I Need Romance 2012: Episode 10

It’s about time Seok Hyun gets jealous. It’s about time that we learn more about the major break up that led to Seok Hyun and Yeol Mae not dating each other for three years. It’s about time we see the cracks in Seok Hyun’s armor.


Yeol Mae is SO IN LOVE with Ji Hoon. It’s like she never saw the kiss between Na Hyun and Seok Hyun that other night. She starts bringing him snacks and drinks from the home – things that she’s supposed to share with Seok Hyun but gives to Ji Hoon instead. It drives Seok Hyun nuts because he knows there were extras – and yet, where are they!? He gets so annoyed with Yeol Mae – why don’t she give Ji Hoon the house then!! Yeol Mae: “Can I!?”


She is in for a shocker though when she finds out that Ji Hoon is two years younger than her than just one, like he told her. But it’s not really a big deal – she likes him too much!

Na Hyun is impressed because Seok Hyun seems to take everything in stride. Even though Yeol Mae is now obsessed with her new boyfriend, he seems unaffected by it all.


On the other hand, Ji Hee and Jae Kyung are so affected by Yeol Mae’s incessant gushing over him. You know, when your friend keeps chattering on about her boyfriend that you just want to put duct tape around her mouth because honestly, you don’t care whether his toe nails are long or not!! Seok Hyun even reminds Ji Hee and Jae Kyung that their complaining is not even justified – they may hear it 200 times, but he lives with her! 

I love how they can all just make fun of each other so easily.


Since no one wants to listen to her, Yeol Mae talks to her dogs. Eventually she ends up taking a day off of work and volunteering as a part-timer in Ji Hoon’s cafe. She wants to be paid with 20,000 kisses for her work, which means… she might not be able to go home tonight!

At least Yeol Mae doesn’t break any dishes or cups.


Meanwhile, Seok Hyun wants Na Hyun to stay far from him no matter what. He thinks that what she did the other night was equivalent to sexual assault, since he didn’t give her permission to kiss him. He bets that she just did it to hide the fact that ‘LP Guy’ Shin Ji Hoon and Yeol Mae kissed, which stuns Na Hyun – how did he know?! She wonders if he’s jealous, but Seok Hyun isn’t. “Jealousy” means “a feeling of bitterness or anger towards someone who is better than you;” is Ji Hoon better than him? Seok Hyun doesn’t think so, and therefore doesn’t feel jealous at all.

Na Hyun argues back – but the woman Seok Hyun loves, loves someone else! Seok Hyun defines his love as a “permissive” love, where he accepts who she is and what she desires as is. He won’t try and be possessive. Na Hyun finally understands what Seok Hyun is trying to be – cool. But she wishes he’d just be a bit jealous, otherwise he looks like a crazy fellow. A pathetic fellow.

In response, Seok Hyun orders her to bring over her draft – it’s due for the film company.


That evening after the cafe closes, Ji Hoon invites Yeol Mae over to his place. There’s only one thing he could possibly want if he wants her around so late, right?

While Yeol Mae’s thinking one thing, Ji Hoon actually presents her with a late-night snack! It’s actually quite disappointing, and Yeol Mae plays footsie with him, telling him to really evaluate himself and see if he’s really a healthy man.


Poor Ji Hoon! He doesn’t seem to really understand! But thankfully that evening, once alone, he gets all hot and bothered when he thinks of Yeol Mae’s words. Hopefully he understands that she wants sex. However it’d be hilarious if she’s the one more sexually inclined… and he isn’t.

Back at home, Yeol Mae wails over how Ji Hoon doesn’t seem to be following his instincts with her two besties. Ji Hee also wants a love manual to be made by the government where it lists out the steps exactly: first date, eye contact; second date, hold hands; third date, hugging. No sex til six months after.

Jae Kyung and Yeol Mae are up at arms about it – THAT’S TOO LONG!! Jae Kyung especially is all about sleeping with the guy when you feel like it. They get a bit too noisy, talking about Yeol Mae sleeping with Ji Hoon, that Seok Hyun comes barging in, telling them to be quiet. Heh.


Jae Kyung gets up to leave, but no one wants her to go home. Ji Hee even bought her underwear, expecting Jae Kyung to sleep over at Yeol Mae’s too. Basically, they don’t want Jae Kyung to go back to her storage-home. Ji Hee: “You’re a C-cup right?” Jae Kyung: “I’m a D-cup!” Seok Hyun: “NO WAY! You don’t look like….*girls shoot him death glares*” Seok Hyun runs out of the room.


In bed, Jae Kyung is so thankful that Seok Hyun had actually sent her two air purifiers to keep her storage-home clean. Ji Hee tells her to expect a bed delivery soon, so that Jae Kyung can sleep in a proper bed. Yeol Mae feels all bitter that no one told her to do something nice too, so she feels that it makes her mean. Ji Hee reminds Yeol Mae that no one is supposed to teach her how to be nice at this age anymore, but Jae Kyung thanks Yeol Mae graciously for investing the most money out of everyone and helping save her business.


The next day, Jae Kyung visits her store with Jung Min and then go out for lunch. With the title “official bitch of Korea,” the waitress rudely plunks their food on the table. Some other restaurant patrons even whisper behind their back, saying that Jae Kyung has no shame. The waitress even turns on the TV to the news channel so that Jang Woo’s depressed face is staring back at them while they eat. It’s so maddening that it makes me want the truth about Jang Woo to come out to the public, so that they can stop feeling bad for him. But Jung Min encourages Jae Kyung with a smile.

