Birdie Buddy: Episodes 17-18

Ack. I was most affected by these two episodes. I finally got the exposition I wanted, but at a price.

It happened during a week when I was losing all my favorite characters in the shows I was watching. Not cool.


Hae Ryung is shell shocked that Jay Park wants to get rid of everyone around her. Joon Mo senses the danger and immediately runs to Sae Hwa (at her displeasure). But once she finds out about Hae Ryung, she immediately tries to head over to her home (in the dead of the night). But Joon Mo wants to keep this a secret first.


Eun Joo releases a report about the illegal gambling ring from 20 years ago (a tip thanks to Jay Park) and it smears Sung Mi Soo and Fabian’s reputations. It puts them all on the line, and questions the validity of her recent win. Jay Park relishes at the media frenzy, and Jung Woo rushes over to Fabian’s home in the mountain. This is why he wanted them to stay away right? Because of this gambling ring?


Fabian explains what happened twenty years ago. Jay Park and he were players for a big tournament and they were going to set up the game so that Jay Park could win the bets. Fabian had signed the contract at the time because it was just fun games for him. Jay Park thought he’d be a somewhat easy opponent, but when they got to a course that was shaped in a U (and would hence forth require at least two-three shots to round the bend), Fabian showed off his “Fabian shot” – using a sandwich club, he could flick his wrist and send the golf ball like a boomerang, allowing it to round the bend in one stroke.

His caddy was also Lee Yoon Gi, who was privy to all the exchanges and then told Danny.


Realizing that Fabian could beat him, Jay Park went to Fabian that evening and begged for him to lose the game. He needed to win the money to pay for his wife’s medical bills. However, Fabian wasn’t going to just throw away a game, even if it was a set-up. He won. Jay Park flipped his lid. Fabian had a heart and went to pay for the bills. It was too late – Jay Park’s wife died.

Fabian held that regret in his heart ever since.

Without telling too many details, Jung Woo apologizes to Mi Soo for getting her involved in all this. The media frenzy is ridiculous, and they camp outside her home. Unable to bring her home, Jung Woo drives away to his apartment.


Tae Gab wants to go and pick her up, but the reporters know his face too so they call up Joong Ki to go get her. Meanwhile Hae Ryung arrives, an unexpected visitor. She’s all happy to see him because she misses him, but that just makes me pissed. I mean – don’t you read the news?! Can’t you see what kind of trouble your love interest is in the middle of right now?


So when Jung Woo opens the door and Hae Ryung sees Mi Soo in the apartment, she’s incredibly upset. Idiot! Loves to misunderstand stuff! Jung Woo is about to go after her but Joong Ki arrives at that moment. He thinks Jung Woo is mistreating Mi Soo and got her in all sorts of trouble, so he goes yelling at Jung Woo (who is only distracted at the thought of Hae Ryung).

Stop the misunderstanding people!!

Joong Ki drives her home, and the reporters are still camped out there. Tired of hiding, Mi Soo just walks out and confronts them. She admits that she doesn’t know what’s going on, but proclaims hers and Jung Woo’s innocence in the entire matter.


Sae Hwa is suffering because she can’t protect her daughter, and doesn’t know how to approach her. Jung Ran suggests that she let Hae Ryung’s scars heal first, and then reach out slowly. She later comes up with a better idea: get Kyung Sook and Sae Hwa together to drink!

Sae Hwa thinks Kyung Sook is a “I’m the best mother because I can do everything!” -type, and Kyung Sook thinks Sae Hwa’s a haughty rich lady. They’re jealous of each other, but Sae Hwa more so because Kyung Sook earnestly works for her daughter, and raised someone who’s supremely grateful to her. Kyung Sook is jealous of Sae Hwa’s wealth because she can’t provide the best equipment or training materials for her daughter.

Before passing out from too much wine, she tells Sae Hwa to just say her feelings. If she doesn’t say them, who will know? It’s not like her daughter is telepathic just because they have the same blood.


The next morning Kyung Sook wakes up with a terrible hangover, and she worries that she might get fired by Sae Hwa. And then they get an unexpected visitor – Danny!

Uh-oh! She’s getting fired!

Except – he’s bringing fruits. OK, now what?

Oh – Won Resort wants to sign Mi Soo as their player!

