Wild Romance: Episodes 5-6

I don’t understand why I get sucked into this drama. It’s not great, but I can’t bring myself to turn away. This drama has decent lines and scenarios, but I guess the director doesn’t give these scenes enough *BANG* to make it hilarious. I feel like this drama could have been over the top, ridiculous, and it’s not. It’s like, completely understated. It’s a little weird for me because I was expecting something totally different, and instead got a sedate rom-com.

Again, it takes one issue, and stretches it for an entire episode. At least one episode doesn’t feel as long as one episode of History of a Salaryman. (Which is long, but funny, but long…) Also, as I watch this drama, and watch What’s Up, I feel like Wild Romance is wasting Oh Man Seok – but it’s probably a little too early to say for sure. His and Hwang Sun Hee‘s stories barely fit the story of the world unless their plotline happens to intertwine with Mu Yeol’s.

Here’s a summary of both episodes!


So back to Mu Yeol and why he’s so bummed over losing those precious rings: it’s because they belonged to him and his former college sweetheart Jong Hee. In fact, he goes over to Dong Soo and Soo Young’s home unannounced and drinks for a bit. They quickly realize he’s missing her, and it becomes clear to us that Soo Young and Mu Yeol never had any kind of relationship back in college.

(*WHEW!* That potential angst has been avoided.)

As for Eun Jae, she goes over to their home the next day with a gift basket, apologizing for misunderstanding Soo Young. When she finds out about Mu Yeol’s college days, she discovers the importance of that ring. Too bad they broke up after they graduated – and I wonder why…


Tae Han visits Dong Ah at her home again to give her more letters to analyze. She points out that the stalker has a pattern in constantly threatening Mu Yeol’s eyesight. The methanol in his drink also leads to blindness.

For all her work, Tae Han wants to pay her back, but suddenly Dong Ah goes, “Honey…” Does payback = Tae Han be her boyfriend!? But no – actually, Dong Ah realized she saw the girl who set Mu Yeol up in a porn film. Dong Ah saw a lot of erotic films while researching to be an erotic scriptwriter, which required some explanation to the completely confused Tae Han. (He also didn’t know about the girl until now.)

They get to that particular almost-sex-scene where the girl, “Yoo Mi,” appears, and that’s when Eun Jae comes in. Of course, she TOTALLY misunderstands, until they sit her down and show her the girl.

Off she goes to Mu Yeol, begging him to watch the movie with her. He’s appalled, until they get to that scene again, and this time Eun Jae’s boss Kevin Jang comes in. And he TOTALLY misunderstands, dragging Eun Jae out and reminding her that Rule #5 is bodyguards never fall in love with their clients.

That rule has yet to be broken in this drama.


To make matters worse (in Kevin’s head), Mu Yeol wants Eun Jae to be his bodyguard again, and they go off to search for the actress. Their plan? Have Dong Ah dress up as a wannabe porn star and get the information from the production company. They don’t really get any contact information – but Dong Ah shows them the film where the actress first appeared – a really boring movie where she just plays an innocent school girl. No really – she’s really an innocent school girl.

All three nearly die from boredom watching the movie, and are joined halfway by Tae Han – who actually enjoys this movie!!! He also sweetly uses his suit jacket to cover Dong Ah’s fishnet-stockinged legs.

Dong Soo cleans out his locker, and Reporter Goh comes by, reminding him about the love for baseball. I don’t get Reporter Goh’s deal – he seems to hate Mu Yeol with a passion, but loves Dong Soo. And he is sometimes kindly, and sometimes a pain in the arse.


Mu Yeol’s renegotiated contract is a $5 million dollar deal, which raises Yoo Mi’s interest, and she goes to find him at a signing. She taunts him with the necklace, and Reporter Goh notices Mu Yeol’s aggressive reaction to reach for it. He starts snapping away, getting Yoo Mi’s face and Mu Yeol writing his number on a signed baseball.

