Birdie Buddy: Episode 20

ACK! I can’t believe I neglected this series on my FAVORITE episode!

Why is Episode 20 one of my favorites? Because I’m a sucker for competitions. Also, isn’t Gary Jung’s caddy insane? I mean, what a loud outfit!

So Mi Soo swings and hits. And her ball miraculously lands on the raft. Think Jay Park is mad? Not when he hears that the raft is MOVING!

Since Mi Soo herself isn’t moving the ball, it is still legally in play. Her ball travels to a dock far closer to another landmark, a traditional Korean house with a courtyard (one of the few even grounds in the island). As for Gary Jung? He breaks a club while trying to his his ball out of the gravel, and it takes him two tries to totally get out.

Jung Woo advises Mi Soo on where to hit in the courtyard, which allows her more open airspace to hit up to the mountain (where the final hole lies). Gary Jung’s ball ends up in the forest, but he uses a nice trick of hitting the trees to get his ball to travel farther. It’s near the mountain, but not quite yet. So Mi Soo takes her lucky 8 iron, and swings so hard and far that it ends up on TOP of the mountain!


How to get up the mountain for Gary Jung? He takes his sand wedge and hits it far and up to the mountain. The thing is though, Mi Soo’s ball lands on more uneven, rocky ground, while Gary Jung’s is on an even ledge. Though his ball is further behind hers, he takes his putter, aims, and swings his ball towards the hole, hitting a tree in the process. His ball lands inches from the hole.

Mi Soo’s turn. She wants to get the ball to the hole as close as possible, her competitive, greedy side overtaking her rational side. She swings a tad too hard, and her ball falls off the ledge, and down the mountain! Three strokes ahead, but totally not going to win at this rate!

Jay Park smiles with glee.

Shocked, she realizes the direness of her situation. She must win! And there’s only one way how – the Fabian shot. Jung Woo is worried for her, not wanting her to risk everything on a shot she hasn’t mastered yet. However, Mi Soo assures him that she’s never been so clear-minded and focused. She shifts her feet.

Suddenly, Jay Park’s smile falls. He recognizes that shifting of the feet. “There’s no way…”

Planting her feet firmly in the dirt, she focuses on her ball. She thinks back to Fabian asking her why she should ever want to learn it, and then turns back to her ball. It flies parallel to the mountainside, but boomerangs right back, past where Gary Jung stands by the hole.


This is a good time to curse and scream, Jay Park.

Gary Jung holes out first, and finishes with 7 hits. Mi Soo prepares for her 6th shot, and putts her ball into the hole neatly, relying on the natural hills and bumps in the grass.

Jay Park seethes with anger. Hae Ryung breathes a sigh of relief. Gary Jung offers a handshake: “It was the best game ever.” Aw – you so cute. Sae Hwa smiles with pride, and holds out her hand for her daughter to take. Jung Woo smiles at his student proudly, while I scream, “Go hug your student danggit!”

At least that evening they get to go home for a really, really good dinner.

Jay Park plans for his next move. He can’t let Fabian shame him beyond the grave. He wants everything related to the Chung Woo Bank Open revealed to Eun Joo, after he runs from the country. It’s clear that Young Min is starting to develop a serious conscience.

Joon Mo visits Sae Hwa in her office the next day, and finally they’re actually civil to one another. He just wanted to let her know that he’s really going back to the States now. Instead of being cold and dismissive, Sae Hwa is actually at a loss for words. He then asks for the true reason why she left him so many years ago, and Danny comes upon this conversation. He listens quietly behind the wall, far from sight.

Sae Hwa tells Joon Mo that she had given up her family and whole life just so she could prepare for a life with Joon Mo. She was ready to leave, but one day she saw him drunk one night. He had yelled at her, saying that she was too much for him to bear. Her background, her being, was too suffocating for him. So she left without another word, feeling so hurt that he too was abandoning her after she had given up everything for him.

