I Need Romance 2012: Episode 11

Well this one was a bit sad, but it was humorous to see Seok Hyun try so hard to get in between Ji Hoon and Yeol Mae. I can’t say much happens, but at least some things do develop. I don’t think this was a particularly interesting episode, save for a moment of bromance.

I’m starting to wish we could get some of Ji Hoon’s voice over and his thought process. We get it for Yeol Mae and Seok Hyun, and I understand the drama is more about them. But sometimes I wonder what Ji Hoon is thinking because he is such a good guy that it’s hard to believe. Why can’t he have a little more “bite” to him, like Seok Hyun?


Yeol Mae and Ji Hoon are such the cute couple – not wanting to leave each other and go home yet. However, it’s not like they haven’t done it before with their past loves. They also go visit the orphanage together, Yeol Mae preparing kimbap and Ji Hoon preparing some inari sushi. The nice pieces go to the orphanage and Ji Hoon; Seok Hyun can take the ends. Poor guy – even Na Hyun thinks Seok Hyun is a little sad. So far he hasn’t been caught for breaking Yeol Mae’s bike; Na Hyun even fixed the basket so that it would look like it’s ok. Uh oh – I’m starting to really like Na Hyun…


The kids at the orphanage are unimpressed with Yeol Mae – she can’t cook, and she can’t help with homework. A girl even gets jealous that Ji Hoon hugged Yeol Mae because Ji Hoon promised her that he’d marry her. Ji Hoon says he’ll marry Yeol Mae, to which all the kids say no. Even Yeol Mae says she’ll think about it, which makes Ji Hoon feel insecure. He keeps pestering her, and finally she says, “I’ll marry you if it means you’ll stop nagging!”

Does Yeol Mae really mean it? Well, she tells her friends that she thinks she does. Even though they haven’t slept together yet, Yeol Mae feels like she’s precious to him, that she’s loved. It’s a feeling that Ji Hee hasn’t felt since she was with Duk Soo (heh).


Just in case Ji Hoon is jealous, Yeol Mae explains to him that she and Seok Hyun live in the same house, but that there’s a wall in between and there’s two separate doors. They only share the yard! But then Seok Hyun comes out of Yeol Mae’s door – HA – and then introduces himself to Ji Hoon. He’s trying to be nice, even though it kills him, and invites him over for a BBQ meal.


It ends up that Ji Hoon wants to come over for lunch, which means Seok Hyun will have to barbecue in the heat. Yeol Mae goes crazy cleaning the house, and she even wants their “Seok Hyun <3 Yeol Mae” doodle to be painted over. The doodle appears in the backyard, so who’d see it? But Yeol Mae is sensitive to it, and so Seok Hyun agrees to nail a board over it instead. At least, he can take off the board later…

At dinner, Yeol Mae tells Seok Hyun that Ji Hoon called her innocent, which makes her so happy because it made her realize that she’s more than a selfish and cranky person. Seok Hyun assures her that the fight at Myung Dong wasn’t entirely her fault; he was stressed too. And he brought the worst out in her. Yeol Mae: “I’m glad you know that. You did so many bad things to me!”

But that’s the wrong thing to say to Seok Hyun, who’s still hung up on her. He didn’t just do bad things to her! He starts yelling at her, but Yeol Mae stays calm. She doesn’t want to fight with him anymore. It’s what made their relationship toxic. Wow – a new man has made her mature so much.


The next day, there’s more bad news for Seok Hyun – just as he’s prepared the barbecue, Yeol Mae calls and says that they can’t come over. Ji Hoon is short on staff, and Yeol Mae will be helping him with the dishes. While Ji Hoon is apologetic for canceling, it doesn’t matter to Seok Hyun – who’s pissed off as hell. Na Hyun returns home to see Seok Hyun sitting at the table, alone and tired from the heat. She figures out that they canceled on him, and she tells Seok Hyun to stop being so “cool” and just do what he wants. She kindly cleans up the table for him though.


Meanwhile, Ji Hee purchases a couple’s set for pajamas because if she gets it as a set, she gets a discount. She hands the men’s pajamas to Tae Woo – because it’s not weird at all to give it to your boss! – as a way of thanking him for taking care of her when she was drunk, and gets to talking to him about him getting an apartment near her home. Later that evening, he sends her a text message with a photo of him wearing the pajamas, thanking her again. Ji Hee thinks it’s so weird, but Jae Kyung tells her that she’s weirder!

They call up Yeol Mae to see where she is, but she’s out with Ji Hoon, having him listen to the song she composed that was based off of her relationship with Seok Hyun. Yeol Mae doesn’t want them to meet Ji Hoon just yet, as she’s afraid they’re going to come over drunk and start blabbing about how not-innocent Yeol Mae is, and how much she’s looking forward to sleeping with him. Hehe – that’s what friends are for!


