I Need Romance 2012: Episodes 7-8

Yeol Mae is one of those schizophrenic friends whom you love and hate at the same time. She’s so outspoken that you just want her to shut up sometimes, and yet because she’s outspoken, you’re grateful that someone like her exists. After several episodes of starting to love her, I found myself hating her to the core. Are women this immature at 30-something? I was hoping that by the time women are in their 30’s, there’s some more wisdom and class in their choices. A little more elegance. A little more foresight. But Yeol Mae is so immature that I wonder: does anyone ever really grow out of high school?

Thank goodness her immaturity lasts throughout episode 7, and pretty much ends with episode 8.


Yeol Mae clearly takes the break-up hard, even though she tells the entire world that she’s ok. She’s denying it so hard that you know she doesn’t really believe what she says. What she doesn’t like is the growing closeness between Seok Hyun and Na Hyun, and she even tells him that if he dares to date her, she’ll kill them both. Not kidding.

However, she ends up getting a cold – and so does Seok Hyun. Ever since they were younger, the two of them always caught a cold at the same time, and would have chicken soup together. It’s even cute that they go to the doctor together and act like 10 year old’s in front of him. “Open your mouth.” “AHHHHHHH!”


The two of them are told to rest in the hospital, but Yeol Mae can’t rest. She thinks that their simultaneous sickness is a sign that they’re meant for each other. They’re meant to be together, so why aren’t they? She wants to know why Seok Hyun dated her in the first place, and he says that he liked her initially because she was smart, fun, and pretty. “So I’m dumb, boring, and ugly now?” she asks. Ugh – trust her to twist his words around.

She thinks that they were both mentally hurt by the breakup, but Seok Hyun sees no sense in that. He dumped her! Why should he be heartbroken and sick then? He reminds her that this is not their first breakup, so why is she taking it so hard? But Yeol Mae is so insistent that they should be together that her frustrations over their breakup gets transferred onto Jae Kyung; instead of congratulating her best friend on the divorce, she’s all bitter and asking why they should celebrate a breakup.

Seok Hyun would rather Yeol Mae just hate him – it might make things easier for her to deal with.


Jang Woo and Jae Kyung go to the courts for their divorce. Jae Kyung is super excited, while Jang Woo tries to put on a pity show. “There’s no cameras, why are you doing this!?” Jae Kyung cries out. They finally get their divorce, and Jae Kyung is super happy and free. Jang Woo refuses to apologize to her, thinking he’s won this time. But Jae Kyung pities him, just like what her friends had advised.


However, just because this divorce went well doesn’t mean everything else went well. Her employees all quit, because they haven’t been paid in a while, and now they’re definitely not going to get any investments because of Jae Kyung’s reputation. The only person left on her side is Jung Min.


Back at home, Yeol Mae witnesses Na Hyun flirting with Seok Hyun by way of “acting out a scenario” in their script. Seok Hyun pushes Na Hyun away playfully, thankfully, but it doesn’t stop Yeol Mae from being jealous. Seok Hyun tells her that he can date whomever he wants, based on whatever his heart tells him. So Yeol Mae decides to up the ante by describing her sexy underwear that she’s currently wearing. That actually pisses Seok Hyun off even more, since he knows that she’s doing it out of immaturity, so he drags her out to a nearby schoolyard. How fitting that they are like children.


Seok Hyun tells her he no longer has feelings for her because she’s so clingy and creepy. But Yeol Mae blames all their breakups on him. He’s always been the one who’s cowardly and not honest about his feelings. He fires back that though she may be brave and honest, she’s so ill-tempered. Neither have been fully satisfied by the other, and so they declare that this is the final break up. They’re over. Over, over, over!

Yeol Mae finds a stick on the ground and commences to draw a huge circle around Seok Hyun. The circle represents him and everything he’s wanted to protect. However, he’s never let her in. She hopes he can just go and live inside his own circle by himself. She leaves, and Seok Hyun says in a voice over that Yeol Mae just doesn’t know what it is he’s trying to protect.

It’s hilarious that afterwards, Jae Kyung, Ji Hee, and Yeol Mae all meet up for some billiards and realize that they’ll never be the female leads in romantic movies. All of them are not graceful, calm, or modest enough to be like the leads in movies! (Haha – thank God!)


Realizing that their lives are so messed up, they go to a fortune teller together, who tells them that they have such ill-fated destinies. Pity the poor men they’ve left behind, who suffered by dating them!! Even more depressed, they go drink alcohol out of juice boxes in church, wondering why it is they can’t be successful with men. A nun enters – and it’s their terrorizing teacher from high school! She has become a nun! They all greet her excitedly, but she berates them all and hits them on the head for drinking in church, and for Jae Kyung becoming an adulterer. As penance, she has them all kneel in a chapel and pray for hours – all of them fall asleep of course.


