Behind The Scenes of ATHENA Episode 19

OK – spoilerific photo spamazz. I know what happens in episode 19 (thanks to these photos) DESPITE not having seen it yet – and I warn you all – if you dare put up any spoilery comments about what happens or what else happens from episode 18 on, I will hunt you down, and shoot you dead with a sniper gun before you can even say “Yoon Hye In!”

Nevertheless, I don’t dare deprive the world of such fun behind-the-scenes photos. After all – Lee Ji Ah is a very, very lucky girl. (She gets hugged not by one hottie – but two!)

source: soompi


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  1. kaedejun 22 February, 2011 at 11:25 Reply

    @ estel – MUCH AGREED. i’d do fifty eps of nothingness just to get stared by him lovingly, and then held by him so sweetly. yum.

    @ aberdeen – LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. glad you’re on board the Nonsensical Fan Girl For No Reason Boat!

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