Love Rain: Episode 7

Oh it’s been a while since I visited this series! I’m still watching it, but it’s also quite predictable. I’m really sorry for the delay in recaps! I’ll try to summarize as much as possible. Jang Geun Suk and Yoona love you! (When they’re not too busy making fun of each other off-camera…)

So it turns out Jo Soo never deleted the photos of Ha Na in Japan, but he printed all of it and included it in the packet to give to Joon’s client. Who then saw the pictures, fell in love with Ha Na’s “look” and used her for the flyers. Ha Na demands an apology from Joon for taking a picture, but he says that he’s not at fault. She just HAPPENED to be in (the center of) the scenery he was taking, and therefore he doesn’t need her permission to have taken her picture.

Ha Na is so hurt and pissed off that she leaves with angry tears in her eyes. Sun Ho kind of falls for her at that moment; he usually falls for girls who are wronged.

Sun Ho, who is the son of Dong Wook in case you don’t see the similarity, is a doctor. However, he’s the type of doctor that likes to do house visits and just talk to his patients for an hour, rather than really being productive and efficient and giving them the prescriptions. He also doesn’t charge his patients. Therefore he opened up the cafe so that he could make money. Haha – oh how nice it is to be from a rich family…

Joon confronts his client and actually comes to Ha Na’s defense on using her photo wrongfully. Jo Soo is surprised because Joon never sides with his client. He just sides with himself. The client wants more photo shoots with Ha Na, but Joon doesn’t want to be a part of it. No? Then the client will just go hire a rival photographer, and Joon will lose his main source of business.

Meanwhile, Ha Na is looking for places to stay with Tae Sung’s help because she’s going to stay in Korea for grad school. She wants to stay by her mother (who JUST SO HAPPENS to be sick), and near Tae Sung.

As for In Ha, he returns from traveling abroad and meets up with his old friends. The 70’s group reunite for Chang Mo’s cafe/bar grand opening. That’s when Chang Mo drops a bombshell – he knows that Yoon Hee is alive. He was trying to organize a reunion when he saw that a Kim Yoon Hee returned from the States 10 years ago. Unfortunately the one to hear this bombshell is Hye Jung, and she wants the truth hidden from In Ha.

Duh. She’s evil.

Ha Na discovers from some gossiping gardeners that Tae Sung actually has a girlfriend, as there was a girl who visited the greenhouse quite frequently. She’s heartbroken, having held a torch for him, but realizes that perhaps he only saw her as a friend. Luckily enough, Joon arrives to “save her” – he’s come to apologize about the photo and the flyers, and wants to use her as a model. It hurts his pride, but he’s begging her.

She accepts his apology, and promises to be his model – this once. However, he decides to slight her once again, having seen her with Tae Sung at the greenhouse and feeling jealous. He’s also surprised she accepted so easily.

Joon returns home and finds that his mother has drunk too much again. His father is also at their home, trying to rouse Hye Jung. She claims to be lucid, and then proposes that the family get back together again. She will do anything In Ha wants, as long as they are together again. Trying to get him again before Yoon Hee does, eh?

When Ha Na arrives for the photo shoot, he intentionally makes her wait for a very long time. She distracts herself with the dying garden outside the cafe, and his friends start wondering if Joon got her pregnant, or else why would he bother himself with her?

When Joon is finally ready to talk to her, she receives a call from her mom, who’s offered to accompany her in finding an apartment that day. Joon drags her far away to “talk” and then petulantly says that it’s over between them if she didn’t choose him. Ummm… ok? Like Ha Na cares? But it starts to rain, and they hide out under a canopy.

Meanwhile, Yoon Hee takes out her yellow umbrella and crosses the street – only to walk right past a soaking wet In Ha. He recognizes her first.

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  1. howforwardsale 26 May, 2012 at 15:11 Reply

    is it wrong that I’m on the Ha Na + Tae Sung ship riding high? Who cares about stifled love across generations when there is a hot sunbae who has an arranged marriage to disrupt.

  2. maitha 26 May, 2012 at 16:46 Reply

    hye jung is just a fucking bitch~ she’s soo selfish !!! if she really loves them she would want them to be happy !! instead she wants herself to be happy

    first she lis to In Ha telling him that yoon hee has died right after he finishes his military service and convinces him to marry her~ and then because he still loves yoon hee and he has a feeling that she’s alive somewhere their marrige becomes unhappy and they get divorced ….. they stayed like that for 10 years and in that period hye jung forbids In Ha from seeing Joon his own son cause she thinks she’ll be lonely if he loved his father more and In Ha couldnt do a thing since hye jung was always his friend

    after that when she finds out that he’s with yoon hee she gets super mad and serial killer stuff cuz even after they are divorced he’s not allowed to date a women but she can date men and cheat on him even though they are not together !!!

    and now that In Ha and Yoon hee broke the wedding off when they found out that their kids love each other ….. hye jung becomes super in ruining her own son’s happiness and trying to break him off with Ha Na thinking that she’ll be lonely cuz he’ll leave her for Ha Na !!!!!

    like women seriously if you treat him well and let him be happy he might visit you every day and even with his kids in the future!!

    but no she wants to be a psychotic selfish pain in the ass << sorry for the curses, but i really hate her

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