Birdie Buddy: Episode 19


I love competition, so I enjoy that we are taken right back to the golf course in this episode. And finally we have Hae Ryung progressing and growing up! She cries a lot out of guilt, but I’d rather she cry and realize that she’s been acting quite stupidly than continue to act stupidly.

Jung Woo, Pil Soo, and Mi Soo review the tape and discover that Jay Park was the other person involved in the illegal gambling ring. That’s it – revenge time! But Jung Woo wants to tread slowly – after all, they want to prove that Fabian was murdered for this tape AND bring down Jay Park’s name. The police can’t do anything about something that happened 20 years ago.

Pil Soo points out that Hae Ryung is the one in most danger from this outbreak.

The League of Hae Ryung’s Protectors gather: Danny, Joon Mo, and Jung Woo. They discuss what their next steps should be to save Hae Ryung from Jay Park’s grasp. Their first move? They send a copy of the tape to Jay Park and let him know they have it.

Jung Woo meets with Jay Park to warn him that he should disappear now before he regrets it. Ha – does Jung Woo really think that he holds that much power over Jay Park? I mean that guy didn’t become such a huge force in illegal gambling by being cautious and scared of every little threat that comes his way. Jay Park admits to his deeds, but he reminds Jung Woo that Mi Soo and Hae Ryung will take a large blow because they were part of the illegal golf scam, even though they knew nothing about it.

Next move: they inform Sae Hwa. She’s pissed that they held this secret from her for so long, and she goes to meet Jay Park right away. He’s so thrilled that he’s so popular nowadays…

Sae Hwa declares that she wants to take back Hae Ryung – as her mother. He’s touched that their relationship seems to have gotten so much better. His counter-attack? She’ll have to pay a hefty amount for the breach of contract – and may lose Won Resort in the process.

Desperately, she rushes to Hae Ryung’s home and starts haphazardly packing up Hae Ryung’s things. It’s really uncharacteristic for her controlled, cold-hearted mother, so Hae Ryung is actually anxious to find out what’s bothering her mother so much. With no choice, Sae Hwa informs her daughter about Jay Park’s plans.

Feeling absolutely guilty for acting so rashly, Hae Ryung wants to be left alone. She wants time to think about what she should do next. Meanwhile, Jay Park is grinning like a child at a candy store with how the events are unfolding, but his assistant Young Min looks uneasy.

Hae Ryung’s move: she goes to Jay Park and tells him of her decision to quit golf. She no longer wants to deal with him. She warns him to keep all his documents safe as well, since she’s going to report to the press that she was involved in Jay Park’s gambling ring. His counter-attack? She’s forgetting about Joon Mo and his reputation as well.

Seriously guys – what makes you think you can beat Jay Park right now?! It’s like each person goes up to him thinking they wield the most power without really thinking through on their actions.

Jay Park decides to create a game centered around Hae Ryung. He gathers Sae Hwa, Jung Woo, and Mi Soo at a private room in a restaurant, and then surprises them by inviting Hae Ryung as well. Everyone is on edge, but Mi Soo breaks the ice by getting straight to business: what on earth does Jay Park want?

He wants an unofficial golf game between Mi Soo and his own chosen player. If Jay Park’s side wins, he will get the tape for himself, and Mi Soo will become his player. If Mi Soo wins, Hae Ryung will be released from her contract, and everyone will stay silent about the Chung Woo Bank Open. High stakes!!

Hae Ryung is the first to leave, as she’s offended she’s being used as a player in this piece. Sae Hwa gets up after her, and instead of saying anything that might inflame her daughter’s emotions, she only takes her daughter’s hand and begs her to come home, just for now.

Sae Hwa has come a long way, learning major lessons in mothering!

Jung Woo immediately refuses the game on Mi Soo’s behalf, but Mi Soo is still uneasy. She thinks that if the game is going to be hard for her, then it should be hard for Jay Park’s player. Little does she know, his player is a GUY from the Philippines named Gary Jung. [SOMEONE GET ME A NAME ON THIS GUY STAT! HE’S SO CUTE! And he’s not Dennis Oh or Daniel Henney or anything; I think he’s either a model or an unknown.]

Mi Soo decides to take on the challenge because she wants to avenge Fabian. She asks for Jung Woo’s help; she’s owed them so much, so she’d like to repay them and also win for them. She then goes to convince Sae Hwa, who is hesitant to put Mi Soo in the line of fire even if it means saving her own daughter. But when Mi Soo says she’ll do something, she becomes stubborn, and never sways from her decision.

Jay Park chooses the venue for the game, where the players tee off from a windy cliff, must bypass a rocky beach, enter a wooded area, and then get their golf ball up another cliff in the middle of an island to reach the hole. It’s the biggest obstacle course in the world that caters exactly to Mi Soo’s training.

Mi Soo heads over to practice getting a ball up the cliff to the hole while standing next to it. Jung Woo on the other hand surveys the land and tries to find areas where Mi Soo can hit the ball to get it up easily. Mi Soo practices so much that her hands start to blister and bleed, but the ball just won’t fly vertically high enough to reach the top of the cliff.

Jung Woo comes upon her and tells her that by having her body next to the cliff and swinging towards it, she’ll never get the ball in. Rather, she must have her body face the cliff, and hit the ball out so that it flies parallel to the side of the cliff. When her club hits the ball, she should flick her wrist just enough so that it will make the ball fly out, then veer back in a curve like a boomerang. That’s the Fabian shot.

It’s dangerous though, because Jung Woo ruined his wrist like that. Mi Soo practices, but doesn’t get it right. That evening, Jung Woo prepares an herbal medicine packet and applies it to her blisters. He suggests finding another method to beat Jay Park, but Mi Soo brightly says that she’ll get it right in no time. She doesn’t mind about the wounds on her hands, as she knows it’ll be calloused soon enough. But she’s definitely touched by his actions.

It’s the day of the match, and Mi Soo walks her mother back to the car at the resort. Her mother tells her to invite Jung Woo to dinner that evening, not knowing that Mi Soo has a stressful game coming up. Mi Soo can’t tell her what’s at stake, so she just asks for her mom’s hands to wrap her face for strength. Aw…

Mi Soo and Jung Woo meet up with Hae Ryung and Sae Hwa at the meeting point. To the end, Sae Hwa is still unsure about this match, and Hae Ryung is feeling incredibly guilty for putting Mi Soo in this position. She tries to get Jung Woo to stop Mi Soo, since he’s the coach, but Mi Soo assures her that she’ll be fine.

Jay Park and his player arrives, and everyone’s jaws drop at the sight of Gary Jung. Not because he’s so good looking and tall, but because he’s a guy. Now there’s a player who’s strength just may outmatch Mi Soo’s. Jay Park, Sae Hwa, and Hae Ryung gather at an inside lounge to watch through TV monitors.

The wind is too strong at the tee off point, but Gary Jung professionally gets his ball to land in the gravel beach on the island. It’ll be difficult to shoot off from rocks, but at least it’s not in the water.

Mi Soo’s turn. She wants to use the driver, but Jung Woo wants to use the spoon. Does she see the raft docked in the river by the island below? If she can make her ball land there, they’ll be safe.

It reminds her of when he made her tee off on a hill beside all those windmills and make her ball land in a far-off bunker. It’s all about aim and counting for the wind.

She gets in her stance, and then swings.

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