All day, Mu Yeol and Eun Jae sit in his living room, waiting for the call. They finally get it, and meet her in the karaoke room. One of the frustrating things about Eun Jae is that she can fight, but she doesn’t check to make sure a room is secure. She completely misses the fact that there is a camera planted in the room, waiting to catch Mu Yeol in the act of something. And then on top of that, Mu Yeol sends Eun Jae outside.


Yoo Mi dangles the necklace out the window, forcing Mu Yeol to run up to her and grab it, and she drags him down on the couch so that on camera, it looks like he’s assaulting her. Eun Jae and Yoo Mi’s pimp rush in, see the situation, and Eun Jae quickly kicks the pimp out, closes the door, and blocks it with some seats. Yoo Mi is surprised that their reaction is to block off spectators and lock themselves in the room with her, rather than running away. Eun Jae says that she knows Mu Yeol would never attack her, and that’s a sign that she’s softening her heart towards him.

Eun Jae calls up Kevin to get the rest of the company over. They dress as plainclothes officers and quickly whisk everyone away. By Han River, Mu Yeol and Yoo Mi have a private chat. He reminds her that she doesn’t have to give up her life and just be a con-artist. She seemed to have a bigger dream of being a real actress. He hands her a copy of her old film, and with that, they part ways.


Driving home, Mu Yeol mutters a “Thank you,” which Eun Jae then demands to hear for a second time much more loudly. She gobbles it up and keeps it before he can take it back. Back at Yoo Mi’s home, the pimp shows off the camera to her, saying that they have great blackmail material here. She asks to see it, then calmly and slowly, throws the camera off her balcony. Punishment is a severe beating from the pimp.

To extend his thanks, Mu Yeol also gives Eun Jae a new cellphone, to which she jumps up happily, clings on to him, and says “I love you!” Aw – what a couple! But when they get to the parking lot, they see Yoo Mi waiting for them. (I’m glad that her make-up included some of her bruises; I usually find it unbelievable when a character is so bruised and the next day they look totally fine.)


She hands him one of his stalker photos where his eyes are gouged out. She approached him initially because she had received this photo with the message that she should approach Mu Yeol. She doesn’t know who sent it, and it indicates that the stalker has a master plan by using other people as his/her pawns. Yoo Mi leaves with a soft kiss on the lips, which makes Eun Jae go wide-eyed… and obsessed with Mu Yeol’s lips for the rest of the day. She is so obsessed – and protective – that she won’t give him the number of the model he worked with on a photo shoot, and pushes him into the pool.

As for Dong Soo and Soo Young, Soo Young will go back to work as an art teacher, and Dong Soo brings up the idea that instead of being a business owner, he wants to go back and manage the Red Dreamers. He doesn’t tell Mu Yeol right away though.

When her family goes up to the Seagulls’ training camp, they bring packed eel lunches for the whole team. However, they’re missing one! And it’s because Eun Jae stole one for Mu Yeol! He’s been out of commission, sick at home with the flu, no thanks to her pushing him into the pool. She sends his housekeeper off, and promises to take care of him, but when he falls asleep, she finds herself drawn to his lips…

…And his eyes flutter open.

Eun Jae freaks, grabs her stuff, and runs out of the apartment. She calls herself an idiot, but when she goes in the next day, Mu Yeol seems to not have noticed a thing! In fact, he thought it was all a dream.

As for Dong Soo, he’s earnest at being a manager, but the rest of his team are uncomfortable with the fact that he’s not just a sunbae, but a higher up with whom they have to regard differently. Mu Yeol makes note of their discomfort and asks to speak with Dong Soo privately at a lounge he used to frequent. The reporter, Goh, overhears this conversation and goes to the lounge to bug the reserved room. How he has so much hi-tech equipment, I have no idea.

Mu Yeol tries to convince Dong Soo to quit, but Dong Soo refuses to. He may not be as talented as Mu Yeol, but he has the same amount of passion. Meanwhile, Reporter Goh is severely disappointed that their conversation is about Dong Soo’s career rather than about Mu Yeol getting set up by a girl. Dong Soo leaves the bar, and one of the waiters, Suh Yoon Yi, enters the room to refresh on drinks.


