Bae Soo Bin and Lee So Yeon – Drama Power Couple

I have now seen way too many dramas with Bae Soo Bin and Lee So Yeon together. OK – maybe it’s just three, but these two have almost always appeared on screen as major characters with some love line or relationship.

It’s kind of weird, because they consistently play very different characters each time.

Now I’m going to discount all the veteran actors that appear repeatedly everywhere as parents or grandparents or older mentor-like figures. For example: Kim Gab Soo, Kim Chang Wan, Kang Nam Gil, Jung Ae Ri, Song Ok Sook, Im Ye Jin, etc. There’s only so many actors that will play those roles repeatedly. Cameos from different dramas don’t count either, because they’re just showing up because they have a vested interest in the drama through the writer, the director, or a fellow actor.

For Bae Soo Bin and Lee So Yeon, it’s a little different. They first show up in the drama Let’s Marry together as two characters who eventually fall in love and get married. (I’m going to assume that they fought in the beginning, as the drama is 51 episodes long, and also because I only caught the latter part of it. Park Shi Hoo is in this drama too and gosh he looks the same!) In Let’s Marry, they both are a happy couple, and normal people (to an extent, and compared to their later roles.)

Then, the two went their separate ways, and reunited in Temptation of an Angel. Now that was a super makjang drama if I ever saw one. Lee played a woman who marries Han Sang Jin to exact revenge against his family. She puts him in a coma, he awakens, and he has surgery to look like Bae Soo Bin. Lee falls for Bae, not knowing he’s her husband, and he manipulates her destruction. Now here they’re another couple, but dementedly sick and twisted.

The final drama they’re both in is Dong Yi. In this drama, they don’t really appear together much, as there is no relationship between the two of them so much as their connection to Han Hyo Joo. Lee is once again playing the evil girl, whereas Bae is comfortable in his “second male lead who watches over the main female lead” role.

They see each other so many times!!! I mean, they’ve got to be good friends now, right? They’ve got to have something happen between the two of them for God’s sakes!

Anyways – I find it really weird, and interesting, how small this drama world can be, and how easily the two are always paired up when they’re not even the main leads. They’re usually playing second fiddle to someone else (usually) and yet no one seems to be interested in the fact that they’re paired up again. There’s always a lot of news about who the main pairing is going to be, but I rarely see that pairing repeated over and over again – so much as three times in three different dramas.

I mean, Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won were winners; Park Shin Hye and Jang Geun Suk were great; Kim So Yeon and Park Shi Hoo sizzled – but you don’t see them in projects together again. Kim Nam Joo and Oh Ji Ho could have been together again (or even Yoon Sang Hyun, for that matter) in Queen of Reversals, but it wasn’t repeated. Sure, you can say there were conflicting schedules and such, but what of Bae Soo Bin and Lee So Yeon? Aren’t they lucky that they work on three separate projects (with three different sets of directors and screenwriters), and always manage to be free at that time?

It’s fate!

Who are some other drama power couples out there that you can think of? I know for sure that it can’t just be Bae Soo Bin and Lee So Yeon here. Several actors have repeatedly been couples before – for example there was Choi Jung Woo and Yoo Ji In (both in Shining Inheritance [single parents]49 Days [husband and wife], and Queen of Reversals), or Ahn Suk Hwan and Choi Ran (My Girl [couple in love], Hong Gil Dong, and Delightful Girl Choon Hyang [parents]).

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