I Need Romance: Episode 14

Hm – interesting progress in the drama. I actually appreciate the ending of this episode.

I don’t know what will happen for the last week (!!!) as I don’t watch previews. Ever. For any drama.

So now that In Young has sworn off love, she throws herself even more into work, including helping a guest plan his proposal evening, where he wants the engagement ring to melt out of a heart ice sculpture at the moment he asks for his girlfriend’s hand in marriage. It’s an elaborate plan, but I’ll be damned if it isn’t sweet.

She heads over to the pool, where Seo Yeon is hanging out with Alex, and that’s when she sees Nuclear Bomb – named Miki Kanamoto – storming towards her. Yep – Miki found a photo of Sung Hyun and In Young together, and she now knows her identity. She strides forward and SLAPS her across the face. That’s not enough; she grabs In Young’s hair and throws her into the pool.

Seo Yeon comes up to Miki and gives her a taste of her own medicine, practically punching the girl. When Miki tries to slap Seo Yeon, the Amazoness grabs Miki’s wrist and threateningly tells her to leave. There’s a reason why Sung Hyun loves In Young, and not Miki, and it’s because In Young knows how to love.

Miki stomps off, defeated, and that’s when Sung Soo comes rushing in to help. (Alex had gone off to get him.) He brings In Young to his car, and that’s when they see Sung Hyun driving up in the parking lot.

Sung Soo seats In Young in the car, and then goes up to Sung Hyun – how dare Sung Hyun let this happen? He may not have any right in protecting In Young, but he did hurt her, and he doesn’t want her to be hurt again. Honestly – Sung Soo has the best lines in this episode. He’s protective of In Young in the capacity of a friend, rather than a boyfriend.

But In Young doesn’t want to see Sung Soo beating Sung Hyun up, so she goes up to confront her second ex alone. Sung Hyun asks that she just understand and trust him for one more day. He really will resolve everything by the end of his week deadline, and after that, he’ll never hurt her again. But In Young can’t trust him; even though she wants to, it’s hard for her to do so.

The whole time, Sung Soo is sputtering mad in the car – it’s kinda adorable:

“These fools must be shooting a movie. The scene sucks! The male lead is a jerk and ugly! They need to recast the film and start all over again!”


Anyways – after In Young changes at home, she goes out for a drink with Sung Soo. She wallows in misery, and admits to her former flame that she loves Sung Hyun. It’s actually kind of sad because now Sung Soo must endure watching her cry for another man. Makes him think what she must have been like when she cried over him. In Young cries, regretting not having heard Sung Hyun out at the parking lot before.

The next morning, she wakes up and finds Sung Soo sleeping on her couch. He’s in dreamland, thinking they’re still together, until she rudely wakes him up with reality: they broke up, remember? She goes out to get some food for their breakfast, and that’s when her phone rings. It’s Sung Hyun.

Sung Soo picks up.

After breakfast, Sung Soo tells In Young there’s someplace he wants to take her. He picks out her outfit, then drives up to a cafe, where Sung Hyun is inside waiting. He had heard the guy out over the phone earlier, and now wants In Young to listen. As her friend, this is all he can do for her.

In Young listens to Sung Hyun’s story. Back in the States, a childhood friend had come running to him after getting beaten by her husband. He let her stay with him, and they were as close as siblings. However the husband was vengeful and accused her of adultery, thus giving him the reputation of being a problematic son. The engagement was something orchestrated by his grandfather, and he was working to find other investors to help supplement the hotel chain so that they wouldn’t need Miki’s family’s company.

He promises that he’ll be there for her, and In Young accepts him. She even goes to visit his grandfather (?) who’s at the hospital and make her greetings. The family likes In Young, but they’re surprised she would so quickly jump into marriage with a guy she barely knows. The grandmother (?) says that she knows of In Young’s past. Therefore she suggests that In Young quit her job, go to America for a year, change her name, and wait until they send Sung Hyun over. This is the usual spiel of evil mother in laws, so can you believe when I tell you that this grandmother says it in the MOST KINDEST MANNER ever!?

