I Need Romance 2012: Episode 5

I just figured out who Jung Min was – he’s Jae Kyung’s associate in the shoe store. I had not recognized him initially because I had written him off as a minor character, but he’s not! Ack – I’m becoming as forgetful as Yeol Mae!

That aside, episode 5 was fun too. I am seriously enjoying this series – it’s way better than the other romantic comedy I’m watching, called Big.

There’s a title to this episode too: “That Kiss was better than the First Kiss”

We hear Seok Hyun’s side of the story of what happened last night, and boy is it adorable listening to him talk about how “innocent” he is. Na Hyun and he had fallen asleep in his office, with him on his chair, and she on his couch. He woke up at 4am and stumbled into bed. But first, he put a blanket over Na Hyun.

Seok Hyun took off his shirt and went to bed, but just before he fell asleep, he had an unexpected guest! Na Hyun had sleepwalked her way up to his room, took off her shirt and skirt, and fell asleep right next to him! Seok Hyun immediately got out and went back downstairs to sleep on the couch. He was quite proud of himself for not having done anything to her, and been completely ethical. But of course – who’s ever going to believe a man?

Like the jealous Yeol Mae?

Yeol Mae apologizes after he explains, adamantly maintaining his innocence. She even allows herself to butt her head against his fist, since boys can’t hit girls. Heehee – only best friends could do that. When Na Hyun wakes up with her laundered clothes, she of course claims that she knows nothing, and that she thought Seok Hyun carried her up to her bed.

The next day, Yeol Mae finds a note on the fridge from Seok Hyun – he and Na Hyun had gone jogging. She’s pissed off that they’re doing things together, but starts skipping in glee when she sees it’s raining outside! However – Na Hyun wanted to jog in the rain! She and Seok Hyun actually enjoy themselves running in the rain, and they pass by a house where someone is practicing on the piano. Na Hyun explains that on the night she was kicked out from Seok Hyun’s home, she sat in front of this house and cried, listening to the piano song.

Na Hyun dances happily to the song now, which only charms Seok Hyun even further. Crap – I usually like this actress, but now I hate her for being so charming. Seok Hyun – don’t fall for her now!!

When they get home, Yeol Mae is disappointed to hear that they enjoyed running in the rain. She sets up breakfast for them though, and heats up milk for them. Na Hyun gets out of the shower first, and she starts asking about Seok Hyun. We find out that Yeol Mae and Seok Hyun’s mothers were close friends, and they lived together because their husbands were gone. Seok Hyun’s mother and brother now live in the countryside, and Yeol Mae’s mother passed away. The two of them still live together, and dated for a long time.

Na Hyun admits that she has a crush on Seok Hyun, so she wants to date him. Out of spite, Yeol Mae tells her that she doesn’t want to date Seok Hyun because he’s not a good boyfriend. That doesn’t deter Na Hyun, and when Seok Hyun arrives at the breakfast table, she says that she prepared all the food. Ugh! Good thing Yeol Mae calls her out on it: “Why’d you lie? I made breakfast. You’re weird.”

Of course, Yeol Mae goes off and tells Ji Hee and Jae Kyung while they’re planning for their cruise trip. Her best friends call her petty and immature, but Ji Hee does agree with Yeol Mae that it’s difficult to beat 20-somethings when vying for a man’s attention. The two of them want to build a love 38th parallel where 20-somethings only date 20-somethings, and 30-somethings date 30-somethings. Jae Kyung laughs – as if that’d work! The more you tell people “No,” the more they’ll do it!

Yeol Mae returns home to see Na Hyun and Seok Hyun exercising in front of the TV together. Yeol Mae hands over the travel brochures to Seok Hyun, as he’s joining on this trip, but she acts so jealous that even Seok Hyun picks up on it. Yeol Mae denies being jealous, but lying’s not going to help the issue! Because look – Seok Hyun just returns to have fun with Na Hyun!

Meanwhile with Ji Hee, she’s having doubts on whether she can last with Ho Joon. He brings her to a motel because he wants to spend one night there with her, but Ji Hee is frightened out of her wits. She doesn’t want to do these kinds of things, and runs off. However, she realizes that she’s no longer an innocent high schooler and should be more assertive. So she gets back into Ho Joon’s car and bluntly says that Ho Joon can’t satisfy her. However, she’s had experience with men, so she’ll do her best to satisfy him. If she can satisfy him, then the problem lies in him and his sex skills.

Poor girl chickens out at the last minute while Ho Joon is showering. The problem really is her. I hope Tae Woo can help her get her sexy back.

