News Bits: 5/20/11 Edition

I have been so enveloped in Korea news that I forget about Taiwan and Japan sometimes…

So in apologies – I offer a juicy still of Jiro Wang and Gu Hye Sun from their new Taiwanese drama Absolute Boyfriend. After Wu Zun dropped out of the project, his fellow Fahrenheit member stepped in. Jiro Wang plays the perfect boyfriend out of a box. He falls on top of Gu – NAKED – in this scene. Jiro Wang wore only skin colored safety pants (HEE!) that he said looked like diapers. Gu commented that she would have had him wear more clothes if she were the director.

  • You’re Beautiful is being remade! This time, in Japan! Kis-My-Ft2‘s Yuta Tamamori and Taisuke Fujigaya will play Hwang Tae Kyung and Shin Woo respectively, while Hey! Say! Jump!‘s Hikaru Yaotome will play Jeremy. Actress Miori Takimoto takes on the role as Go Minam. The drama is said to follow the original faithfully, and might feature cameos from Jang Geun Suk and other Johnny’s Boy-talents.
  • Park Shin Yang might become the next president of Korea. In the upcoming drama Peninsula (which will star Ha Ji Won, Jaejoong, and Jang Dong Gun), he reportedly was in talks to star as the president for this new blockbuster that has a budget of about $20 million. In this article here, it says that Jaejoong will be the NIS Chief, which I think is highly unlikely, and that Jang Dong Gun will play the president. I think Jang would play the Chief, and Jaejoong his agent, and Ha Ji Won the competent lady love of Jang Dong Gun. I could see Park Shin Yang as president – if only he promises to tone down his acting.
  • Han Ye Seul was cleared of hit-and-run charges. The court deemed the victim’s injury to be extremely minor and nothing that would affect his normal life. As for Han’s actions during the accident, they acknowledged that she should have taken immediate action, and at least step out of the car to make sure he was ok.
  • BoA uploaded a photo of her on set the film “Cobu 3D” – a dance film she’s starring with Derek Hough (Dancing with the Stars). She added the comment, “We’re shooting on the big stage today! Everyone is here.” She has a love-line with Derek Hough’s character, as both are two dancers from different worlds who meet in an underground club in New York. I’d love to see her bust his chops in hip-hop.
  • Park Shin Hye wished Lee Hong Ki and FT Island good luck for their upcoming album through twitter. See – such closeness makes me wonder why she would be awkward around Jung Yong Hwa! FT Island will be making their comeback with a new mini-album release on May 24.
  • T-ARA‘s Jiyeon is to make a cameo on Ripley as the Japanese Prime Minister’s daughter Yuu. Her character disappears in the first episode in the hotel Kim Seung Woo manages. Lee Da Hae finds her and returns her to her family, thus raising her profile a bit. Iiinteresting – I did not realize mystery and suspense would be the first thing to we’d see in this drama. I guess I expected a melodramatic and tragic introduction for Lee Da Hae’s character.
  • Lim Jae Bum (a legendary rock singer who’s now on MBC’s I Am a Singer) is participating in the OST for City Hunter, singing the theme song “Love.” You can check it out here, and honestly it sounds really awesome. It actually makes me curious about the drama. The following are stills of Park Min Young and Lee Min Ho having coffee at the Han River Park.
Lee Min Ho: I’m too cool for this.
Park Min Young: Ooh – this is fun! Hey look! Empty seat!
Lee Min Ho: I’m still too cool for this…
Park Min Young: Heee~ I’m sitting next to Min Ho-oppa!

source: cpopaccess, asianfanatics, dramafever blog, asiae, allkpop

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