Thoughts on Greatest Love and the Hong Sisters

It’s taken me absolutely forever to get to episode 4. Aside from the fact that I literally had no time, the episodes feel like they take forever even if they’re only an hour long. I am less amused by the Hong Sisters than I was before. After a while, their gimmicks are all the same, and the story line doesn’t feel as fresh as it used to.

I have to say that so far the only thing that gets me interested in watching is Cha Seung Won. He may be over the top, and ridiculous (especially when he does facial gymnastics) but it’s funny to see the guy who does so many serious roles do something totally wacky. I won’t say that Gong Hyo Jin is boring, but she doesn’t have much to work with. She can just play her character straight and it’d be fine. She’s cute with Yoon Kye Sang, but that’s about it. They’re not interesting or complex characters. There’s so many things that I don’t have to even watch, and I would still get the gist of the story – and that’s a waste of my time.

And that’s what I’m kind of tired of – the whole sameness of an arrogant or “awful” male lead and the sweet girl. While they had the same trope in previous dramas, I infinitely enjoyed My Girl more and can rewatch it. My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and Greatest Love I can’t, and that’s because they’re too similar in tone and atmosphere to each other and You’re Beautiful. In fact, probably the reason why I loved You’re Beautiful is because it was the first of its kind for the Hong Sisters. It was making fun of the industry and funny and gimmicky. However, now it’s getting old. My Girl may have been pretty regular and typical for a K-drama, but I think the actors had more to work with in regards to their characters. For this drama, I feel like all the characters in Greatest Love are pretty one-dimensional.

On top of that – I despise – despise – the soundtrack. Not the songs on the OST per se, but the background music and sound effects. Must you be so literal with the kissy sounds, the heart beating, the burps, etc? If it’s part of the charm, well, it’s not charming at all to me.

I want the Hong Sisters to do something different this time around, instead of going further with punny jokes and witticisms. Perhaps I just can’t appreciate the full effect of the jokes because I don’t understand Korean, but I think I could enjoy the drama even if it’s half as funny. As long if it’s new, and I don’t feel like I’m watching something predictable, then I would enjoy Greatest Love so much more. The thing about Lie To Me is that Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan are charming together, and so I could deal with the predictable storyline. Cha and Gong are charming – individually, not necessarily together.

I hope to change my mind about it after episode 4, and I’m watching it because I’d like to formulate a better opinion about this series and the Hong Sisters. However, I don’t want to forget my thoughts on this drama so far, so I’m writing it down now. I’m also watching the series via DramaFever.

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