I Need Romance 2012: Episode 6


Seok Hyun is every girl’s dream man – both as a boyfriend and as a “boy friend.” This guy is too good to be true. The above photo though is an homage to the couple that I want getting together sooner.

Episode 6 is titled: “Did You Really Have to See the End?”

The next morning, Na Hyun is busy trying to write up dialogue for a script with Seok Hyun, but he’s distracted by the singing upstairs. The singing is from Yeol Mae, and he goes up to her room to listen in. She stops when she senses his presence, which disappoints him because he likes it so much. He invites her out for a jaunt to the library, and for some breakfast. Though he hasn’t answered her confession quite yet, Yeol Mae feels like she’s begun her seventh relationship with him.

Yeol Mae visits Jae Kyung in the hospital and says that knowing a man’s heart is more important than hearing the words itself. Jae Kyung reminds her that Seok Hyun is nice to everyone, so his words are actually more important. Outside Jae Kyung’s room, she spies Ji Hee wanting to come in, but feeling too cowardly to do so. She wanted to apologize for having been so harsh on Jae Kyung the night before. Yeol Mae tells Ji Hee outside the room to not apologize, but instead give Jae Kyung the lunch.

Without exchanging many words, Jae Kyung and Ji Hee are already on good terms, having apologized and forgiven each other without saying as much. That just proves Yeol Mae’s point – some things can be expressed through heartfelt feelings alone!

However there’s a bigger problem: news has spread of Jae Kyung’s accident and infidelity. It’s all over the papers. Jae Kyung rushes home and finds that her husband has locked her out of the house. Jae Kyung is forced to retreat to Yeol Mae’s home, where Ji Hee and Seok Hyun also offer their support. Though Ho Joon had discouraged Ji Hee from hanging out with Jae Kyung (because he’s a controlling freak), Ji Hee chose friendship over boyfriend. (Yes to girl power!) Even Tae Woo – who overheard Ho Joon’s controlling conversation – tells Ji Hee to break up with him because he can tell from a mile away that she’s too good for him. Too bad she can’t even see the sound advice coming from Tae Woo’s lips.

Reporters gather outside of Yeol Mae’s home because they found out that’s where Jae Kyung was hiding. It’s also easy for them to locate Yeol Mae’s home because she was featured in that magazine article and is a famous music director. Jang Woo finally calls up Jae Kyung and smirks – since he has the clout to respond to this scandal, he’s going to deal with the reporters. However, he’s no longer going to be by her side.

Seok Hyun turns on the TV and the news is all about Jang Woo’s statement. He tearfully confesses that his wife did cheat on him, and that he won’t stand in the way of her happiness. He’s heartbroken that she doesn’t love him, but loves her boyfriend instead, and that he’ll divorce her. It puts her in the absolute worst light, and makes Yeol Mae and Ji Hee even more incensed because they know of Jang Woo’s adulterous ways too.


That just makes things worse outside of Yeol Mae’s house, so they devise a way to escape. While Yeol Mae guides a disguised Ji Hee out of the front door, Seok Hyun sneaks Jae Kyung out through the back and into the car. They all run away from the reporters successfully, and decide that they might as well just head straight for their cruise vacation!

First though, Ji Hee gets a call from Ho Joon. He’s been pestering her about not being friends with Jae Kyung, and now the news reports have made the situation worse. Seok Hyun demands to speak with him instead. When they pick up Ho Joon’s call, Seok Hyun introduces himself as Ji Hee’s boyfriend. “Did you say doing it with her isn’t fun? It’s fun for me, so why isn’t it fun for you? That’s because you suck at it!” Wheee! Isn’t Seok Hyun the coolest guy ever or what?!

But on to the cruise! What about their passports for the trip? Ji Hee has hers at home, as well as her packed bag. Jae Kyung’s is at the office. Yeol Mae and Seok Hyun get theirs via Na Hyun, who brings their luggages and passports to them at the pier the next morning. In return, Na Hyun requests for some souvenir rocks, as “Stones never change. Everything else will disappear.”

They board the boat and cue dramatic entrance on to the ship. Three girls and their trusty Wing Man. He even catches the eye of some foreigners lounging about, as they stare at the other three girls. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think that the gestures Seok Hyun makes towards the foreigners would mean that he’s hitting on them, and wants to meet them later for drinks!

It’s dinner time, and Jae Kyung is too nervous to go out for dinner. Ji Hee and Yeol Mae refuse to leave the room without her, so Seok Hyun gives her exactly 10 minutes to say everything that is holding her back. Jae Kyung confesses that she’s most angry about missing the timing. She had her chance and didn’t take it, and now Jang Woo snatched the perfect opportunity. Her friends assure her that Jang Woo is the scum of the earth, and that what’s most important is what they know and think. They advise her to just pity Jang Woo, because he’s someone who’s ruined himself. He doesn’t merit her anger.

Though she can recover, Seok Hyun does add that there will be repercussions to her image and her family. But surely enough, she will recover. “It is easier to be pointed at than to be pitied,” he says. Wise words.

Jae Kyung gathers enough strength from Seok Hyun’s support, which makes Yeol Mae love him even more. However she begins feeling slightly unsure when she sees him give Jae Kyung the same smile he gives her. Is he really the type who is nice to all girls?

