I Need Romance: Episode 11

Yay episode 11! Boo – I’ve never mixed up the two male leads’ names so often than before. Why do writers like to name their characters similarly? Hyun Joo vs. Yoon Joo in Romance Town. Now Sung Soo and Sung Hyun in I Need Romance. (Oh great – and both titles have ‘romance’ in it.)


It’s a new love, new beginning for In Young. Like all couples in a honeymoon stage, she and Sung Hyun can’t stay away from each other for long and even develop their own secret sign language. But In Young is sly as well – she only lets Sung Hyun kiss her, but never any further. Of course, that frustrates him to no end.

When discussing with her girls, Hyun Joo praises her for being a tease – they need to make the man sufferrrrr! As for Seo Yeon, she thinks the whole game is unnecessary; just do it already! Besides, who should In Young listen to – the girl with loads of experience? Or the girl who just lost her virginity?

Speaking of which, the girls ask Hyun Joo about Duk Soo. She’s adamant about not seeing him anymore, but she can’t stop thinking of him. Seo Yeon (and the Drama Gods) wisely say it’s love, but Hyun Joo is in denial. On top of that, she can’t stop peeing…

Hyun Joo knows she needs to talk to Duk Soo about it and end it cleanly, but when the opportunity comes to talk to him, it’s at the worst moment. Duk Soo wants to talk, but Hyun Joo can’t – because she needs to pee!! He understands and wants to wait for her outside her house, but Hyun Joo can’t bring herself to face him, especially after embarrassing herself like that.

Ever since the tennis ball accident, Sung Hyun has been suffering from chronic headaches. They get it checked out with a doctor, who’s worried that the tennis ball might have caused more damage than initially thought. In Young finds Sung Soo and rails against him for hurting her new boyfriend. Sung Soo is surprised – he never realized she was so tough and protective. In Young: “You were probably too busy to realize I was always like this!” Touche.

He sees Sung Hyun later at the elevator, and the two play a game of one-upmanship – who’s got the better skills and such. Sung Hyun offers to pay for dinner as well, since he lost the game, and so it’s double date time!

In Young and Sung Hyun act cozy over the menu, which prompts Sung Soo to act cozy as well with Kang Hee. Sung Soo proposes they drink, and In Young knows it’s only because Sung Soo wants to drink Sung Hyun under the table. They settle for wine instead of the stronger whiskey, but In Young takes Sung Hyun’s glass anyways – he has to take medication for his headache, so he shouldn’t have alcohol.

When the food comes, Sung Hyun automatically slices up the steak for In Young. Of course, Sung Soo must now slice his steak for Kang Hee, and he does so sloppily. Sung Hyun asks about how well the exes must know each other, and Sung Soo says that back in school, In Young wanted to be a war journalist. They’d hold skits of Sung Soo being the cameraman and In Young being the reporter at the front lines.

In Young gets a call from work, and Kang Hee gets a call as well. Both ladies step away from the table. When In Young comes back though, she automatically smiles at Sung Soo and sits next to him. Out of habit for ten years, she goes over to her ex and asks what they should get for dessert. This is not lost on both men, as Sung Soo puffs up with pride, and Sung Hyun stares in shock. When Kang Hee comes back and kicks In Young out of her chair, that’s when she wakes up from her reverie and, embarrassed, seats herself beside Sung Hyun.

During the car ride home, In Young is completely ashamed. She knows she loves Sung Hyun now, but out of habit can’t avoid Sung Soo. She feels terrible, and knows that Sung Hyun is angry at her. She apologizes, but he tells her that it’s fine. He knows she’s a weird girl, and so he’s no longer surprised by the strange things she sometimes does. He sends her to bed then.

In Young can’t stop thinking about Sung Hyun though, and so she calls him up. He says he’s near the hotel, but she blurts out, “I miss you.” Sung Hyun: “Come outside in twenty minutes – I’m coming back.”

In her excitement she goes out the door immediately – and sees Sung Hyun there! He never left! He wanted to wait until her lights were closed before he went home. In Young smiles: “I love you.”

Cue kiss. Cue REALLY passionate kiss. Cue sex scene. Cue naked Bae Sung Hyun. Damn he’s got a fine body. I mean this is quite a serious sex scene for Korean TV.

The next day In Young gloats about having finally had sex with Sung Hyun – but she’s not the only one with good news. Seo Yeon has successfully bedded Joon Hee!

She and Joon Hee had made a presentation over a new shopping site she wanted to launch, and that evening she invited him in for tea. She starts telling him all about her future plans, and while Joon Hee tells her to slow down, he notes that her ambitious character is part of her charm. That’s Seo Yeon’s opening, and she starts kissing and caressing him. Joon Hee tries to run away, but she pounces – literally – and gets him on her bed.

He can’t resist a woman kissing his neck, and so he succumbs – but he makes her promise that this will only be one night and nothing will happen afterwards. Perfect – that’s Seo Yeon’s style!

In Young is flabbergasted – What about Alex!? Seo Yeon: “I just have to make sure I don’t get caught.”

At work, In Young is determined to not let Sung Soo faze her, especially since she’s now in love with Sung Hyun and has slept with him. To prove her determination, she purposefully walks right across his set – ruining his shot. HAHA!

Unfortunately, a guest has left his passport at the hotel, and In Young races to the airport to get it to him. She manages to catch Sung Soo driving away and has him take her to the airport. It’s a success – and when In Young returns to the car, she finds Sung Soo asleep. The phone rings, and In Young finds out from his assistant that Sung Soo has been up all night, and needs the hour’s rest. She discovers a loose button on his blazer as well.

Later that day, Sung Soo asks a maid to leave a needle and thread in his room so he can fix his blazer. The maid tells him not to worry about it – she saw In Young fixing it already. Sung Hyun overhears this and immediately becomes uneasy. Sung Soo on the other hand realizes that In Young may still be in love with him.

Sung Soo chases after In Young, wanting her to admit that she loves him more than Sung Hyun. He even hugs her – which causes her to become weak at the knees – and wants her to say that she still feels something for him. In Young is angry, but Sung Hyun Soo smiles smugly.

He enters his room to find his jacket – and the button has actually been cut off! In Young had sewn it back on, but when she realized that this small act of kindness might hurt Sung Hyun, she cut off the button and left the room. The doorbell rings – and it’s In Young. “Don’t mess around with me anymore…I love Sung Soo Hyun. We’re over.”*

Meanwhile Hyun Joo finally goes to the doctor to find out about her constant peeing condition. The doctor asks if she recently had sex, and then suggests that they may need to get the guy checked out. Immediately Hyun Joo remembers Seo Yeon’s warning about sleeping with strangers – they might have AIDS!

Hyun Joo freaks out and rushes to the ping pong center. She drags Duk Soo out murderously – he gave her AIDS!!!!!

Oh Hyun Joo – you and your theatrics.


*EDIT: I am going to kill this writer-nim for making people’s names too confusing. ONCE AGAIN I write “Sung Soo” when I should write “Sung Hyun” and vice versa.

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