I Need Romance – Season 2?

tvN drama I Need Romance just ended, but it hasn’t stopped talks of a season 2 for early next year.

Because the drama was a hit, there are plans to create a season 2 – if the actors are all up for it. The writer and director are already in talks to see if it’s possible, but they’ll also have to check with the actors’ schedules.

The realistic portrayal of 30-somethings in Seoul (and I use the word “realistic” lightly) as well as Kim Jeong Hoon‘s empathetic performance as the 10-years-old boyfriend were big draws for the series. I’m pretty sure the series can’t survive without this cast, unless they go for a totally different story. I think what made this series is the actors, not necessarily the stories.

Don’t spoil the last episode of this series please – for me or for anyone. I’ve heard enough about it that makes me wonder if the writer – Jung Hyun Jung – will be up to the task. Nevertheless, I would totally enjoy a season 2, if only because it would be like greeting old friends. These gals are more endearing than the Sex and the City gals.

source: Star News

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