She thinks that after a year, a lot of the furor around their previous relationships/engagements will have died down by then.

In Young fully realizes that she and Sung Hyun are of different worlds.

She tells her girlfriends this one evening, and they immediately jump in furor. How could his family insist she give up her entire identity for love? In Young brightly says she can do it – if she loves him enough. Besides, she’ll be so rich she can get her girls anything.

Her girls have their own stories too. For Hyun Joo – the girl’s having quite a happy time because she’s with Duk Soo now. She signed up as an “eternal member” of the ping pong club, and is on a “holding hands” basis with him. They basically hit a home run twice, and then for their third go-around, are taking it easy with a jog to first base.

As for Seo Yeon, she celebrates getting the deal with the department store with a romp in bed with Joon Hee. Except… she gets caught by Alex. Though Joon Hee tries to lie, Seo Yeon would rather be upfront and tell the truth. Alex leaves, heartbroken, and Joon Hee wants her to go chase after Alex, and comfort him. But Seo Yeon doesn’t want to. She visits Alex the next day instead, and effectively ends the relationship.

In Young realizes that no matter what, her friends are still the best people she could have around her. Nothing can replace them.

On a side note to Sung Soo, he films the last scene for his film in Korea before heading to Canada for a shoot. He’s distracted, and when he calls the shoot a wrap, Kang Hee calls him out on it. He didn’t even notice that her body was awkward, her expression was unsatisfactory. She wants to do the shot again. Sung Soo can’t help but be amused. Kang Hee’s all grown up now! Kang Hee smiles – she will only have a professional relationship with Sung Soo from here on out. Sung Soo smiles, and they do the shot again.

I kinda feel happy that Kang Hee’s grown up, but also a little sad for Sung Soo. I know he’s a cheater and such, but I hope by the end of this series there’s a little hope for Sung Soo in terms of love in the future. And Kang Hee’s look even reflects her growth – she started with wild curly hair, and now she wears sleek, smooth hair.

On the last day of work, In Young watches as the guest proposes to his girlfriend, and the ring falls at the perfect time. She then happily hands her resignation letter to Sung Hyun, and tells him that all she needs is her proposal.

Sung Hyun leads her to the piano on the lobby and serenades her, which is witnessed by Sung Soo as he leaves the hotel. Though Sung Soo is pained, he keeps on walking.

Sung Hyun finishes his song, and then takes out a ring. That’s when In Young freezes up. Suddenly, she remembers what it is that might be expected of her if she marries Sung Hyun. Sure, there will be fancy clothes and jewelry, and parties galore, but is she that kind of person? Before Sung Hyun can say anything, In Young stops him. “I can’t accept this ring. There’s someone else I love more.”

A cut to Sung Soo walking out of the hotel; it implies that perhaps, In Young loves Sung Soo more!?

No – In Young: “Me. I love myself more.” And because of that, she can’t give herself – her identity – up for anyone.

And Sung Hyun leaves, with a tear in his eye.

I’m proud of In Young. I didn’t like that she had to give up everything she was just for Sung Hyun – that’s unfair. It’s not like she had the crazy, psychotic fiance. I can see why people are disappointed by this ending (and man, were your comments so spoiler-y! Some warning would have been nice – like, in big bold letters), but I liked it. It’s not fair that she’s usually the one compromising for love. She had excused Sung Soo’s previous bad behavior, and she had to eventually excuse Sung Hyun’s (even if his had a good reason). But whatever she wants, no one has been able to give.

Sung Hyun was close to giving her everything she needed, respecting her for who she was and treasuring her for all she’s worth. However, he couldn’t even defend her in front of his family. Rather, he went along with their plans of having In Young quit her job and get a new identity! What happened to loving your woman for who she was, flaws, history, and all?

Sung Soo isn’t the better option, but at least he understands her. While I don’t necessarily want them to get together, he has proven to be quite supportive and *warm*, when previously he had told In Young to just date Sung Hyun so that she could get all that frustration out of her system. This time he’s genuinely letting her go, and I applaud him for that.

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