Ji Hee wants to stay over with Jae Kyung at her warehouse, but then Jung Min arrives. He found out about where Jae Kyung was staying. Ji Hee quietly sneaks out while Jung Min gets angry with Jae Kyung over how he feels like a fool when he’s with her. He’s pissed that he didn’t even know about her living conditions until now. He ends it with her, saying that he can’t be with her anymore. Uh oh…


Ji Hee can’t get a cab to come pick her up at this late hour, but luckily she gets a call from Tae Woo asking if she’s going to go swimming in the morning. Must be one of those things they discussed… Ji Hee says she can’t, as she’s very far from home, and he goes to pick her up.

When they arrive at her home though, she’s already asleep, and he doesn’t want to wake her up. He puts her blazer over her exposed legs, and then uses a sleeve to cover her chest area; breathing makes her breasts rise and fall – which makes it very uncomfortable for Tae Woo.


Back to Yeol Mae – through the song, Ji Hoon realizes that Yeol Mae loved Seok Hyun very much. But that’s not why she had him listen to the song. Rather, she wanted him to listen to something she had made. She wants him to know more about her life, as she’s kind of mad that he came to her life so late. “Why didn’t you find me after you came back from Africa, if I saved your life? It’s not my fault I liked somebody before I met you.” Aww – it makes Ji Hoon feel all warm and buttery, and he says, “Stay with me tonight.”


At home, Seok Hyun can’t stop wondering why Yeol Mae isn’t home yet, though he refrains from texting her. Na Hyun hands over her revised scene for the script, and he goes through it – all the while imagining Yeol Mae and Ji Hoon as the characters making out. He gets so pissed that he tells Na Hyun to go home for the night. Then he grabs his foldable camping tents and turns off the circuit breaker so that the whole house – except for the lawn lamps – are out of electricity.


He calls up Yeol Mae – she needs to come home, as they have a “power outage” and he doesn’t know what to do. So Yeol Mae is forced to hurry back, and she asks if it’s because of the leak in the basement. He doesn’t know – as he doesn’t want to go there himself, so he says that he’ll set up camp in the front yard. But little does he know – Ji Hoon also joins them! Since Ji Hoon is constantly worried about Yeol Mae, no matter how strong she is, he wants to be with her, and stay over.


Of course – what’s the sleeping arrangements? At first Seok Hyun refuses to sleep in the same tent with Ji Hoon, but when he realizes that Ji Hoon doesn’t mind sleeping in the same tent with Yeol Mae, he changes his mind. The tent is cramped with two full grown men in there, and it doesn’t help that Ji Hoon falls asleep first, putting his hand in Seok Hyun’s shirt and imagining that he’s kissing Yeol Mae!

Too cute!

Poor Seok Hyun though – he curls up in his own corner.

The next morning Yeol Mae greets the electrician, who just turns on the circuit breaker switch. She then goes to the boys’ tent and sees the two of them, wrapped up in each other’s arms. Woman – take a picture!!! That’s what phones are for nowadays!


Ji Hee wakes up as well and is shocked to see that she’s in the car with Tae Woo. Tae Woo is feeling crappy – he was so concerned over how Ji Hee felt that he didn’t sleep well, waking up constantly to make sure it wasn’t too cold or too hot in the car. Ji Hee suddenly realizes that this is the feeling she’s missed for so long – the feeling that someone cares for her. She invites him up to her place – they should shower and have breakfast before heading to work, no?


Yeol Mae, Ji Hoon, and Seok Hyun have breakfast the next morning. Yeol Mae gets a call about sending a file to the studio, and when she hurries to get up, she knocks into the chair and trips. Ji Hoon is by her side first, and starts fussing about her. Seok Hyun stays in his seat – he’s hating her so much. Even though she may have suffered because of him in the past, and it’s only fair for him to suffer now, he still hates the fact that he’s being tortured at the sight of them.

Ji Hoon takes Yeol Mae to the couch and fusses over her right ankle, wondering if they should get an X-ray. Seok Hyun gets up and reprimands Yeol Mae for being so careless; her own messiness led to this accident. He then points out to Ji Hoon that he’s fussing over the wrong ankle; Yeol Mae was just to shy to admit it to him.

Yeol Mae goes up to her room, able to go up by herself. Left alone, Seok Hyun gives Ji Hoon a warning:

Seok Hyun: You should get nervous.

Ji Hoon: I’m always nervous about her but I trust her.

Seok Hyun: Does that trust have power?

Ji Hoon: I guess it has more power than some memories… Memories belong to the past and trust belongs in the future.

Kaedejun: Oooo – wise words.

Seok Hyun: I won’t be her past that easily. Yeol Mae and I have always been in the present. Even if she’s with somebody, or whether or not she hates me, at least I won’t be her past. But you could be.

Kaedejun: OOOOO – and the war is ON like Donkey Kong!


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