Level 7 Civil Servant Getting Drama Treatment?

Kang Ji Hwan Fever!!!

(Hey – I needed something after Park Shi Hoo…)

It looks like a drama version of the film “Level 7 Civil Servant” is going to be made. The film version – which starred Kang and Kim Ha Neul – was a big hit, which is no surprise for its fun blend of comedy and action. The drama is probably going to come out next year, and so it’s too early to say who will be the leads.

(Any suggestions though? I wish the original leads could reprise their roles, but it might be too boring… What about Bae Yong Joon? We haven’t seen him in a while and he’s rarely/never done comedy… har har – kidding!!)

I’m so excited for this. I have to admit though, I thought I never saw Kang in anything, until I belatedly realized that he was in this film! I don’t know why – but I thought I was watching Cha Tae Hyun instead…

source: dramabeans

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