Love Rain: Episode 6

Ahh – apologies for the delay! I promise to work faster on these recaps, as I just finished up Special Affairs Team TEN (freakin’ awesome drama) and will start on Hero over at Dramabeans. So somewhere in between, I squeeze these in!

Talk about missed timing – as soon as Joon is ready to kiss Ha Na, his assistant Jo Soo (whose name is, by the way, a homonym for “assistant”) arrives to pick him up. They all drive back to Sapporo and back to the hotel, and Jo Soo mentions that Joon’s father is in town. Since he doesn’t refer to the father by name, Ha Na does not realize that Joon’s father is the man she’s supposed to meet.

At the hotel, Joon and Jo Soo kindly have Ha Na’s clothes be dry cleaned. She’s still annoyed that her phone is now waterlogged and dead though, because she was waiting to meet her mother’s first love. Joon scoffs – he hates people who have first loves and can’t get over it. It ruined his parents’ marriage. Ha Na doesn’t mind it at all because she finds that it’s how people keep special people in their memories.

Her clothes arrive, and instead of sending her off by herself, Joon decides to accompany her to the cell phone store and get it fixed. That way, he can insure that he won’t be sued for breaking someone’s cell phone. The service lady there tells her that they’ll try to fix it, but it may take a while. Ha Na leaves her contact information for where she’s staying, and then Joon takes her out for food. Ha Na insists she isn’t hungry, but her grumbling stomach begs to differ.

They head over to a cozy curry restaurant, where the code for wanting dish refills is “Ru ru ru ru.” Haha – I love this place. Joon draws a question mark on the frosted window and asks her for her name. It’s weird that they seriously don’t know each other’s name just yet. She refuses to divulge, and so he calls her “Rururu.” Heee.

They part ways after lunch, and then Joon stops by a store to pick up a warmer jacket. He realizes that he still has Ha Na’s pink fuzzy vest on him. Thinking that he’ll never see her again, he tells the saleslady to throw it out, but then he also purchases a nice ladies’ outfit for her. Meanwhile, Ha Na realizes that she’s missing a layer of clothing and turns back to find him, only to see the saleslady bringing her vest to the trash. She’s offended that he would just throw away someone else’s clothing that easily and stomps off. Joon chases after her – and finds her with Tae Sung. Oooh triangle!

Ha Na leaves with Tae Sung, and they revisit the cell phone store. The service lady tells them that the phone is completely dead, and she leaves, dejected that she’ll never be able to contact her mother’s first love. He asks where she was the night before, and she reveals that she went to Diamond Snow – BUT it was not with her first love! No way no how!

As for Joon, he now has a new location for the photo shoot in mind, and tells Jo Soo and his staff to prepare for a shoot early in the morning, at 4am.

Tae Sung suggests they go to eat at a curry restaurant – the same curry restaurant she went with Joon – and the same seat! This time she’s so full that she just picks at her food. Tae Sung notices the writing on the window and wonders if love birds were sitting there before him. Ha Na states that it’s impossible and quickly erases it. They meet up with Jang Soo at a greenhouse and he plants a viola in memory of their friendship. How cheesy. How sweet.

When they return to their pension house, Joon is waiting there for her with the dress. He’s not there to say sorry – since he never says ‘sorry’ – but he gives her the dress instead. The thing is, Joon really doesn’t know what he wants from her. He can’t let go of her, and yet he can’t imagine being with her. When Jo Soo arrives to pick him up, he’s confused to see why Joon would be there. Joon promises that he’ll be back, as he wants to finish their conversation. He goes with Jo Soo to sort out a permit problem, and then heads back to the pension house.

Jo Soo figures that Joon might be flirting and playing with Ha Na – as he does with all women. Joon denies it, and lists all of her flaws out loud. Big mistake – Ha Na was right behind him and heard everything he told Jo Soo. She swears never to see him longer for 1 second ever again.

Well that’s the end of that. Joon goes to do the photo shoot the next day. The project completes and they return to Korea. Months pass, and the likelihood of them meeting grows slim. (Although in this drama world, it means they’re going to see each other in two days.) Joon returns home and finds alcohol laid out. His mother, Hye Jung, was hosting a business dinner at home, but his concern for the alcohol indicates that his mother has had problems with the bottle.

He tells her that he wants to move out, but she doesn’t want him to. Like any clingy mother, she doesn’t want her precious son leave just yet. Like any clingy, melodramatic, evil mother with a history of alcoholism, she doesn’t want to be left alone in the grand house since she’s divorced from In Ha.

Chang Mo recently opened a small cafe/bar, and so he invites all his friends to come to the grand opening. He’s still the affable type from years ago, the glue that holds the fraying group together. But he also holds a secret – he knows that Kim Yoon Hee is alive and lives in Korea. The question is just how he’s going to break the news: tell In Ha first, or tell everyone at the same time?

Meanwhile, Ha Na is also looking for a place to live, and Tae Sung is helping her. She wants to move closer to the university she’ll be attending, but if she can’t find a decent place to live, she’s willing to just quit and work at the same greenhouse that Tae Sung works at. Basically – she just wants to be with Tae Sung.

As she walks through the streets, she sees posters of a model with Diamond Snow in the background. It brings up bitter memories for her, but it gets worse when she’s handed out a flyer for that brand: her FACE is on that flyer! Ha Na freaks out. Even though she swore never to see Joon again, she finds his business card and hunts him down. She finds the building and bursts in yelling – only to find that she walked right in to a cafe. Awkward.

The waiter is understanding though – she’s not the first person to burst in angrily because of Joon. He points out that the cafe is on the first floor, and Joon’s studio is in the basement. He tells her to wait outside, since Joon and his staff are out right now on another shoot.

On that shoot, the model is a difficult actress who insists that they finish up soon because she has a busy schedule. Jo Soo tries to appease her manager and say that they will need one more hour, but the manager says they’ll give ten more minutes. After some back and forth, Joon says he’ll finish the shoot in ten minutes. The actress changes into another dress, Joon does two impromptu shots, and calls it a day. The actress is so startled that he might not have gotten her best angle, and says that they can stay another hour, but Joon says no – they’re done.

It’s ok – the two shots came out perfect! And that’s why Joon is amazing at what he does…

Ha Na gets bored waiting, and checks out the surrounding garden. She notes the dying plants around her, and wanders around to the back. She finds a back shed, where Sun Ho – Dong Wook’s son – is sleeping. In his sleep, he pulls her down to him, and she starts screaming.

Her screams are heard through the yard, just as Jo Soo and Joon return. They and the waiter hurry over to the shed, and Ha Na and Joon lock eyes. “YOU!” they cry out. Sun Ho brushes Ha Na’s hair like a curious kid touching a puppy, and Ha Na pushes him away. Except… they both end up falling back into the seat. Joon angrily pulls her back up to her feet: “What are you doing here!?”

My only comment: Aww – Sun Ho is adorable. And as the episodes go on, I love him even more!

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