Birdie Buddy: Episode 22

OK – after a very long delay (of which I truly apologize) I’m back to recapping this series! It helps that I don’t have Musical this week to recap. We last saw Mi Soo giving Jung Woo his birthday gift – a ball marker – which he seemed to like very much. However, he doesn’t kiss her, or make any move. Meh.

We move on to a couple that has stolen my heart in just the past episode, and in my opinion, rocks.


Tae Gab interrupts Gong Sook’s matchmaking date and asks her the most important question of his life: “I still have to go to the army – is that alright? I’m not talented enough to join a large company either. I have no savings. All I have is this body of mine. Is it still alright?”

Gong Sook is in such shock that he takes her away – splashing himself with a glass of water so that the blind date guy can’t do anything. Heehee. But right after he takes her away, they just sit awkwardly at a bench! It’s like, Tae Gab balled up his nerves, did his “Seen only in movies” thing, and then didn’t know how to follow up!


Turns out, he had always liked her too, but he never felt he was good enough. Aww sweetie pie – because you think that, you’re AUTOMATICALLY good enough. Well – in this drama world at least. So yay! They like each other! Oh crap – now they have to answer her father. Doesn’t matter – Tae Gab just kisses her anyways. All with me now, once again: Awwwwwwww.

When he gets home, he’s immediately assaulted by his sister. She rails him with questions – does he seriously like her best friend? Does he want a death wish!? But Tae Gab is serious about his feelings, and he pushes Mi Soo out of his room. She’s actually jealous that he has a serious love.


The next day, Sae Hwa gathers everyone in her office – the KLPGA has nominated both Hae Ryung and Mi Soo as best newcomer candidates for their award ceremony. It’s a big achievement, and so Sae Hwa wants to get them all prettied up in dresses. Mi Soo balks – a dress!? (I don’t believe her hesitance over wearing a dress – since she’s the one wearing the short skirts on the golf courses, but OK.) Jung Woo pipes up that Mi Soo would look pretty in a dress. Mi Soo blushes; Hae Ryung frowns.


Later the two bump into each other in the training room. Hae Ryung, trying to make peace with her rival in sports and love, thanks her sincerely for playing Jay Park’s game. She had benefited the most, and Mi Soo helped clear a lot of things up for her, her image, and her relationship with her mother. That’s right – so can she at least give Jung Woo to Mi Soo!? Unfortunately, when Jung Woo joins the two gals, Hae Ryung immediately becomes the fussy, caring girlfriend and pulls away stray feathers from his vest. Mi Soo notices it, of course.


When Hae Ryung heads over to Jung Woo’s home, she notices Mi Soo’s gift of the ball marker. She asks him if he got it from Mi Soo, since she’s the only person who calls him Jung Woo. He applauds her investigative skills, nothing else, and that just adds on to her insecurities.

So what does she do? She goes to her mother and requests for a new coach to be hired, so that Mi Soo can get a new one. Heck no is she going to get a new coach if she can have Jung Woo! Sae Hwa wants to tread carefully, because while it’s beneficial for them, she doesn’t want to insult Jung Woo and Mi Soo outright by suggesting this. Hae Ryung wonders if the person who loves more must suffer greater pain. After all – doesn’t Sae Hwa know about Danny leaving for both Sae Hwa and Hae Ryung’s happiness?


Side story: Mi Soo’s father has a new job as a tour guide/ride engineer of sorts at the former coal mine, which has now been turned into a semi amusement park. Kyung Sook also finds out that Tae Gab is in love with Gong Sook. Heehee. And every time Gong Sook’s father encounters Tae Gab at the resort, he regards him carefully and doesn’t say a word, which freaks the poor kid out.


Mi Soo, Hae Ryung, and Jung Woo all go to Designer Park’s store to pick out their dresses. Hae Ryung purposely makes Mi Soo feel like an outsider during the car ride, while Jung Woo tries to include her in the conversation. And Mi Soo decides to just tune them out with her headphones.


They arrive at the studio, and the designer suggests a short mini dress to Mi Soo so that she can show off her long legs. As for Hae Ryung, the designer notes how pretty Hae Ryung looks – and that she must be dating. Though Hae Ryung doesn’t confirm or reveal the identity of boyfriend, it makes Mi Soo and Jung Woo a little uncomfortable. Mi Soo tries on the dress – and of course she looks stunning. A little more on the cute-overgrown-child side with that pouf on her hair, but she’s stunning enough to take Jung Woo’s breath away, and Hae Ryung to feel a little threatened.

