News Bits: 10/25/11 Edition


Rumors are spreading online about Gong Yoo and Im Soo Jung’s secret marriage in the States. The two best friends (so they claim!) were last in the States at around the same time and so people thought that the two were already married. Their agencies have both called the claims absurd, and are sick of the madness that surrounds the two of them.

WELL – you do have two stars (who appeared in the film “Finding Kim Jong Wook” together) who apparently have a “great friendship” and are constantly mired in dating rumors… I mean, I don’t even believe the rumors that Taecyeon and Jessica are “just friends.” Pfft!

But rumors are rumors, and I personally doubt this one is true. (I’d kill Gong Yoo first.) But! Where there’s smoke, there’s fire…

First – Im Soo Jung will belong to Lee Seon Kyun though, in their upcoming film “Everything About My Wife.” She plays the worst possible wife ever who looks perfect on the outside, while he plays a timid husband who can’t even suggest divorce to her. Sounds like a comedy.

  • BoA sizzled the stage at SM Town this past weekend, with her wardrobe rivaling that of Beyonce‘s. I didn’t go to this particular concert, but word has it from a really good source that when she bent down for a bottle of water, she realized just how short her shorties were. Wardrobe malfunction?! Anyways – I heard that the concert was a blast, with SHINee and DBSK flying all over Madison Square Garden. Hmm… I wonder if they were all ever uncomfortable having straps attached to them around the you-know….
  • OK this is stupid now – No Min Woo and Hwang Jung Eum are back on for Full House 2. I guess Min Hyo Rin said no, and the producers couldn’t find anyone better? (Brain producers- take a cue from Full House 2. I’m assuming that your drama about brains would suggest that you have some kind of brains in those skulls.) Or perhaps! No and Hwang had a falling out, but made up, and now agree that this media frenzy has made their venture all the more worthwhile! You know what makes this venture worthwhile? Seeing Lee Seung Hyo in action! The wonderful Alcheon from Queen Seon Deok is set to star as No Min Woo’s manager. I say, he should just be the lead. Whee! Here is my theory on how things should go down:

Lee Seung Hyo can be the Hallyu star disguised as a manager on the run from the press – when he ends up in a weird marriage contract with Hwang Jung Eum. But because HE is in hiding, he has his real manager (No Min Woo) be the “star” instead and get married to her! Little does he realize, they BOTH fall in love with the girl! And because he’s such an adorable second lead (or first?) he will pull a Park Shi Hoo and get the girl in the end!

  • Min Hyo Rin actually ended up in another film – “Five Million Dollar Man.” And guess who’s her costar? JYP himself. JYP is an aspiring singer who gets involved in a “money-related incident” and needs Min’s help. Can I just say WEIRDDDD?!
  • What’s Up – the other musical drama – will now air on December 3 through new cable channel MBN. It’s a Saturday drama, and looks to be once a week? While I was psyched for this drama, it’s definitely lost a lot of steam with me now that I’ve picked up its competitor The Musical, and I find myself really enjoying The Musical. It’ll be a hard act to follow.
  • Park Ha Sun (High Kick 3) recently celebrated her 24th birthday and now has a pictorial for the Italian sports brand Freddy. She certainly has long legs that can kick high…
  • Jang Dong Gun has been offered a role in an upcoming drama called A Gentleman’s Dignity, which is a melodrama following a thirty-something-year old man’s love life. What’s the punchline to make it all interesting? The writer and producer of Secret Garden are making this drama.

sources: star news, nate, dramabeans, asiae

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  1. D 25 October, 2011 at 12:32 Reply

    Girlfriday would have already killed Gong Yoo before you could get anywhere near the guy…lol….that said, having watched Finding Kim Dong Wook, i think the rumors are certainly not true….they just didn’t have that kind of tension or chemistry…which i think would’e made the movie more enjoyable to me….they were a bit too comfortable with each other….looks like they are friends
    JYP and Min Hyo Rin together is very wierd indeed

    • kaedejun 25 October, 2011 at 16:36 Reply

      I like to think that I claimed Gong Yoo before she did because I was crushing on him since My Tutor Friend, but she does have a few years over me… *grumble grumble*

  2. Lizzie 25 October, 2011 at 16:22 Reply

    Hi Kaede! So replying your question ” I wonder if they were all ever uncomfortable having straps attached to them around the you-know…. It hurt like hell. Really really uncomfortable.

    I saw a BTS scene of a actor doing a scene using that and he said it hurt too much, especially in that ”place” LOL

    • kaedejun 25 October, 2011 at 16:35 Reply

      so the question becomes…

      WHY THE HELL would you put yourself under such torture!? oh wait – because you need to look cool…

      and Lee Soo Man says so.

      what a way to emasculate a guy… >_<

  3. Bethie 26 October, 2011 at 23:00 Reply

    Wait – if a couple were to get married in the States – isn’t all that information a matter of public record? Can’t people just actually find out? (I guess they need to know which city first though). I highly doubt it’s true (not a fan of either) but just saying… it does sound a little outrageous rumor wise.

    SMTown – well just as I need to leave the city for the weekend, is when those SMers come to my home. Not that I would go to the concert alone (no kpop fans among my friends) – but still…

  4. xiaoSxin 4 November, 2011 at 04:16 Reply

    So happy for What’s Up! I was actually on my way back to LA when I got a heads up from Daheefanel about it. Tried so hard not to jump up and down screaming at JFK. They might not let me in on the plane.

    I’m counting down to December 3. Lim! Ju! Hwan! GO Team Park Kyu!

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