They leave the restaurant, and the other guest bumps into Jae Kyung rudely. It makes Jung Min snap, as he demands an apology. The boyfriend of the guest apologizes, albeit in a “whatever, you happy?” manner. It fires Jung Min up, which is rare since he’s not one to get mad. They decide to go on a date together, out in public.


Of course, them being all lovey-dovey together also means a lot of bystanders are watching and following them. At one point Jae Kyung and Jung Min ham it up for all the cameras, showing off how happy they are. They’re the bitches of Korea? OK! Whatever!  The articles come out, calling Jae Kyung a devil and slamming her reputation. However, Jung Min later gets a call from one of their merchants – they want more of Jae Kyung’s shoes! The pair that she wore during their date sold out ever since the article came out! Even though she’s got a horrid reputation, woman’s got a taste for shoes!

On top of that, Jung Min has the idea of their launching show’s theme – “The Devil’s Shoes” – the shoes you can’t leave behind no matter what.


Yeol Mae finishes up a recording of her new song, and interrupts Seok Hyun’s review over Na Hyun’s first draft to see if he could listen to it. He’s thankful that even if they’re not a couple, both are still involved in each other’s lives, and that she considers him enough to listen to her first cut of a song first. However, the song is all about their relationship and their break up. While it hurts, Seok Hyun does admit that it’s a very good song, and he wants to be treated dinner for being the inspiration.

He does pause to ask if Ji Hoon is treating her well, and she says of course, because she’s his fate. Seok Hyun scoffs, as he doesn’t believe in things like fate. Yeol Mae: “You’re just scared that there’s a fate in your life, and you’re avoiding it.” Sad but true.

Yeol Mae goes down for a snack and finds Na Hyun having some ramen. They bond over the topic of Seok Hyun; Yeol Mae had seen them kiss, but wasn’t jealous because she realized that she no longer has feelings for him. She had done everything she could to save their relationship, and it finally got to a point where there was nothing else she could do.


Three years ago, they had the argument over getting married, and then exactly one month later, they got into an ugly fight in Myungdong. Basically Seok Hyun had gone out with an actress Yoon Kang Hee before she debuted. (*I Need Romance connection alert! Kang Hee was the actress that got in between In Young (Jo Yeo Jung) and Sung Soo (Kim Jeong Hoon). I’m seriously expecting a name dropping cameo for Sung Hyun (Choi Jin Hyuk) – perhaps an ex of Jae Kyung’s?) After she debuted and they broke up, they were caught seeing each other, and it pissed Yeol Mae off. She misunderstood their meeting to be a personal one rather than one of business.

They got into an ugly fight on the streets, yelling at each other, pushing each other. It got to the point where Yeol Mae was throwing fruits at him and Seok Hyun had to overturn tables and throw stuff to avoid punching Yeol Mae in the face (because he was going to do it). They caused such a ruckus on the streets that they were hauled off to jail for the night.


The next morning, the two of them ate breakfast at a restaurant and came to the agreement to break up. They couldn’t end the relationship before, but were tired of each other and hated each other. They were looking for a reason to break up and now, they finally had one. They left their couple rings at the restaurant, and went their separate ways. It was a tearful breakup – one where even Seok Hyun cried.


Yeol Mae never found out why he didn’t want to get married, and now she no longer has the desire to know. That’s too bad, because Seok Hyun still keeps everything from Yeol Mae in a little wrapped box. Letters she sent him, photos of her on the cruise, and also their couple rings. A couple days after they broke up, Seok Hyun returned to the restaurant and picked up the rings; thank goodness the restaurant owner never threw it away. We hear in a voice over that he did want to marry. He wanted a normal and natural life… but…

But what!? You better not have some life threatening disease!!!


The next morning, Seok Hyun comes back from the bakery with presents – he bought a lot of bread, fresh from the ovens, so that Yeol Mae can take it to her boyfriend. He sets aside the ones for himself, which she’s not allowed to touch at all. Yeol Mae thanks him and excitedly brings it over to Ji Hoon. He thanks her, happy to have such an innocent and pretty girlfriend. It tickles her bone that someone actually thinks she’s innocent, and she accidentally sprays him with water from the sink. He goes off to change, and catches Ji Hoon shirtless. Hubba hubba… Yeol Mae really wants him now!


Meanwhile Ji Hee prepares for a presentation with Tae Woo; it’s one that they’re making for foreigners interested in her company and she’s nervous about messing it up. But it all goes smoothly, and Ji Hee cheers up, thinking that she and Tae Woo are absolutely perfect together! That makes Tae Woo uncomfortable – they’re “perfect” for each other? I think he’s really fighting hard against his attraction for Ji Hee.


Seok Hyun talks to the dogs, saying that Yeol Mae has now moved on to another world without him. He had actually been hoping that Yeol Mae would go all the way to the end with him, no matter what. He even cleans her bike for her, the bike she received from Ji Hoon, until finally the bitterness and anger wells up within him so much that he throws the bike out on the street.


It lands on Na Hyun’s feet, and, shocked, she realizes that Seok Hyun’s jealousy is finally coming out. Seok Hyun warns her not to come any further, but she does. Na Hyun: “Is this where jealousy begins?”

Oh I hope Na Hyun can help fix this dysfunctional pair!

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