Mi Soo and Jung Woo meet with Sae Hwa. Motive for this partnership? Both Mi Soo and Won Resort have been in the press lately for bad reasons, and so they might as well band together and make something good out of it. Sae Hwa admits that Mi Soo is a good player, but that she is not replacing Hae Ryung’s place. She is merely another player on their roster. Another player who can also use the same training gym as Hae Ryung.

Mi Soo accepts.


Sae Hwa then visits Hae Ryung, and she starts out by asking after her daughter’s well-being. That’s weird enough for Hae Ryung, and the daughter still is cold to her mother. Sae Hwa tells her that she is going to sign Mi Soo on; she wanted to tell her face to face to avoid misunderstandings. In addition, she is inviting Hae Ryung back to Won Resort. Hae Ryung: “Never.”


Press conference time! Of course the highlight of the conference is Mi Soo and the Fabian controversy. Suddenly, Fabian appears at the press conference! It’s an unexpected move – and tenses Jay Park up as he watches the press conference from his home. Fabian addresses the reporters: yes he was involved in the gambling ring, and yes, he was part of a tournament in Korea. He refuses to out which tournament it was, or the people involved in it.


He bows to the press in apology instead, and tells them all that Mi Soo and Jung Woo had nothing to do with it.

After the conference, he tells his two students that he’s leaving for his hometown. Mi Soo begs him to stay, but he crabbily replies that he’s lonely here and wants to go back.


Next stop – he visits Jay Park. He threatens him with a video tape – he had recorded the entire deal signing as insurance that no one would speak of the events in the past aloud. He has the tape somewhere. If Jay Park does something again, he will release it to the press. Of course, that makes Jay Park order his assistant to go and search Fabian’s place.


Now that he’s down from the mountain, he also goes to visit a beauty store where he picks up a gift of sunscreen and facial creams for his “granddaughter” Mi Soo. It’s so cute seeing an old man have no idea what the products are! And he calls Mi Soo his granddaughter!

Meanwhile Yong Shik is freaking out as he sees all this money going in and out of an account under his name. He wants answers, but no one is giving him any. So out of desperation he calls up Eun Joo to help him figure out what shadiness is going on under his name. He’s freaked out that he’ll get investigated. He’s forced to admit that he was part of a betting ring for the Chung Woo Bank Open, but he won’t tell her anything else. He gives her the transactions so that she can investigate.


Fabian returns to his home in the mountain, and he finds Jay Park’s henchmen all ransacking his place.

He knows what they’re looking for, but they’re not going to find it at his home. The assistant, Young Min, is quite insistent, and his henchmen all go after Fabian. He escapes and flies through the mountain, fighting some of them back with a stick. However, he takes a nasty fall, and gravely injures his head.


Young Min rushes to his side, and begs for him to just tell him where the tape is. However Fabian refuses to divulge. He tells Young Min to get out, to stop working for Jay Park, before he regrets it himself. Young Min doesn’t want Fabian to die, and those last words actually strike a deep fear in him.

He calls up an ambulance for Fabian, but makes sure the cottage is cleaned up without a trace.


Mi Soo and Jung Woo dash to the hospital. She sobs as she grabs hold of him in the ER, but by then it’s too late. Fabian dies.


People aren’t supposed to die in this drama! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Jay Park you asshole!!!!


There’s no evidence of foul play, and they don’t want an autopsy. Mi Soo’s family arranges his funeral, and her father even invites the curious reporters in to pay their respects first, and report later. Pil Soo arrives in shock to see Fabian’s funeral photo and breaks into sobs. The three students later scatter his ashes in the wind by the mountain.

Hae Ryung, Eun Joo, and everyone else hears of the news via Internet. I hope it makes Hae Ryung shut up and leave Jung Woo alone for a while, because sometimes I feel like she’s too selfish around him.


Jung Woo has been stoic most of the time, more out of shock than anything. He receives Fabian’s belongings from the police and sees a book addressed to him. In it, Fabian wishes him farewell and bequeathes the book to him. Memories of his training with Fabian come rushing back, and it’s enough to break Jung Woo. He cries alone in the privacy of his car.


