactions are like that in real life. [as in, if he acts the way he does with Kim So Yeon onscreen, offscreen]. And what level of closeness are we at? It’s like a continuous search to get into the heart of this matter.”

“My ideal type is a comfortable, fresh/pure, and easy going kind of girl.”

Q: Would you go public with this relationship?
Even if i were in a relationship I would not go public about it. Men may be misunderstood but if we broke up, the woman would hear a lot of idle talk behind her back and be hurt by it.

The last episode had an intense shooting schedule, and whenever there was time in between shooting they would doze off for a bit. A characteristic of Korean dramas is the shooting schedule is very intense. For Park Shi Hoo, his filming schedule barely gives him time to sleep. For three days he had to shoot through the night. The first two episodes were filmed nearly a month ago, and the last episode is filming its last two days.

PSH: I don’t have strength to film anymore. The drama scenes don’t come out in order, but are based on what what happened before that [as in, there’s like a reinterpretation of the scene and they work off of that], making it a messy shoot. To film a drama and factor in sleep time depends on the screenplay. It’s too tiring to read lines when I want to sleep. They want a more refined performance but it’s too intense [and therefore making it hard to concentrate on the script]. There’s not enough time so it can get frustrating. when filming the last episode we were afraid it wouldn’t make it in time for broadcast, and I was worried, but when I saw the last episode I texted the director and said that he’s a magician – because it was better than I expected.

The reporter said other actors left messages, but Park Shi Hoo seems to leave very few comments. Park Shi Hoo refuted this, saying that he’s left messages on message boards.

The reporter said he only left one. He should have left more.
Park Shi Hoo used Seo Byun’s particular, careless voice to say, “Don’t tell me you were expecting me to post a message every day? to put one up is not enough?”

Park Shi Hoo won’t be filming but will take some time to rest, enjoy traveling on his own. If one looks at the time before he filmed Prosecutor Princess, last winter he went to the U.S. to find a friend in NYC, and he went sightseeing in many different places. Smiling, he said his lifestyle in the States for that one month seemed like he became more reckless.

Final question: What are his future plans?
I hope to film a movie, and perhaps take on a role that is entirely evil.

The original Korean article can be found here. It is an article from DongA.

source: yukiyukiku & cut33 @ soompi

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