The Musical Shortens Its Run

Yup – you read that right.

The Musical is ending this week with episode 15, having faced dismal ratings and being pushed back constantly by broadcast scheduling conflicts.

I wonder if it will be edited differently, or if it will be a 2-hour broadcast instead. I’m betting on “rushed editing.” Wow – so it’s going to shorten my agony, but make me feel all frustrated? TIME JUMP PLEASE! And I rarely beg for time jumps!


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  1. kaleido 22 December, 2011 at 09:43 Reply

    Oh no.. i actually did enjoy this drama…. it’s too bad that they have to end thing early before of rating… there’s quite a lot of stuff going on.. I am afraid that they are gonna rush everything… and i am with you on the time jump… i would love to see what happen in a year or two or even 5… honestly, the person i care the most in this drama is Jin and not the OTP… the OTP will be together regardless but i want to see what happen to Jin more than anyone else…

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