I Need Romance 2012: Episode 4

Again on the merry-go-round! Yeol Mae is once again such an oblivious person. One can say she’s just self-centered and revolves her entire life around Seok Hyun and her best friends. Or, one can say that she’s too busy living out her life to care about other people’s lives. (Actually… that makes her self-centered too…) In this episode, I guess this is where we get our rift between Yeol Mae and Seok Hyun, because I think they have to date other people to realize they’re perfect for each other.

How to name this episode… I guess it would be “Does Loving Someone Unconditionally Make Them Your Destiny?”

We start off with an interview of Jae Kyung and her two best friends. They’ve been friends for 17 years, since they were 16, all becasue of one incident…

Though they went to different middle schools, the three of them encountered the same perverted flasher. While Ji Hee and Yeol Mae were scared out of their wits, Jae Kyung was ferocious, and she attacked the guy. When he started running, she got the other two to make chase, and they chased him down an alleyway. He turns the tables on them by stopping suddenly, and flashing them. And Jae Kyung kicks him in the nuts.

They beat him up so bad that they’re all dragged to the police station. Though the flasher tries to make it seem like he was the victim, Jae Kyung tells the officer that the flasher has three moles in his crotch area. Her specificity stuns the officer, and everyone is shocked that she caught so much in so little time. HA!

Point is, how can you not be friends after that?

Ji Hee claims the secret to their friendship is that they tell each other everything. ERMM… clearly she doesn’t know about Jae Kyung at the motel yet. Jae Kyung amends that to saying that though they may not tell each other everything, they will support each other no matter what.

The article prints out, and Ji Hee is engrossed by how small her portion is. Haha – that’s what happens when you’re a “normal salary woman” I guess. What she doesn’t realize is that she just got on the same elevator as Tae Woo. Both of them are shocked to see each other again, and Ji Hee tries to push him away, thinking that he’s just there to watch a movie. However, he follows her all the way to her office! Ji Hee beats at him and pushes him out the door – until her coworker points out that he’s their new manager. He had thrown a tantrum when his fiancee had dumped him, and stormed her office. Now he was getting “punished by headquarters” by being assigned to their branch.


What’s worse is, when he unpacks, Ji Hee’s coworker notices the stones and the tree he brought for good luck/table decorations. Great – they just remind the both of them of Ho Joon calling Ji Hee a stone and a piece of wood during sex. Ji Hee can’t stand it anymore and asks for some privacy. SHe hands Tae Woo an envelope – it’s a contract. Neither are to acknowledge that day at Namsan Tower, and they will have met for the first time. No mention of trees or stones allowed. If Tae Woo breaks any of the rules, he has to quit. Otherwise, she’ll curse him with disease and STD’s!

The coworker comes back, asking if it’s ok to celebrate together with some coke. Great – that’s what she threw at Ho Joon. Tae Woo and Ji Hee: “Why does it have to be coke!?!”

This is going to be my new favorite couple…

Meanwhile, Yeol Mae and Seok Hyun are at it like rabbits. It’s getting to the point where Yeol Mae thinks she may be falling in love with Seok Hyun again. Uh-oh… The thing is Yeol Mae really wants marriage, while Jae Kyung thinks it’s overrated. Of course, considering her relationship with her husband, she would think that marriage is useless. She thinks that she can still get away with her adultery, but her husband is also quite smart. First, he won’t lend her any money to help her business because they both agreed not to talk about money in their marriage. Second, he warns her to be careful; he knows that she let him cheat because she’s been calculating what she can get from him in the future.

Does Jang Woo perhaps know she’s cheating on him?

Yeol Mae is all moody because she wants Seok Hyun to love her, and yet she knows he doesn’t really mean it. She wants to marry him, and yet she knows he doesn’t want to. Talk about confusing a guy with her mood swings. She goes to the Coffee King cafe and seeks out Ji Hoon; she wants to listen to some music!

He puts on a sad song about a love story, which makes her think of whether there is such thing as fate. She defines fate as “a love that attracts her even if she runs from it,” so Ji Hoon advises her to go all the way to the end and see if it is truly fate. He defines fate as something that keeps happening coincidentally, but it’s too often to be a coincidence. Ji Hoon then tells her of a girl he met when he went to an institute for some guitar lessons.

Guess who the teacher was? Yup – Yeol Mae. Guess if she remembers her student? Nope, she doesn’t.

He describes the teacher as not that pretty, nor sexy, and she was kind of short. Heh – apt description. He never thought much of it until he met her again 5 years later, when she was sleeping in his cafe. And she snored. Ji Hoon had hoped he would be able to get rid of her by kicking her out of his cafe… but then she signs up for his coffee class. He doesn’t realize it’s her until he sees her application for the class and notices her name. Joo Yeol Mae is unique, so it stands out. Plus, even though her application doesn’t have a picture, how can one forget The Snoring Girl?

Yeol Mae’s all excited – is this girl the one for him!? He doesn’t outright say that she’s his destiny, but he does concede that he is observing her to see where it goes. (Good – I won’t get too attached to him.) Yeol Mae discovers that Ji Hoon’s hobbies all include things that are solitary, which indicates that he likes being alone. Her frankness bothers him, but since they’re the same age, they can talk as “frankly” as they want.

When Seok Hyun goes to work, he bumps into Na Hyun again, who’s absolutely angry with him. She even paid back the money the company gave her in order to take back her scenario. Seok Hyun can’t help but be intrigued by her because she’s so stubborn and assured. Result? He takes her in as a co-writer, and on top of that, she practically moves in to his home! Her excuse/reasoning is that she might be working really late and will end up staying over.

Though Yeol Mae is surprised and jealous to have a pretty young thing around Seok Hyun, I think Na Hyun seriously isn’t that interested in Seok Hyun. (Yet.) She seems to genuinely want to work with a good writer and get along with Yeol Mae.

Yeol Mae confronts Seok Hyun on his intentions towards Na Hyun. He says that he couldn’t help but want to help her because she reminded him of when he was younger. He claims to not be interested in her because she’s so young, but he does scratch his head – an apparent indicator that he’s lying. Yeol Mae starts to get mad at herself for getting so jealous and yet being unable to tell him that she loves him. She trips over a chair, and Seok Hyun helps rub ointment on it. He knows that she’s feeling angry, but she refuses to tell him why because she doesn’t want to get hurt by him.

The next morning, she goes over to Seok Hyun’s and discovers Na Hyun under the covers, sleeping. Yeol Mae is depressed – did Seok Hyun sleep with Na Hyun? If so, are they over as a couple? When Seok Hyun returns from the market, Yeol Mae yells at him: “You animal!”

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