Lee Si Young vs. Jessica – Plastic Surgery?

I’m going to start off with a disclaimer: this isn’t really a factually-based post. It’s just something I noticed while watching Wild Romance. I’m expressing my disappointed opinion in Jessica from SNSD, who cameos in the series as Lee Dong Wook‘s former girlfriend, Kang Jong Hee.

I don’t really know who Jessica is. Sure I’ve heard of her, and I may have seen her in the videos. SNSD songs are very catchy too (some, not all). But I don’t know her acting wise, and I don’t really know her face. As for Lee Si Young, I’ve seen her in other dramas, but I haven’t really watched her (or had her face on my computer screen for longer than an hour) until Wild Romance. However, with these two battling for Lee Dong Wook’s love, I’m left to wonder – what does his character see in these plastic-looking women?

Let’s compare Lee Si Young first. Her eyes have gotten way bigger. Maybe the short hair just accentuates her eyes, but I see a lot of white from her eyeballs, which is actually freakish. I do think she widened them a little – perhaps a touch up after her Playful Kiss/Poseidon days? Or she just lets her eyes bug out too much than is necessary…


In Wild Romance

Now on to Jessica. That girl is only 22 years old, and already she looks like she’s had several touch-ups on her face. I’m no expert, but I definitely do think her chin is off. There’s something weird there – perhaps scars? Perhaps her jaw was shaved and it didn’t heal too well? I do think she looks like all the other SNSD girls, and SM Entertainment is reputedly ruthless with having their artists go under the knife.


In Wild Romance

So here begs the question – which of these two girls would I rather Lee Dong Wook go for? Of course I say Lee Si Young because she’s part of the OTP. However, I’d also say that she’s prettier than Jessica because when I look at her, I don’t feel like she’s a plastic doll. In addition, Jessica was the college girlfriend, and it’s supposedly been years since they saw each other. Why then, does Jessica look like she just graduated from high school?! I feel like they made her look a lot older artificially, which doesn’t transfer well because I still think she just graduated from high school!

Plus, her entrance in the airport? The way she walked made me believe in Suh Yoon Yi’s slanderous statement against her. Her outfit and walk screamed, “super-bitch a’coming!”

This is also a case of casting the wrong people for the role. Did the producers think that by getting an SNSD girl they could boost their ratings? Please – give me someone more believable! Give me Yoon Eun Hye! Or Han Ji Hye! Or spice it up with Lee Da Hae so that we My Girl fans can snicker at the reference! Someone who looks like she could be contemporaries with Hwang Sun Hee and Lee Si Young. To note, Hwang Sun Hee is a 1986-er with mature looks, and Lee Si Young is a 1982-er with a bit of a baby face. Jessica is a 1989-er – but she does not match with everyone else’s supposed age groups.


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