I say she looks alright – if only I hadn’t seen her in other miniskirts and minidresses already.

As for Hae Ryung – she tries on a matronly-like, lilac flower dress. It’s like they purposely made her look less stunning.


While sitting in the waiting room, Hae Ryung flips through a magazine and lets drop that she and Jung Woo are engaged. Oh – so we’re taking out the big guns now, eh? Mi Soo congratulates them, but she’s clearly bummed out. She leaves the studio without so much of a warning to Jung Woo. When he calls her up later, she pretends that she’s meeting a friend in Seoul and that they should head back without her. She’ll find her own way home.

Jung Woo can’t do anything about it, but he is worried – after all, this is Mi Soo’s first time in Seoul.


Meanwhile, Gong Sook and Tae Gab are acting all lovey-dovey, which frankly makes Joong Ki feel quite sick. Joong Ki can’t wait for Tae Gab to go to the army – at least he doesn’t have to deal with their couple act! He then asks after Mi Soo, who hasn’t come home yet. Tae Gab asks them if there was a student who transferred to Seoul when they were in school, and Joong Ki and Gong Sook don’t know anything about that. They all had the same friends so…


Mi Soo wanders around the streets of Seoul, lost and moping quietly by herself. She gets a call from Joong Ki, and he catches her in her lies. He tells her to wait, and he’ll go and pick her up. Mi Soo is truly touched. Joong Ki even insists on driving Mi Soo’s car to Seoul because he won’t pick her up in his tofu truck – she’s too good for that!

She waits by Han River on a bench, and lets her thoughts travel back to when she first met Jung Woo, and all their interactions together as enemies, then coach-athlete, then friends. And then on top of all that, now she has to see him as a man taken away by Hae Ryung; then again – Jung Woo was probably never hers for the taking. 🙁

Back at home, Jung Woo worriedly calls Mi Soo, wondering where she is. This pisses Hae Ryung off because he’s so much more worried about her than he is of Hae Ryung. He reminds her that he’s responsible for her, and that her parents may be angry that they came back without Mi Soo.


Joong Ki finally catches up to where Mi Soo is, and she entertains herself by playing a golf game on her phone. Of course, since it’s so cold outside, and she’s been out for hours, she catches a cold. When she gets home, she collapses just steps from the door.


The next day, Jung Woo and Hae Ryung enter the resort together, and they spot Tae Gab. Jung Woo asks after his sister, and Tae Gab tells him truthfully that Joong Ki had to go pick her up, and that she fell quite sick. Hae Ryung has the grace to look a little guilty at hearing that Mi Soo had to go to the hospital for her fever. With a look at Jung Woo, Tae Gab comments, “I wonder what on earth happened to her yesterday [that made her get so sick].”

Because of Mi Soo’s stubbornness, she refuses to stay at the hospital, and goes home to recover. But thinking about Hae Ryung and Jung Woo’s engagement isn’t really going to help her feel any better.


Joong Ki picks up some beef parts for a good stew to bring over to Mi Soo’s place, so that her mother can make some healthy soup. He bumps into Jung Woo at the market, who’s buying a fruits basket as well. He hands off the meat to Jung Woo, asking that the coach bring it over. I feel bad for him – it’s as if he thinks the family and Mi Soo would be a lot happier at seeing Jung Woo than him. He’s also kind enough to lie to Jung Woo when the coach asks about why Mi Soo all of a sudden feels sick. I’m positive he knows that Mi Soo is suffering because of Jung Woo, but he says instead that Mi Soo probably had too much fun in the city, and had tricked Joong Ki into picking her up by saying she had a girl for him to meet.

Mi Soo has a hard time eating the soup her mother makes, and soon enough Jung Woo arrives at their doorstep.


Jung Woo notes that Mi Soo really isn’t faking her illness – heh. She jokes with him a little bit, and he goes up to feel her forehead. Mi Soo visibly shies away from his touch. He says he’ll visit again, but Mi Soo doesn’t want him to anymore; if he does, she’d have to wash up and look somewhat presentable for him. Jung Woo: “I like dirty Mi Soo too.” GAHHH – why do you say things like that?! I know you’re being nice, but it’s just being read the wrong way!!


He turns to leave, and Mi Soo calls out his name, as if wanting to say something. However, she just feebly says goodbye. She hears him say goodbye to her mother, and Mi Soo runs out of her bed to her door. She can’t bring herself to open the door though, and falls down crying from the heartbreak.

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