Yeol Mae returns home, and she receives a touching text from Ji Hoon about how it will rain soon, and if she doesn’t have an umbrella, he’ll come out and meet her. Too right, it does begin to rain, but Yeol Mae doesn’t call him. Instead she slowly walks home.

Little to her knowledge, Seok Hyun is actually waiting outside the house with an umbrella. He waits for a while, but finally gives up and tells Na Hyun to turn on the lights to the front yard. Yeol Mae arrives just after Seok Hyun went in, and so she thinks no one is waiting for her, or cares. She leaves for her studio, deciding to sleep there for the night, and misses the lights turning on – welcoming her home.


Her studio is right by Coffee King, so Ji Hoon comes out just in time to see her all soaked to the bone. He’s so shocked that she walked through the rain instead of calling him, and invites her to his home to dry off – in a totally non-lecherous way.

He gives her tea, and he asks why she’s walking out in the rain when she has a cold. She tells him a secret: she was dumped because of her bad personality. So Ji Hoon lets her in on a secret as well: Yeol Mae isn’t as bad as she thinks, because she actually saved his life. When he went to Africa, his car broke down so he had to walk for miles to get to a village. He thought he was going to die and was ready to give up in the desert, but he then remembered Yeol Mae’s words about playing a guitar. If the fingers hurt, then they have to play more and develop calluses so that it won’t hurt anymore. Her words of “keep going a little more” inspired him to keep going.


The following morning, Yeol Mae is happy to find that she’s on Ji Hoon’s bed, and he’s sleeping on the couch. She goes over to him and admits he’s cute, thinking he’s asleep. Actually – he’s awake. He sits up, kisses her on the lips, and says that that is as far as he’ll go today. Yeol Mae goes running out the door in his pajamas and slippers. Hah.


Outside, she bumps into Seok Hyun, who’s displeased that she slept outside of home without calling him. She fires back that he has no right to care, considering he’s not a boyfriend or a husband. He orders her to get her clothes and come home with him, or else she’ll be kicked out of the house. However, she has no other house to go to!

“Yes you do, Joo Yeol Mae.” Ji Hoon comes out of his home. He’ll provide a home for her. Until then, breakfast time! And he steers her back inside.

WHEEE! Jealousy eruption.

Ji Hoon prepares breakfast for her, and the whole time Yeol Mae is actually concerned about whether or not Seok Hyun is still out there. She even admits as much to Ji Hoon, and he accepts that. He can’t control whom she thinks about, or whom she likes. However, he does think she’ll regret it when she falls in love with him, and yes he’s certain she’ll fall in love with him. If she plays with Ji Hoon’s feelings, it’s ok. He won’t stop her from doing that.

Wait. Hold up. Guys like you don’t exist. YOU DON’T EXIST. DON’T LIE.

Yeol Mae is curious over why he even likes her, and he says that there’s no reason. Most loves happen for no reason at all – you just end up loving a person. That reminds her of Seok Hyun and his inability to communicate his feelings. He prefers keeping it to himself, as the feelings will then grow stronger. Once again we bump into the gender stereotypes – women like to be expressive, men tend to be stoic.

But since Ji Hoon is super honest, Yeol Mae is wary. She kinda likes him, but she doesn’t want to lead him on. After all, she’s broken up with Seok Hyun several times, and they did go dating other people. But they always went back to each other. Ji Hoon won’t stop Yeol Mae from going back to Seok Hyun, and she can come to his side whenever she wants. They’re no longer in their twenties with ideals on love. But he’s also confident that she won’t go back to Seok Hyun.

Seok Hyun is texting her pretty often though, warning her to come back since they have a huge clean-up to do. Ji Hoon kindly drives her back home, but she doesn’t turn back to wave at him, which disappoints him. He drives off, so he doesn’t see Yeol Mae actually turning back by peeking out her door to look at him again. Aww.

They do a massive house cleaning session, with Seok Hyun picking on Yeol Mae. He even orders her to bring her bank book to his office so they can go over their finances. While both of them are picking a fight with each other on their money, Na Hyun is also cleaning the house, and she stumbles upon a tape recorder that recorded Seok Hyun and Yeol Mae’s entire conversation on agreeing to be sex buddies!

This scandalizes her, and when she goes back downstairs, she witnesses Yeol Mae throwing out Na Hyun’s souvenir stones (during one of Yeol Mae’s jealous fits again). And this time, Na Hyun isn’t going to back down. She tells on Yeol Mae to Seok Hyun, rather than pretend it’s all right and keep the bttle between the girls. Of course, like a little kid that just got punished, Yeol Mae is sent out to find the rocks again.