Suddenly there’s a crash within the room, and Eun Jae – who’s been waiting outside – rushes in to see Mu Yeol beating the living hell out of Yoon Yi. They get carted away by the police, and of course Reporter Goh catches all the action. He even offers to drive Yoon Yi to the hospital – but only so that he can hide the guy properly and use him for his own articles.

At the police station, Mu Yeol can’t even explain his motivation, other than the fact that he was insulted by Yoon Yi – but we don’t know with what or how. It looks like Yoon Yi didn’t just insult him, but insulted something that had to do with his past, which makes Mu Yeol highly suspicious of how he had met Yoon Yi.

Needless to say, Reporter Goh prints one damning article after another, and Mu Yeol is stuck inside his home. He and Eun Jae come up with a plan to escape by taking a delivery man’s disguise and leaving the apartment. Unable to go anywhere, he ends up going to Eun Jae’s home and the Sanctuary of All Things Blue Seagulls. That means wearing Blue Seagulls shirts and hiding from Eun Jae’s family. I love how when Dong Ah hisses, “The enemy is here!” and throws their shoes at them, Tae Han and Mu Yeol quickly understand that they have to hide. And then to stave off hunger, Tae Han reads Dong Ah’s books – but picks up a recipe book!

Interestingly, when he and Tae Han are hiding in Dong Ah’s room, they overhear Eun Jae’s dad goading her to say something insulting about Mu Yeol. She hasn’t been doing it the past few days, making them think she’s made her heart turn “red.” When she’s pressed to say something, Dong Ah interrupts and deflects the question back towards the father. Eun Jae’s liking Mu Yeol~~!

Dong Soo does some digging around Reporter Goh, wondering why this fella has so much beef against Mu Yeol. He finds out that Reporter Goh used to play with one of the Blue Seagulls’ team members and that he was really good at baseball during middle school. However, because of a bike accident he had to get surgery in his arm and can no longer play or throw around a baseball. He takes Reporter Goh out for barbecue, and tells him Mu Yeol’s story in the hope that the reporter will feel some sympathy and stop writing such bad things.

Mu Yeol grew up under an oppressive mother who dictated his entire life so that he could succeed. At second grade he couldn’t handle it anymore and stopped talking, even hurting himself. He underwent counseling, and the psychologist suggested he take up a sport. Baseball became Mu Yeol’s escape and he would only play baseball. His mother then tried to get him to stop, so he would never go home, choosing to stay in the locker rooms all the time. At 12 he was forced to choose between his mother and baseball, and he chose baseball. His parents also divorced, and Mu Yeol practically grew up on his own.

Reporter Goh has no sympathy – rather he takes this story and writes up an article headlined “Park Mu Yeol: Mental Illness?”

Finally Tae Han locates Yoon Yi’s hospital, and he and Eun Jae and Mu Yeol head over there to give him settlement papers to sign. Yoon Yi reluctantly signs it, which indicates that he’s perfectly willing to just receive the money, and is only doing things per Reporter Goh’s bidding. Reporters start rushing in, hoping to capture a photo op of Mu Yeol handing over some juice and apologizing. But Mu Yeol doesn’t apologize.

Tae Han is pissed that Mu Yeol didn’t bother rectifying the situation with an apology – although if he’s pissed, his face is like a mask of stone. Since the issue is still bad, he has to face the board and receive his punishment. Dong Soo also realizes the story is his fault, and he goes to Mu Yeol’s to apologize. Mu Yeol is so angry that Dong Soo said something, even though it was well-intentioned.

After getting a lot of eggs thrown at him and graffiti sprayed all over his bus, Mu Yeol heads to the hearing. The board demands an explanation, but Mu Yeol doesn’t say a word.

Next thing we know, he walks out of the hearing room. Heading to his car, he gets cans and eggs thrown at him, and Eun Jae does her best to protect him getting in. Mu Yeol is in a trance as he drives home, but as soon as they reach the apartment, he has Eun Jae sit down. She has a cut on her forehead because of the objects thrown at them, and he applies first aid on her forehead. Yep – they’re REAAAAALLY close to each other now!

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