Lee Dong Wook and Kim Sun Ah Party on the Beach

I didn’t expect Lee Dong Wook and Kim Sun Ah, the stars of the upcoming drama Scent of a Woman, to get together so fast.

Kim plays a woman who learns that she has a terminal illness and not much longer to live. Voila – she makes a change to her life and attracts the attention of chaebol Lee. I’m surprised he’s taken to her so quickly, and wonder if he knows who she is. He – or his family rather – owns a travel company; she works at a travel company. Who wants to bet they work at the same company?!

So I’m guessing – and out on a limb here – that he doesn’t pay much attention to her until she becomes this “new woman” because of her grim medical condition. He then falls in love with her quickly, and by the time he’s so sucked in, he realizes she was his former employee. And then he tries to save her, but she gets sick and ends up in the hospital, and her disease accelerates, and he becomes more desperate. He will grab Uhm Ki Joon by the collar and beg him to save her but at that point it might be too late. And then Seo Hyo Rim, who’s been angling for Lee this whole time, will finally feel bad and let go. But by then it’ll be all too late! Ack!

Oh woops – I totally went on a melodramatic trajectory right there. This drama is supposed to be a romantic comedy.

At least the photos are happy. Plus – Kim Sun Ah chugs a pitcher of beer while Lee Dong Wook cheers her on. What a wuss.

Here’s my story for the following pictures: Lee Dong Wook volunteers Kim Sun Ah for the contest, and she gamely joins. She chugs down the beer and wins the contest. They go to the beach afterwards, and Lee Dong Wook gives her a congratulatory kiss.

I can pretend that is what will happen, right?

source: soompi

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