She can’t find them, and Seok Hyun joins her outside. He tells Yeol Mae that sometimes, she needs to learn to keep things to herself. Don’t voice out everything because not everyone needs to hear it. Sound advice. Eventually Yeol Mae finds the stones and returns them to Na Hyun; she also adds that she and Seok Hyun are totally over.

Meanwhile for Jae Kyung, she’s having more money woes, considering that if she doesn’t pay her employees they will sue her. Jung Min is still by her side, and she’s so grateful that she asks for a hug for strength. I think she really does love him… She decides that she needs to do something about her situation and calls up Jang Woo – she wants the passcode to the house so she can move her stuff out.

She takes everything, including the safe, which holds the gifts she gave Jang Woo at the wedding. Jang Woo doesn’t want her to take it if she won’t return the gifts he gave her. (It’s too late, she sold them all.) Jae Kyung doesn’t care if Jang Woo reports to the police or press that she took the safe. She’s the official bitch of Korea – it no longer matters what she does!

On to Ji Hee – she finally has the guts to break up with Ho Joon. He drags her off to a cafe, and Tae Woo follows, curious. Ji Hee tells him that Tae Woo is unsatisfying in bed, and she says it so loud that people around them start snickering. She hands him a bag – they’re break up gifts. Inside are sex guide books!!! Ji Hee walks out, and Tae Woo follows – but not before he points out to one and gives it a thumbs up. I LOVE HIM!

Ji Hee thinks Tae Woo is an annoying stalker, but he claims that he’s just doing it because he’s worried. Ah – you mean, you’re interested in her, right? Ji Hee says she’s a very hot woman, and Tae Woo believes it – but he doesn’t want to see it. (YET.)

Ji Hee, Yeol Mae, and Seok Hyun all get contacted by Jae Kyung, who requests an urgent meeting. Jae Kyung and Jung Min begin a presentation about her company – and basically, they’re asking for her friends’ support to invest in her company! Ji Hee and Seok Hyun readily agree, but Yeol Mae refuses. She has no one to take care of her! She needs to save her money! But despite her protests, everyone knows she’ll really give money.

And give money she does – she is willing to give up most of her savings to help Jae Kyung. She has been able to save so much because she doesn’t have family to spend it on. But Yeol Mae also makes Seok Hyun promise to give her a liver if she gets sick, and to take care of her if she’s about to die and has no money. Heh.

That evening, Yeol Mae settles into bed, and gets an unexpected guest – it’s Na Hyun! Na Hyun SERIOUSLY sleepwalks, and she even undresses and crawls under the covers. Yeol Mae considers calling Seok Hyun to come and wake Na Hyun up, but she’s afraid that she’ll see Seok Hyun cradling Na Hyun like a baby. She’s not ready for that image yet, so she goes up to her studio and starts working on a music piece. Once again, it’s based on her romance with Seok Hyun.

She works until the wee hours, not noticing that Ji Hoon called her. She calls him back, while biting on ice, and she admits that she wants a red bean shaved ice right now. Ji Hoon says he’s at his cafe, still working. Lies – he’s actually at home, but he does run to the cafe. Even Yeol Mae knows it, as she can hear him running to his cafe. But she tells him to make the red bean ice not too sweet, and to meet in a few minutes.

It’s a late night date at the park, and Yeol Mae enjoys the light shaved ice. She thinks that Ji Hoon doesn’t want any, and that’s why he only gave one spoon. Actually, he just wants to share the spoon with her. After much hinting, she finally lets him have a bite. As they eat the shaved ice, Yeol Mae looks on jealously at couples riding bikes.

That gives Ji Hoon an idea. The next morning, he sends Yeol Mae a message that she’ll be receiving a new bike. Out of goodwill, Yeol Mae hands over her old bike to Na Hyun, and happily accepts the new bike from Ji Hoon’s waiter. Seok Hyun sees her outside with the new bike and wonders why she has a new one. Without telling him why, Yeol Mae just heads off to the cafe, saying it’s none of his business. She’s not even tempted by the fact that Seok Hyun bought ice cream for her too.

She arrives at the cafe, just in time as Ji Hoon arrives from the florist. “Shin Ji Hoon. I’ll let you have my heart. So make me fall in love with you.”

Aww. Ji Hoon is so excited he needs to turn around and scream “YESSSSS!” He takes out the flowers from his car and says, “Get ready Joo Yeol Mae. Otherwise, your heart will explode.”

New romance! Yay!

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