Drama Round Up: Week 2

And drama roll call!

49 Days – Thank the gods it’s done! One less drama off my plate! Am happy enough with ending, but not going to analyze too much. If I think too hard about this drama, it’ll suck out the fun for me.

Best Love – I’ve stopped. Yup, it’s official. Cha Seung Won – I truly love you, but this drama has become my My Girlfriend is a Gumiho: Redux. It’s fun, but I’ll wait until it’s done. Or wait until my mom hops on this bandwagon with me, because if she watches, I’m forced to watch it or else she’ll speed way ahead and spoil everything for me.

Lie To Me – I finished episode 2? That’s progress, right? It’s not bad, but it’s not pulling me to the screen. I watch when I have time.

Manny – Started it! Skimming it! Liking it! But that’s because I’m skimming it. Interesting that the kids are always having problems, and Kim Yi Han (Suh Ji Suk) is able to teach them lessons while still being fun. He’s the awesomest husband material ever. Don’t like his relationship with sister Janice though. (Only in ep 8 by the way.)

Romance Town – hands down THE drama I’m watching every week.

SO! Conclusion is, after Romance Town, will catch up on Lie to Me and work through Manny when I get a chance. (Skimming, still.)

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