Joining the Answer Me 1997 Bandwagon

I am behind on this series – Answer Me 1997. I’m on episode 9 now, so no one better reveal any damn spoiler to me. No spoilers – no comments about the future episodes!

That’s how much I love watching this drama. I can’t even read recaps at Dramabeans because they’re too painful – knowing what will happen before I see it? So not fun. I love that this series is almost like a slice of life of high schoolers in the 90’s, and yet there’s enough of an emotional story line with Jung Eun Ji and Seo In Guk’s characters to carry the series through. A more thorough review will come, but first, I have to point out that everyone just seems to be invested in the lives of these characters. Thoroughly addicted and invested. [Depending where you at watching this series, spoilers may follow.]

Case in point: a poll was made asking viewers who the husband of Shi Won (Jung Eun Ji) is. Of course, overwhelmingly the people favor Seo In Guk’s Yoon Jae as the husband. There IS NO OTHER OPTION! And yet, the series writes it cleverly – and frustratingly – enough to make you wonder who the real father is. It started out with the mystery on who the couple that will announce their wedding is. (I called it correctly ever since episode four.) Then it became a mystery on who’s the baby daddy for Shi Won – and presumably who is her husband too.

I don’t like being misled, especially when I don’t feel that the clues are placed that well, and that these twists just come out of nowhere as the series grows more popular. However, I am invested enough that I will accept every loophole as long as my favorite couple wins out at the end. Of course, I mean Yoon Jae and Shi Won.

What’s interesting is that usually OTP’s are very obvious right from the beginning. You know who’s going to end up with whom right away, and if they don’t end up with the person you desire, then you must be watching a makjang/melodrama with tragic endings. So for a comedy like Answer Me 1997 I find that it must be incredibly special for it to have people trying to vote on who their desired OTP is, and to have a pairing that’s obvious to the viewers, and yet the writers don’t have to write it with that outcome. I rarely find dramas hosting an actual poll asking people “Who do you think is the female lead’s husband?” It just emphasizes on the popularity of the drama – and if it’s not popular, then the production company is clearly trying to market the heck out of this drama.

Yay for Answer Me 1997! It certainly has made me nostalgic for the old days! You can watch it on DramaFever.

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