This side of the story puts Joon Mo into such a state that he drinks himself to sleep at a restaurant, and Hae Ryung ends up picking him up. She calls Danny for help in dropping off Joon Mo’s body at her home.

Before he leaves, Danny suggests to Hae Ryung that she try to hold on to her family, as Joon Mo is leaving again soon. It’s the least she can do, and he only wishes for her happiness. After all, he’s planning to leave for Canada. He has been working for Won Resort for so long, but he now misses his family, and his sickly father. Hae Ryung wonders what her mother would do, and he reminds her that Sae Hwa has Hae Ryung… and Joon Mo.

The next morning, Joon Mo is still feeling guilty for hurting Sae Hwa so much, and it makes Hae Ryung feel even more confused than ever. Through Joon Mo’s guilt, she learns of how much her mother must have suffered and felt humiliated. She calls up Jung Woo, who’s about to take Mi Soo for another golf club fitting with Pil Soo. Knowing how important their relationship is, Mi Soo assures Jung Woo that she can drive herself, and that he ought to go visit Hae Ryung.

Though not completely assuaged, Jung Woo does end up going to Hae Ryung’s. She confides in him about her mixed feelings towards her mother, and about Joon Mo and Danny leaving. Jung Woo: “Well it seems an easy situation, and yet very worrisome.” PFFT – so useful your advice. He tells her to just support whatever the adults want to do rather than try and fix things.

She asks about where that leaves their relationship, and Jung Woo says there’s nothing to fix – nothing has changed. UMMM – do you have an idea of what that means to her?

Mi Soo and Pil Soo grab lunch after the fitting at a cheap beef rib stew place, which makes her feel even more indebted to him. She wants to take him and Jung Woo out for a nice meal after all they’ve done for her – for free – and Pil Soo mentions that it’s Jung Woo’s birthday soon! They should go celebrate, especially since he always forgets.

Young Min meets with Eun Joo and hands over all the papers, so that she could get the latest scoop. She doesn’t trust him completely, but she won’t give up on a big story. Though Jay Park will take a hit, at least he’s happy that Hae Ryung and everyone around her will be ruined as well. Young Min’s face tells another story though…

Danny and Sae Hwa are greeted with good news: Hae Ryung is back! She’s moved back into her room in the hotel. (Side note: must be luxurious but uncomfortable to have a hotel room be your personal bedroom. I mean, you can’t even paint the walls or get beanie chairs!) Sae Hwa immediately heads over, and like a sullen child, Hae Ryung says that if she had called earlier, Mother would have made a fuss.

Ha! Spoken like a true daughter.

Sae Hwa turns to leave her alone, understanding that her grown daughter needs more space now. But Hae Ryung calls out to her – “Mom, I’m a bit hungry.”

All with me now: AWWWWWWWW.

And of all things, Sae Hwa cooks up some ramen, but overcooks it so it becomes bloated. They eat out of a pot, and Danny comes by with some kimchi, and watches them. Hae Ryung has one request: for everyone to eat together one last time before Joon Mo leaves.

Still ever watchful, Jung Woo calls up Mi Soo to check up on her and make sure she got home safely. He can’t seem to help but watch out for her still.

Jay Park packs his small briefcase and looks up at the Korean sky one last time. As he exits his house, police officers and reporters come in. He looks at Young Min, who looks away guiltily. He had given Eun Joo everything – all the documents regarding his illegal dealings in Europe. He’s already got European police chasing after him, but they have no evidence. Everything in the packet will seal his fate. However, there are no papers of the Chung Woo Bank Open. Though Eun Joo’s uncle was affected, all those papers would affect so many others in Korea. He wants to take down Jay Park only.

Clearly, Fabian’s death has affected him greatly that he doesn’t wish to regret anything.

While I’m not too sure on how it plays out, I have a feeling Eun Joo didn’t just write up a story; she also turned the evidence to the police herself. She let the media frenzy take care of itself.

Both fall under arrest for Fabian’s death and for illegal gambling. Apprehended, Jay Park falls into a frenzied, maniacal laughter.

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