Birdie Buddy: Episode 21

Be forewarned – I hate Hae Ryung for the next three episodes. I find her a very selfish character. In the beginning her aloofness was interesting, because she was really so complicated. But as she got complicated and delved into her issues, she became quite messed up herself. Now I admit it’s something very real, and that her progression makes sense; someone with her issues could very well end up the way she is, wanting everything to revolve around her. But it makes her into a character that I can’t stand getting together with Jung Woo and becoming the other half of the OTP.

Especially when you have the more good-natured Mi Soo on the side.

Or maybe it’s also Jung Woo’s fault for misguiding me. Every time he’s in a scene with Mi Soo or her family, he glows more than when he’s with Hae Ryung. Just naturally.


Though the threat of Jay Park has finally disappeared, it doesn’t put Mi Soo at ease because her name is still being pulled into the scandal. She doesn’t eat, and Jung Woo knows her so well that he calls her to come out for some rice cakes. I love how he knows her so well, and does simple, nice things to cheer her up. Mi Soo is still sad despite everything being resolved because Fabian can’t come back from the dead.

Gong Sook’s father pressures her to go on an arranged date, which pisses her off because she likes someone else. It’s Tae Gab – and she even dreams of packing him a lunch box! She calls Tae Gab out for a private chat, and drops the news that her father wants her to go on an arranged date. Tae Gab: “Ah…” She’s gauging his interest in her, but he’s kind of like “Well, the guy might be good so…” Gong Sook: “But I like you!” Tae Gab: “….” Gong Sook: “No pressure!! Haha – bye!!” Tae Gab: “But…I didn’t mean it that way!!”



Danny doesn’t want to take part in the farewell dinner for Joon Mo because he wants the “family” to eat together. However, Hae Ryung overhears and refuses to let him back out. She wants everyone there. Funny how the adults are more uncomfortable than the child. Joon Mo is very thankful for the dinner, especially since he’s leaving tomorrow. Quite sudden, eh? Hae Ryung insists on taking him to the airport, because she wants to. Wow – something Hae Ryung wants to do for a change!


At the end of the meal, Joon Mo and Sae Hwa are left alone at the table. They make their peace, and Joon Mo apologizes. She forgives him in her own way. Yay. Hae Ryung and Danny are standing outside, not wanting to intrude, and she tells him honestly that she wishes she were nicer to him now. She doesn’t want him to leave, but rather stay by her mother’s side and protect her.


Danny is so shocked he pretends to have left something in his car. He goes hide around the building, and thinks back to when he first met Hae Ryung. She was a little girl who had just won a tournament, and she came upon her mother and Danny with his hand around her back. They looked quite loving, and then Danny said, “Oh you must be Hae Ryung!” He was really nice, but Hae Ryung was really angry at the sight of this. When Danny asked to see her trophy, she slammed it on the floor and broke it.

He repaired it and replaced it in Hae Ryung’s room later that evening.

She never really appreciated his presence, and always ignored him, especially since he wasn’t her real father. However, he was probably the only true father figure in her life. He was even so gracious towards her real father Joon Mo.


Danny smiles, finally feeling like he won Hae Ryung’s acceptance.

At the airport, Hae Ryung and Joon Mo shake hands goodbye. Tearfully, she says the next time she goes to New York, she may be able to call him “Dad.” Hae Ryung may have redeemed herself in many ways in the past two episodes, but I REALLY hate her by the end of this episode and the next two…


Mi Soo goes to a department store and buys a nice ball marker for Jung Woo, getting it inscribed “JW” instead of “JL” for John Lee. On the other side, Hae Ryung buys an expensive watch for Jung Woo’s birthday gift. She even reserves a meal and a cake for the evening. All Mi Soo has is to get her mother to make some seaweed soup for her so that she can pack lunch boxes for her and Jung Woo, since they’re going to visit Fabian’s home on his birthday.


Mi Soo is all packed up and ready to meet Jung Woo at the lobby of Won Resort when suddenly she bumps into Hae Ryung. She overhears about the cake order and realizes that Jung Woo and Hae Ryung must have plans. Feeling terrible and not wanting to intrude, she cancels on Jung Woo suddenly (when he’s already on his way to meet her!), and takes the food to Gong Sook instead.

Gong Sook is feeling all crappy herself, especially since she’s confessed to Tae Gab and he didn’t reciprocate.


Jung Woo and Hae Ryung have a candlelit, roses-filled romantic dinner in her suite room. (Blegh.) She is so happy to be there, while Jung Woo is all blase about the affair. For me, I kind of feel like he just doesn’t care so much about her, and I don’t know if that’s in the script or in Lee Yong Woo’s personality. Hae Ryung says that’s she’s done some thinking, and knows what she wants to do now. She wants to quit golf. And marry Jung Woo.

He’s speechless, which makes Hae Ryung wonder if he even likes her. He’s just shocked that she proposed to him first, and wonders if it’s wise for her to cut a promising career short. She’s just displeased she didn’t get a straight answer from him.


When she preps up her makeup in the bathroom, she overhears Jung Woo talking to Mi Soo. He just wanted to scold her for canceling on him last minute, and Hae Ryung realizes that’s why she saw Mi Soo at the lobby earlier that day. Hae Ryung isn’t completely jealous just yet, but she wants to know if Jung Woo would choose her or Mi Soo to coach if he could only pick one. He says he’d rather run away. Wow – he’d rather run away from the problem? Good answer idiot.

Mi Soo is feeling a little happier that Jung Woo called her, since she felt a tad neglected.


The next day, Tae Gab goes looking for Gong Sook, who’s moping by the garage. He wants to have dinner with her, and she thinks he’s just feeling bad. She says she’s meeting someone on an arranged date that evening, giving him a shot since he’s interested in her after seeing her a few times in town here and there. This shocks Tae Gab so much he goes to Joong Ki’s to drink himself drunk.



Meanwhile Hae Ryung is being absolutely childish, staying in bed and claiming she’s sick. Ugh. She’s more mad at him for not wanting to marry her, since all he says is “Let’s think about it.” He admits it’s because of Mi Soo that he doesn’t want to get married right now. Both of them have just endured a lot in a short period of time, and Mi Soo may look strong, but she’s suffering right now. It would be insensitive to Mi Soo to get married now. Hae Ryung is pissed that he wants to make their lives fit around Mi Soo’s. I think Jung Woo is shocked that Hae Ryung is being so single-mindedly selfish right now, and is willing to ignore and throw away everything just for him. She’s so desperate that she wants to at least get engaged, and kisses him as if it will seal the deal. Jung Woo’s face looks like he’s not even remotely interested in marrying her.

Her temper tantrum is also making Jung Woo late for his lesson with Mi Soo, and so she gives up waiting for him at the training center.


As Jung Woo leaves the resort, he sees Kyung Sook getting off work and waiting for the bus. He offers to drive her home. (My goodness, he’s SO NICE to Mi Soo and her family!!!) On the way back, he finds out that Mi Soo had prepared a birthday lunch for him and seaweed soup, and he realizes that Mi Soo had canceled on him last minute probably because of Hae Ryung.


So he calls Mi Soo later that evening and they meet up. He confronts her about that lunch that SHE ate for HIM. She then gives him her gift, and he looks absolutely happy (as happy as Jung Woo can look – which is usually a very nice smile) at receiving a ball marker. Mi Soo explains that she inscribed JW because it’s nicer sounding than John Lee. And the two of them give each other a long, nice stare…


KISS ALREADY!!! No? Fine. *pout*

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