The Fate of Kim So Yeon in Athena

Ahhhhh – I totally deserve to kill myself with said sniper gun because I just spoil things for myself. I just always end up looking for tidbits about Athena – which is the dumbest thing I could ever do to myself. Dumb, dumb, dumb!

But I came across this news bit while looking into Kim So Yeon. Spoilers ahead.

Apparently, she barely appears in episode 19, and does not come back in the final episode. She was said to be the key in Athena in linking IRIS and Athena together. And link them she did alright – the secret link was…. she appeared in both!

Dumb right?

She never fully acts out on her “revenge” against North Korea, and Taewon Entertainment has said instead that her revenge storyline will be continued in IRIS 2.

Can I just say “BULLSHIT!” This is the biggest piece of crap I’ve ever heard, and now I’m getting sick of all that Taewon says. I’m also getting pissed at SBS for dropping What’s Up but that’s another story. Anyways – if Kim So Yeon is smart, she will not participate in the sequel because it’s just going to be a marketing ploy for ratings and is going to be a completely lame-ass script.

If she stars in IRIS 2 that is SO NOT going to make me watch it. Just because Kim So Yeon is in it is not going to make me watch something I don’t think I’ll enjoy. Just for this time. I’ll watch any of her other dramas, but not IRIS 2.

P.S. Don’t click on the source link unless you want to read the rest of the spoilers about the last episode.

source: hancinema

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