Yeol Mae heads off to coffee class, where she learns to make latte hearts. (I want to learn how to do that!) Ji Hoon pulls her aside after class and asks if she wants to go out this weekend. He invites her to an orphanage, where they can play with young kids all day. When Seok Hyun hears of this, he suspects that Ji Hoon is asking her out on a date. Yeol Mae pounces: is he jealous? Seok Hyun isn’t, but he advises that she treat Ji Hoon well. Don’t play hot and cold with him like she did with Seok Hyun!

When it’s the weekend, Yeol Mae comes out all dressed up. Seok Hyun thinks she’s too pretty for a date, so she goes back and changes into a more casual, but still pretty, outfit. It’s clear that Seok Hyun is a tad bit jealous, because he complains about her perfume and why she never dressed up for him before. He does get a glimpse of Ji Hoon when he drops her off, and gives her approval over how Ji Hoon looks. But he also reminds her that they have a movie date (with Na Hyun tagging along) that evening.

Yeol Mae sings to the children and plays her guitar – but she’s a terrible singer. Haha – the kids complain that she’s worse than Ji Hoon, so they switch seats. And she doesn’t quite fall for Ji Hoon’s charms yet! They spend all day playing with the kids, and then Ji Hoon ends up telling Yeol Mae about his time in the orphanage. He lived there when his mother remarried, and his uncle took him in when he found out that his brother (Ji Hoon’s father) had a large estate. Though his story is somewhat sad, he says it all with a smile. Yeol Mae complains that men are so unfeeling, and never cry even when the situation may call for it. Clearly she has issues with Seok Hyun’s inability to talk about his feelings.

She gets to the movie theater a bit late, where Na Hyun has already taken the seat beside Seok Hyun and shares a soda with him. Na Hyun even wants Yeol Mae to leave them alone for dinner so that she can ask Seok Hyun out. Fat chance of that happening. Instead, they all go to a barbecue place, and Yeol Mae starts drinking before eating. She tells Na Hyun to leave, as she needs to have a “deep conversation with (her) ideal man.” Surprisingly, Seok Hyun agrees, knowing that Yeol Mae has some issues that they need to work out. He sends Na Hyun home. Yippee!

Yeol Mae admits that she’s jealous of Na Hyun. She may be a loser for being jealous of her, but she doesn’t think she’s being immature. Rather, she thinks she’s being honest, because she isn’t afraid of her own feelings. Some of the fat splashes on to her forehead, and Seok Hyun quickly blots at it to soothe the pain. Yeol Mae wants to end their relationship, their whole “friends with benefits” relationship. She wants more; she likes him, and always has, and so she wants a more stable, definite relationship. But since it’s unlikely it will happen, she wants to end their sexual relationship.

Ball’s in his court to reject her or accept her. Seok Hyun doesn’t respond. He only drinks a couple more shots of soju.

They return home, and Yeol Mae cleans up for bed. She finds Seok Hyun outside her room, putting the two cats together kissing. And then he pulls it apart. Seok Hyun: “Do you want to stay with me tonight?”

And they kiss. Aww…

Yeol Mae wakes up the next morning to find that Seok Hyun’s gone. Was that the last night ever!? But he returns to the room, with a tray for breakfast! Breakfast in bed! She takes a sip of grape juice and he kisses off the little residue on her lips. This is the kiss Yeol Mae likes better than their first kiss. It’s a kiss showing that he loves her.

And actions speak louder than words.

While Yeol Mae is having her happy day, Jae Kyung is having her little rendezvous with Jung Min. They go out of their way so that they won’t get caught, and Jung Min purchases a bracelet for her. He wants her to wear something that’s his, just so he can secretly claim her as his. When they return home however, they find that they’re being tailed by another car. Jae Kyung fears it might be Jang Woo’s guy, tailing them to prove that she’s being adulterous. They get into a dangerous car chase, and Jae Kyung eventually loses the tail. However – they end up getting hit by an oncoming truck.

Ji Hee, Yeol Mae, and Seok Hyun rush to the hospital, where they find Jung Min readying himself for an X-ray. When Jae Kyung comes out of her X-ray session, Ji Hee discovers that Jae Kyung really was cheating on her husband with Jung Min – who of all people was Jae Kyung’s ex before she rejected him for Jang Woo. Ji Hee and Yeol Mae refuse to understand Jae Kyung on why she would cheat on her husband with an ex. They think she’s doing it all wrong in the moral sense. They worry that people won’t understand her, since they’re women and women will always be judged.

Jae Kyung lashes out – she doesn’t want to be judged by them. Does she care about their stupid issues? No. Their issues are nothing compared to hers, and she is just seeking for happiness. Who cares if she’s not doing it the right way?! All she asks is for her friends to stand by her side and help her, support her, and cheer her up when she’s going through a tough time.

Jung Min and Seok Hyun exit the X-Ray room, and that’s when the horde of paparazzi come running down the hallway, cameras flashing like crazy.

Uh-oh. Caught.

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