News Bits for the 1000th Post!

I debated on what I wanted to do to commemorate this 1000th post ever on my blog, but then I couldn’t think of anything. (I’m uncreative like that.) So I decided to do what I always (used to) do – news bits!

Here’s a trailer to Operation Proposal, starring Yoo Seung Ho and Park Eun Bin! Song in the background is “SOS” from ABBA. It looks cute, and seems to follow the Japanese one – but will have some Korean flair to it I guess. At least Yoo Seung Ho still looks student-like, and at the same time can pass for a young adult in his mid to later twenties. (If his character in the present day is pushing thirty though, I scream foul.) The drama will air on February 8 on CSTV.

  • Jo Ahn (King Gwanggaeto the Great, Ten) will star in a new film opposite Kim Rae Won, called “Dream My Little Hero.” In it, Kim plays a musical director who becomes a mentor for a project that cast a Filipino-Korean boy with amazing singing skills. Jo will play his assistant director. (Here we go again with the musicals!) I kind of hope that this “Filipino-Korean boy” is a talented unknown. Jo Ahn is also known for being Oh Man Suk‘s other half for the past two years. They recently broke up because of their busy careers. (Side note: I didn’t know Oh Man Suk had a daughter!)
  • Kim Jeong Hoon will direct an animated film! He’s already written the screenplay for it, titled “Harmony of the Winds.” It will be a 30-minute film in 3D, and is about a man who takes revenge on the villain that killed his lover. And as if writing and directing weren’t enough, Kim will also sing the theme song.
  • Jung Ryeo Won celebrated her birthday on the set of History of a Salaryman, tweeting a photo of her blowing out her candles. Can you believe the actress is now 31 years old?! (Or 32 in Korean age.) Time flies… While some actors seem to never get older (meaning I feel like they’ve been in their twenties forever, she’s gotten older so quickly! Happy birthday Jung Ryeo Won!
  • Han Hyo Joo posed in a pictorial for Cosmopolitan, showing off her long legs and V-line jaw. Oh yeah – and some skin baring dresses too. It might be the make-up, or it might be the poses, or it might be just her getting older, but dang does she look nearly unrecognizable! In the last photo I would have mistaken her for Jung Ryeo Won! (If Jung Ryeo Won had more meat on her bones.)
  • Jung Il Woo tweets Happy Lunar New Year! But boy does he need to get some sleep – his eye bags are worse than mine!! But at least it’s paying off – his new drama Moon that Embraces the Sun is nearly reaching the 30% mark for the Wednesday-Thursday lineup.


sources: osen via naver, allkpop, asiae, isplus via naver

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