Love Rain: Episode 5

And we’re back to the future! I mean, we’re in the present! I mean, we see everyone with MUCH better haircuts. Of the 70’s actors, Kim Si Hoo, Jang Geun Suk, and Yoona make it alive as the youthful doppelgangers to their parents. The rest have been replaced with their older counterparts (boo…) and we have new characters in the form of Kim Young Kwang (Bachelor’s Vegetable Store) and Lee Chan Ho (grown up since God of Study days).


We’re in Sapporo, Japan now, and Joon is there to do a photo shoot for his client. The theme is “Snow Queen,” but Joon is so sick of that theme; he’d rather flirt and play hard to get with the model. He calls for a 30-minute break, and completely ignores her as he goes to his car. Of course, model follows right after, and they flirt a bit based on the rumors about Joon – that he can pick up any girl in 3-seconds.


It’s pretty much true because he does it in practice with her. But just when he’s about to kiss her – a phone rings – and it’s the CHEESIEST but AWESOMEST ring tone ever: “You have a phone call! 5, 6, 7, 8! Answer the phone!”

Heehee! Joon realizes that he has a strange phone in his coat pocket, and picks up. On the other line is the person who lost it – and it’s Ha Na! I’m amazed how perfectly they must have bumped into each other on the train station that her phone would land in his coat pocket. She wants to meet him to get the phone, and he tells her where they are.


Joon hangs up and tries to go back to where he left off with the model, but his assistant Jo Soo interrupts him again – this time with a call from their client (played by Lee Byung Joon), who wants him to totally change the concept of the photo shoot. Ha – that is such bad timing. Joon would rather just be unemployed than take on the new project, but Jo Soo reassures the client that Joon will take on the job. Jo Soo: “You have something called family inheritance! I have family debt!”

When Ha Na gets in touch with Joon again, he’s moved from the original location he told her about. What a way to get a girl chasing after you.

Joon and Jo Soo go to their hotel, and Ha Na calls again, because she’s been stood up again. Not wanting to be bothered by this, Joon hands the phone off to Jo Soo, who then has to put out this fire as well. Wow Joon is such a self-absorbed mess. Ha Na is so pissed off, but lucky for her she has two really good friends – Tae Sung and Jang Soo. After dragging them to two places, she tells them to just go and find a place for them to stay. Tae Sung hands his phone off to her so that she can get in contact with them later. He promises they’ll go see Diamond Snow together – a snowy mountaintop where if two people go see it, they’ll become lovers.

Meanwhile, Jo Soo has a blast going through Ha Na’s phone because she’s stored a lot of corny riddles in them. Joon thinks Jo Soo is a cheeseball, and sends him out. But Joon then grabs the phone out of curiosity; when he turns it on, a screaming bloody face comes flying out at him, and he freaks out. HAHA. But he then finds himself laughing at the same riddles, and then stumbles upon a video of Diamond Snow.

Inspiration for a new photo shoot theme?!

Jo Soo picks up Joon so they can head out to a staff dinner, but as they drive out of the hotel, they nearly run into Ha Na. They speak to each other in Japanese, unsure of each other’s nationalities. Joon, thinking that she’s not Korean and not recognizing her, comments on her hideous clothing and urges Jo Soo to leave. Before they go, Jo Soo hands her their business card so that she can get in contact with them if anything happens later on. Lost opportunity to meet again.

The staff goes out to drink, party, and karaoke, with Joon and the model flirting all night. Meanwhile, Ha Na is forced to stay at the waiting room all night because the hotel receptionist won’t give information out on where Joon is staying. Fed up, Ha Na sneaks upstairs and, floor by floor, she calls her phone, listening through the doors for her phone’s distinctive ringtone. She finally finds the room, and surprisingly the door is not properly locked. (Really – talk about hotel security!)

She finds her phone, but having waited for so long, Ha Na isn’t about to leave without her revenge. Out comes the red lipstick tube and a shiny new mirror as a canvas!

Joon returns to his hotel room with the model, ready for some fun nights, but Ha Na hasn’t even finished her revenge yet! She’s trapped hiding in the bathroom while Joon and the model collapse on the bed – and scream out in pain. Under the covers are a bunch of oddly shaped, lumpy objects! The model assumes that her boyfriend may have done this. Joon: “You have a boyfriend!!??” Model: “Wait, it’s not him – he would have left a knife.”


Ha Na does her best to sneak out while they’re distracted, but she bumps right into Joon, who’s heading for the bathroom. Cue screams. They think she’s a thief, but Ha Na recognizes him as the one who called her clothes ugly. She tries to explain that she was just here for her phone. Joon gets into a tussle with her – now he’s really not going to let her get away with this with her phone! He sends the model off (before she can get into a scandal with him).

Jo Soo arrives at the room later to find it empty, wondering if the girl came to pick up her phone. He enters the bathroom and sees bloody water in the sink, and red words saying “Do I look  like a man?” Poor Jo Soo – he screams and falls onto the floor in shock.

Joon’s all safe – in fact, he’s driving Ha Na away and has her phone as hostage. He wants her to do him a favor – take him to Diamond Snow.

When they arrive, the road is blocked. Since it’s so late, Joon would rather they just spend the night in the car, and then go up the path in the morning.