Still mourning, Mi Soo also receives the facial care set from Fabian’s last belongings. She sees his note about taking care of her skin so that she can one day marry. It’s so sweet how he’s worried about her relationship status! Most importantly, he also acknowledges that she’s a good golfer, and that line sets her off into tears again. He hopes that she can visit him one day in his hometown. Mi Soo sobs like heck (and by now, I’m really running out of words on how to describe their crying. It’s the wailing kind, the one out of desperation, where you keep gasping for air, but can’t stop.)

Her entire family can hear her, but they leave her be to grieve. Even Momma can’t do anything about it.


The next day, Mi Soo storms into Jay Park’s abode and accuses him of killing Fabian. Well, that’s not so off the mark. She swears he’ll regret it one day. Oh he will, my dear… we all will make sure of that!


Meanwhile, Jung Ran has news of her own. She’s going to help a friend set up his golf resort in New Zealand, and so she’ll be leaving Won Resort for a year. She hopes Sae Hwa will keep a position open for her still though. Until then, Sae Hwa can find a confidant in Kyung Sook… She also wants a dinner party – with Kyung Sook, Hae Ryung, and Joon Mo in attendance.


In a surprising move, Eun Joo meets with Jung Woo. She feels partly responsible for Fabian’s death, and shows him the papers her uncle gave her with all the bank transactions. They prove that Jay Park was involved in an illegal gambling ring around the Chung Woo Bank Open. It will affect Mi Soo and Hae Ryung if all this is revealed. Suddenly, Jung Woo understands why Jay Park wanted Mi Soo to lose so badly.


Sae Hwa visits the old granny from the countryside, not knowing what to do as she can’t connect to her daughter anymore. The granny mentions in passing that she should bring home some squash; Hae Ryung really likes squash porridge. With that in mind, Sae Hwa goes to the one person she knows who knows how to make squash porridge: Kyung Sook.

Ha! Sae Hwa proves hopeless in the kitchen though, and Kyung Sook gets easily frustrated with her. However, when both finally set aside their egos, Sae Hwa manages to make the porridge.

Sae Hwa puts so much effort into this reunion dinner that she even takes off her nail polish in that nervous way. Danny grins as he watches her try to relax. Hee. I SO WISH they could be together.


Joon Mo drives Hae Ryung to the reunion dinner, hoping that she’ll just sit through this dinner civilly, for him. Hae Ryung is on edge, but Sae Hwa is incredibly graceful. It’s so evident that she’s trying so hard for her daughter. She tries to offer Hae Ryung some food, but Hae Ryung is uncomfortable with this changed woman.


She snidely remarks that Danny is not at dinner, and accedes that it might be weird if he joined. Egh – what a way to make the air tense, as everyone knows that Danny is a little more than just a secretary, and that Joon Mo is her father. Kyung Sook arrives carrying the meat dish in time to hear Hae Ryung blowing up. She thinks all of this is just so ridiculous, and she can’t stand it anymore.

Sae Hwa apologizes – she apologizes for leaving her alone, and promises to be a better mother now. But it’s a little too late for Hae Ryung now; she hates her mother for raising her as MIN Hae Ryung, sharing the same last name, and not being able to say that she had a father who died, or parents who divorced. Her peers looked down on her for her parentage, all knowing that she was illegitimate.

She storms out, and Jung Ran chases after her.

Jung Ran puts Hae Ryung to shame: does she know how much her mother suffered in raising her? Does Hae Ryung know about how she – Jung Ran – fed and clothed the both of them when they were running away from Sae Hwa’s father? Does she know how much scorn her mother suffered, worse than the looks Hae Ryung got? Does Hae Ryung not realize that Sae Hwa was merely trying to protect her and her ego, and hence never told her about her parentage?

Yeah Hae Ryung – you go cry in the darkness of your home. Go and realize that the world does not revolve around you.


Mi Soo, Pil Soo, and Jung Woo head up to Fabian’s cottage to clear out his home. It brings back memories of her lessons for Mi Soo, and she talks out to the air as if Fabian had left for his hometown, saying that she’ll bring the guys there one day.

Inside his home, she takes hold of Fabian’s handcrafted club, wanting to keep it for memory’s sake. Pil Soo suggests she take home some herbs as well for her mother to use, and he takes down some of Fabian’s handcrafted containers.


In one of them lies a small tape.



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