Vampire Prosecutor: First Impressions

OHMYGAWD I found my post-Sign crack.

This. is. it. Fans of Sign will love this drama. (OK maybe it’s just me.) This drama has a nice mix of mystery, slick-ness, and the supernatural. It’s very CSI-like, and more humorous than Sign, but what I appreciate the most about this drama is the acting.

Yeon Jung Hoon and Lee Young Ah – I haven’t really imagined them in these sorts of roles. While Lee Young Ah channels a bit of her character from Baker King Kim Tak Goo (which makes me wonder if that’s really just her acting style or personality), she’s also a bit different. I don’t know how to place it… but I want to say it’s… the hair.


As for Yeon – he’s so badass, but then when he smiles and jokes around with his colleague and it’s just so cute. I mean, I start thinking, “This guy’s a vampire?!” He’s a vampire, but he doesn’t show it off. I think the only thing that bothers me is his guyliner.


Min Tae Young (Yeon) is a prosecutor who helps his detective buddy Hwang Soon Bum (Lee Won Jong) every so often with cases. Soon Bum is no idiot; for one case he notices that a dead body looks like a “paper-cut murder by ex-boyfriend” case, but he thinks it’s too easy to be possible. Hence he asks Tae Young to come in and take a look. With his super Spidey sense of smell, he manages to trace back how the blood splattered, and figures out that the woman committed suicide, but framed it on her ex.

So Soon Bum knows about Tae Young’s special “gift,” but he doesn’t out Tae Young. I have an inkling he knows about the whole vampire-alter-ego, but I want to know how he found out.

Just as likely, I want to know NOW how Tae Young manages to walk around in the sun without being burnt to crisp.


And similarly, I also want to know the world Tae Young lives in. He seems to drink blood sold on the black market – human blood willingly given up by donors – but in an underground posh bar. So – there are other vampires? or vampire wannabes? What is this world!?

And since we’re asking questions, what is up with the murder Tae Young witnessed? And why was he turned into a vampire, and not the other victim?

I love this drama already for the questions!


Lee Young Ah is Yoo Jung In, a curious rookie prosecutor who is quite spunky, but also most likely the one who will find out about Tae Young’s vampirism first. She’s interesting, but not as interesting as Tae Young. She also doesn’t have that much chemistry with Tae Young; however, I did admire that scene where she searched for the murder weapon with zest, and attacks a dummy head.

The first episode’s case follows a murder of a young child that looks like an act of vampirism, and follows the pattern of a series of murders seven years prior. Tae Young and his sister were most likely linked to this case, with his sister seemingly murdered by a vampire, and Tae Young getting turned by that vampire. However, it’s a copy-cat case. What really happened was a rich woman with nothing better to do opted for a blood transfusion using the young girl’s blood, thinking that it would make her younger. She and a doctor ended up draining too much blood and killing the girl, so they made it look like a copy cat murder.

How did Tae Young figure this out? He sensed that there was still blood in the body of the little girl, and in the old serial murder case there would be no blood left. Also, the punctures in the neck were too deep to be done by teeth. He drank the blood sample of whatever was left of the little girl and found that she died in a room filled with French porcelain dolls. With all these clues, he managed to figure out – with the help of Soon Bum and Jung In – what happened to the little girl.

I for one truly thought that this drama was going to be cheesy. I mean, who came up with the title Vampire Prosecutor!? However, they downplay the “vampire” aspect and make it more part of the character than it being the plot. The overarching story is to find out who turned Tae Young into a vampire in the first place, but it’s not a total revenge drama. His vampiric tendencies make him a flawed person too; he has a moment where he is almost ready to kill by sucking a man’s blood, but he does stop himself.

I also thought that the scene showing how Tae Young turned into a vampire would be cheesy, with Buffy-esque special effects. However, it was quite low-key. It took place in the rain, after an accident, required Yeon Jung Hoon to scream in pain, and then a close up in the eyes to show them flashing a bright blue and dark veins popping up in his skin. And then he walks away from the accident, bad ass, as the blood stops trickling down the side of his head from injuries. Hell yeah.

There is one fight scene in this drama, and it’s portrayed with in slow-mo. It reminds me of some of the fight scenes in Athena, where they slowed down the cooler moves made by Lee Jia or Choi Si Won. Here, they slow down pretty much every single one of Tae Young’s punches and hits, which makes me think that his moves are supposedly so fast that it must be slowed down for the human eye to catch. It also proves that he’s really hitting this guy (probably softly in real life) rather than making those fake-outs.

So will I watch? You bet I will. I started this year with the awesome Sign. I’m going to end it with the awesome Vampire Prosecutor.


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