They head down to dinner, and while Seok Hyun and Yeol Mae share funny stories from their youth, Jae Kyung is on edge, thinking that everyone in the room is staring at her. For one, there’s a couple all the way to her left. So Seok Hyun goes to that couple and actually asks them who they are, and if they recognize Jae Kyung. He even speaks in French when they end up being French tourists! He disguises it as though Jae Kyung thought the man was her former teacher, so that it’s not obvious. When Seok Hyun returns to their table, he reassures her that they don’t know her at all.

For every person Jae Kyung is at unease with, Seok Hyun approaches them and asks if they know Jae Kyung. What a friend. Of course, no one knows Jae Kyung because it’s an international ship, with people who don’t care about the love lives of a Korean anchorman and his wife.

That evening, Yeol Mae finds Seok Hyun at a pool, swimming laps. They splash around for a bit, but she gets to the heart of the matter – he hasn’t answered her yet. It’s infuriating that she just keeps on talking, presuming that he doesn’t really love her and that his silence means he rejects her. Give the guy a minute to breathe! Because of his non-answer, she says that she’ll hold her breath underwater for 60 seconds. After that she wants to hear a response.

Yeol Mae can only last until 40 seconds, but Seok Hyun didn’t even grab her up from underwater. When she surfaces she finds him storming out of the pool. He’s pissed off – this is why he hates her so much. She always puts him in a corner, and never waits for him to answer. For the first time in his life he’s being indecisive because he doesn’t want to make a mistake. He doesn’t want to end up hurting her, and he wants to make sure that the answer he gives is the final answer. But if she’s going to keep backing him up into a corner like this, he doesn’t want to go back to her. Ever.

Yep – she just got rejected.

The next morning the air is a little tense. Seok Hyun disembarks the ship for a little while when it docks, and Yeol Mae is left to tell her two best friends that she just got dumped. Though sad, her friends tell her that it’s ok – they’ll just live their lives free and happy as single women! As they stroll around the boat, relishing in their newfound freedom, Jae Kyung spies a woman wearing one of her shoes. She approaches the woman and compliments her on how well they fit her. The lady thanks her for designing such a confident and sexy pair of shoes. It makes Jae Kyung so happy to see that her shoes travel the world, and make a woman feel good about herself.

That evening they all get super dressed up for an elegant ballroom party. Each girl pairs up with the foreigners seen earlier when they boarded the boat. Ah – so Seok Hyun was pairing them off? Too bad he doesn’t dance with the other remaining foreigner of that group! As they all dance, Yeol Mae realizes that as hurt as she may have been by Seok Hyun, she can’t stop loving him. At the end of a dance, she extends her hand to Seok Hyun for the next dance… but before he can take it, a young boy takes it instead! Haha – that’s so cute!

Later, Seok Hyun watches the fireworks from the deck, and Yeol Mae goes out to meet him. She confesses to him that no matter what, she’s going to give Seok Hyun one more chance: she wants to go all the way to the end with him, and find love with him. Seok Hyun: “You never quit, do you? Do whatever you want. You’re not me, and I’m not you. We chose our paths. It’s simple. It’s up to you.” It’s a vague answer, but at least Seok Hyun gave his response? When the ship docks in Korea though, Seok Hyun finds candid photos of Yeol Mae taken by the ship photographer, and takes all of them as a keepsake.

I think he really loves Yeol Mae still.

Before they disembark, Na Hyun calls Seok Hyun and informs him that there are a bunch of reporters by the dock, waiting for Jae Kyung. That prompts Jae Kyung to switch into Ji Hee’s heels. If she’s going to face the reporters, she’s going to do them with confidence and with style.

The reporters immediately crowd around her the moment she steps off the gangplank, asking if she really had an affair. She admits to having the affair, and that it’s all her fault. Jang Woo did all he could but couldn’t satisfy her. A reporter asks if she loves her boyfriend, and that’s when Jae Kyung catches Jung Min’s eye from afar; he’s been waiting for her, worried about her. Jae Kyung: “Yes, I do love him.”

Woohoo! Jae Kyung is super strong. Though everyone’s going to call her a slut in the papers, I do hope some reporter asks: “Why couldn’t Jang Woo satisfy her?” And then hopefully they dig around and find out about his affairs on the side.

When they all return home, Yeol Mae does the laundry. She finds stones in Seok Hyun’s pocket – they’re for Na Hyun. Na Hyun is excited to receive the three stones, but Yeol Mae takes one – just because.

She heads to Coffee King and requests for a caramel macchiato extra sweet. Ji Hoon finds it strange – something must have happened to Yeol Mae for her to be ordering something out of the ordinary, and extra sweet. Yeol Mae says that she was dumped by a man she really liked, and it’s tearing her apart. Ji Hoon is relieved – so that means Yeol Mae can come to him freely right? Because he has a big crush on her.

Yeol Mae: “Was that girl in your stories…me?”

Ji Hoon: “Yup.”

Yeol Mae pushes her seat back audibly, in shock. Haha – I love how her reaction to Ji Hoon’s confession is the same as when she went mistakenly went on the blind date with him!

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