Day breaks, and Joon wakes Ha Na up so that she can lead the way. She laughs at his thin layers – isn’t he going to freeze like that? Joon: “Do you know why expensive clothes are expensive? Because they’re stylish, thin, and light. And they keep you warm.”

HA – just wait – soon enough, Joon is shivering to his bones, unable to stand the cold temperatures. But for the sake of saving face, he refuses to admit he’s cold. Ha Na leads the way up the mountain, and then pauses in the middle of the snow-covered trail. They’re where the Diamond Snow is – but they’ll have to wait 2 hours for the sun to come up to see it. Heehee – I don’t think Joon can survive two more hours! He finally caves in to his need for warmth and asks for her sweater. If she doesn’t give it, he’ll throw her phone into the snow. She buckles – she really wants her phone safe and sound – so she hands off her thin pink vest instead. Heh.

To amuse themselves, Ha Na suggests they guess some riddles. Joon makes a bet – if he gets all 5 straight, he’ll get a wish. Ha Na smiles – he’ll never get the answers. She asks the questions – and they’re all riddles from her phone! Before she even finishes one, Joon has the answer to them! She’s so shocked and pissed off that he knows the answers, and realizes that the only way he knew them was by going through her phone. She calls him out for cheating, but he says it’s technically not cheating. As for his wish – he wants her to hold his hand in her pockets so that they can stay warm. His hands are very valuable to his work, and since she doesn’t have gloves, he needs a way to keep them warm.

While making conversation, he asks her if she wanted to see Diamond Snow with someone else. After all, the photos were in a folder called “With Love.” Who was that person she wanted to see it with? He takes out her phone to look at the photos again, and Ha Na makes a grab for it. As they fight, Joon falls over and into a snow ditch, stuck in the snow that goes up halfway his body! Sucks for him! He asks Ha Na for help, and she promises to after he hands over the phone.

He does, and she prances away. Duh – would you trust anyone who asks for the phone first? Joon is so pissed off, and starts to dig his way through the snow with his bare hands.

After quite some time, he manages to climb out and runs up the hill. He finds Ha Na, and she’s already staring up into the sunlight – the sun has risen and the Diamond Snow has appeared. Distracted, Joon quickly starts taking pictures of the beautiful scenery, and when he turns the camera to Ha Na, he snaps a few photos of her face basking in the sunlight. She becomes self-conscious that he’s taking her picture, and he quickly lies that she’s just standing in his scenery.

Um Joon, your father used that same line to Yoon Hee – and it was a total lie. Just sayin’.

They return to the car – only to find out it’s out of gas. Running it overnight while they were sleeping quickly depleted his supply. Now they have to find a warm place to stay – especially since Joon looks like he’s about to get hypothermia.

Back in Sapporo, In Ha is actually nearby in Hokkaido, and he calls up Joon’s phone to meet for lunch. Jo Soo picks up instead and says that Joon is unavailable. Jo Soo himself wonders if a ghost really got to him; oh Jo Soo – you gullible assistant.

Ha Na finds an empty hot springs without an owner and tells Joon to get in the hot water. He forces her to hold up a blanket so that she can create a “temporary changing place” as he undresses. Ha Na: “Pfft – you got nothing to hide.” I love that she’s so cheeky.

Joon still has her phone in his possession somehow, and he starts taking pictures around him. While he’s distracted Ha Na takes the opportunity to try and reach for the phone slyly. It’s a bit too out of reach for her, and she ends up falling into the hot springs. Her phone drops in too – and now it’s been rendered useless. Yay.

She’s so mad because she was expecting a very important call today from her mother’s first love. She had found out about him, and wanted to meet the man that gave her mother such happy memories. Joon scoffs – he doesn’t believe in first loves, especially since he saw his father suffer for most of his life because he couldn’t get over his first love. He’d rather just pick up girls in 3 seconds and then crush their hearts in the ground after he’s gotten what he wanted.

At the same time, Suh In Ha – who’s now a famous professor – is told by his assistant that a Korean exchange student wanted to meet him. In Ha agrees to adjust his schedule to meet her.

Back at the hot springs – Ha Na tries Joon’s tactic on him. She looks deeply in his eyes, and counts, “1…2…3…” Joon is actually affected by her magnetism, and he pulls her into a hug. Looking unsure himself, he admits he’s never fallen for that before… and he leans in for a kiss….


I have to say, Yoona certainly suits her character as the spunky daughter of Yoon Hee. I had so many doubts about her, but she’s certainly dispelled them. As for Jang Geun Suk – somehow I can’t get “Hwang Tae Kyung” out of my head, but he is a slightly better character because though Joon is arrogant, he’s not outrageous. I am in love with Oh Seung Yoon‘s character as Jo Soo – he’s got the perfect boyish, geeky assistant charm to him.

I have to admit though, seeing the older actors makes me quite excited. I know they’ll have to be mournful and sentimental to keep in line with their former 70’s selves, but these actors are such veterans that Im looking forward to any additional depth they may add. Jung Jin Young and Lee Mi Sook? Hells yeah!

Unfortunately – this series has not been able to pick itself up from out of the single digits in ratingsLights and Shadows on MBC has been getting 20+% in ratings, but I’d say it’s also because it’s been around longer. Fashion King is averaging in the 10%-ile. This drama is difficult to appeal to people since the story line is suited for the older set, and yet the drama’s focus is on younger actors trying to appeal to a younger audience. It’s a difficult balancing act.

article source: asiae

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