News Bits: 6/8/11 Edition

Isn’t he cute? I have no real reason to post this, other than 1) hey! Jung Gyu Woon is out of the hospital! 2) he’s in a suit! and 3) he’s making funny faces! Ah – can’t wait to watch the episode tonight.

  • Youthful Beauty just might be extended. The 18-episode drama is considering it as the ratings have been steadily increasing, reaching first place with 15.5% this past Monday and Tuesday. That will also mean Spy Myung Wol will premiere a week later.
  • Kim Hyun Joong admitted that he had plastic surgery. I laugh – it’s so hilarious to hear it, especially when the news was considered “shocking.” I mean, honestly I’m not even surprised he did any. He had a nose job after getting it broken when he got hit by a stone.
  • Here’s a long trailer to Extravagant Challenge – the new Taiwanese drama that also stars Choi Siwon and Donghae from Super Junior. It seems pretty funny, as the drama is a remake of the Japanese manga Skip Beat. It’s about a girl who gets dumped by her long time boyfriend and becomes a star to get revenge. (Oh if only it were that easy!) Choi Siwon and Donghae both speak Korean while the gals speak Chinese, but I think at one point, Choi Siwon speaks Chinese. I wonder how it’ll work out.

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