News Bits: 4/7/11 Edition

Jang Nara is quite shy about wearing a miniskirt – then again, she’s supposed to be a 30+ year old dressing like a 20-something. I find it adorable – although if my mother were dressing like that, I would wince and disown all relation with her.

Costar Daniel Choi was also in a bit of a scuffle with Jang’s blind date – as seen in the photos below. Call it a travesty or whatever, but with Choi’s hairstyle, I keep thinking I’m looking at Jung Gyu Woon, even though I’m clearly wrong. Sigh* – maybe it’s just my brain wishing I were looking at Jung…

  • Choi Siwon, Bianca Bai, Ivy Chen, and Donghaetook a group photo after their first script reading for their upcoming Taiwanese drama Extravagant Challenge. I keep forgetting that Siwon is busy in Taiwan, as to me, he’s still “in Korea” because I’m watching him in ATHENA. Even though that drama ended ages ago.

  • Kwon Sang Woo may be cast as the male lead in Jackie Chan’s upcoming action film “12 Chinese Zodiac Heads.” (I’m hoping the Chinese title sounds way cooler than that.) It is the third installment to the “Armor of God” series, and slated to start production in June in France. Right now though, he’s busy filming his movie with Jung Ryeo Won “Pain.”
  • Lee Min Ho just missed his former costar (for one episode) Yoon Eun Hye! He flew back from Thailand after finishing a month’s shoot for City Hunter recently, and posted a photo of him eating with the crew on his Facebook account. What. Is. Up. With. The. Hair.

Seriously – are waves all the rage for the Spring season? We’ve got Jung Il Woo and Daniel Choi sporting them already, and every guy I see is sporting some version of the Bieber haircut (but a tad more stylish) in the dramas I’m watching…

  • Big Bang won’t stop doing things that make me love them more! They released their Special Edition mini-album that features two more songs – “Love Song” (love the haunting smooth melody), Daesung‘s solo “Baby Don’t Cry” (mellow, romantic song that showcases his deep voice), and “Stupid Liar.” Is it me or are their songs evolving from hip-hop/rap to pop/R&B with a dash of techno? I shouldn’t compare as I’m no expert, but it feels almost like how Black Eyed Peas went from hip-hop/rap to more dance/pop songs. Big Bang’s earlier songs sounded edgier, more in-your-face with their badassery and raps, but now they’ve matured and mellowed out. Not that I’m complaining – I still wuv them.

source: joinsmsn, dramabeans, allkpop, asiae



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