JYP on set of Dream High 2

JYP will be reprising his role as Yang Jin Man on the sequel series Dream High 2. I have not seen the first Dream High – the one drama that is missing from my “Year of Musicals – 2011” list – so I’m not really sure as to what kind of character he is. I do know that he was the jokey sort.

Grr – when is the fourth dimension going to open up so I can watch this drama?! Maybe I’ll tune in after What’s Up is over…

Moving on, apparently, Yang Jin Man is now broke, still dreaming of being a singer, and lives on a rooftop house above Kirin Art School. While that sounds pathetic and all, he will be having a sort of love triangle between vocal instructor Choi Yeo Jin (I Need Romance) and another instructor Hyun Ji Su (After School’s Kahi). Damn – he gets two really hot women.

I’m sorry, but frankly – JYP reminds me of a dancing gorilla. Oooh I’m gonna pay twice for that via karma… But we’re all descended from monkeys, so…!!!

Dream High 2 airs on January 30 on KBS.

source: sports seoul via naver


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