I Need Romance 2012: Episodes 12-13

I fell behind on these recaps! And watching this series in general. Though sometimes not watching a drama for a while can lessen my zeal for it, I haven’t felt that way for I Need Romance 2012 just yet. However these episodes were, for better or for worse, boring. It stretched out all the plot developments that I knew were going to happen anyways, or had predicted. So – nothing new, but nothing bad.

Because it’s been a while and I marathoned these episodes, here’s episodes 12-13 in a very summarized recap!

Ji Hoon and Yeol Mae get to know each other a little more, sharing stories about their past. Most of Yeol Mae’s stories include Seok Hyun, but she glosses over it by calling him a “friend.” Ji Hoon isn’t fooled, though he says nothing about it. What he is curious about is how she got a long scar on the palm of her hand. Yeol Mae doesn’t want to talk about, especially since the story is very much tied into her history with Seok Hyun. Ji Hoon just wants to know more about him and her when they were together. It’s his way of trying to be “present in her past” too.

But Yeol Mae doesn’t want to talk about Seok Hyun: “We better break up if we’re going to keep talking about this.”

Uh oh- Yeol Mae used her break-up card on him. Of course, that makes Ji Hoon angry, and the two of them play the “I’ll ignore you but you should call me first” card on each other. Couples. *Rolls eyes.*

Yeol Mae returns home bearing some anger though. She confronts Seok Hyun about her scar, because he was there the day she got it. In fact – he was the one who caused it. Years ago, they had gone to the arboretum for a picnic date with Seok Hyun’s younger sibling – a sister! – Ki Hyun. They had to be careful about acting lovey dovey in front of Ki Hyun because they didn’t want Seok Hyun’s mother to know, but they do run off for a private walk after leaving the picnic basket with Ki Hyun.

Seok Hyun gave Yeol Mae their couple rings that day, one that signified their commitment to marry each other in the future. But when they headed back to where Ki Hyun was waiting, they found Ki Hyun being wheeled away in an ambulance. Without further explanation, Seok Hyun ordered the ambulance to head to a particular hospital that’s further away, but is where his father died. Yeol Mae tried to join him, but Seok Hyun pushed her away. Her hand skidded against a piece of rock and she had that huge gash.

After that, any mention of Seok Hyun’s sister or mother became a touchy subject for him. He would disappear to the home in the countryside without explaining to Yeol Mae why he was leaving. Seok Hyun does feel sorry that he caused that scar, but he really doesn’t want to talk about his family to Yeol Mae.

The following day, Yeol Mae is still having a tiff with Ji Hoon, but it’s a silly one because he so clearly forgives her. He doesn’t mind that Yeol Mae talks about Seok Hyun, or lives with him. There are just people in their pasts whom they’ve loved deeply. He was more mad that she impulsively said, “Let’s break up,” and he knew it was just part of her feisty temper.

Meanwhile Jung Min and Jae Kyung hold one of their business meetings at Seok Hyun’s because it’s a neutral spot – and they need a witness to their arguments. Jae Kyung and Jung Min cannot agree on whether they can live their lives separately and still be a couple. As for Ji Hee, she’s slowly integrating her life with Tae Woo’s so that eventually it becomes natural for him to have her in his life. What a sneaky way to get a boyfriend! But she accidentally breaks his jujube tree charm (meant to protect him from demons) and discovers that one of the rumors about him in the old office was that he was impotent.

That news comes as a blow for Ji Hee, and she’s now afraid that he might be gay or impotent. She goes crying to her friends, and asks Seok Hyun to check on Tae Woo’s sexuality for her! When Tae Woo finds out her misconceptions about him, he goes to find her at Seok Hyun’s place to clear the matters up. He’s not impotent – his ex-fiancee said he was! That cheers Ji Hee up considerably, and she goes running to her friends (who are listening in the next room all too obviously): “You guys heard that right?! He’s really not (impotent)!”

Finally it’s the evening where Yeol Mae has promised Ji Hoon she’ll sleep over. They spend the time making the room very romantic and getting in the mood, while Seok Hyun is in agony because he suspects them spending the night together at Ji Hoon’s place. Too bad for him.

Yeol Mae and Ji Hoon fall asleep – only to wake up and have Ji Hoon’s arm in pain because it was under Yeol Mae’s head the entire time. He has to go to the doctor to get it checked out (ha ha!) and because his arm is pretty much paralyzed for now, Yeol Mae decides to stay with him for some time to help him. She goes back home to pack a few things, and when Seok Hyun confronts her about what she’s doing, she says she’s “making a sacrifice” for Ji Hoon.

The word “sacrifice” is a thorn in Seok Hyun’s side because he’s never known her to make a sacrifice for anybody. He thus forbids her from going.

I don’t know why he has so much sway over her, but they get into an argument about “sacrifice.” Seok Hyun calls Yeol Mae out as a selfish woman who cares only for herself, that she doesn’t know how to truly love someone. He doesn’t even believe she ever truly loved him. Likewise, Yeol Mae says that Seok Hyun always closed himself off from her and so how could she ever be there for him. He still laughs at her, because he doesn’t think that what she feels is really love. Love isn’t about saying it out loud.

When Yeol Mae finally makes it to Ji Hoon’s place, she vents her anger out in cooking. She admits that Seok Hyun wasn’t completely wrong in his assessment, and she hates that she’s not a good person. Ji Hoon assures her she is, and tells her that perhaps they need to work on her temper first. He tells her that if he squeezes her arm gently, it means to give a second thought before saying something she may come to regret.

Yeol Mae asks what will happen if their feelings for each other change. What if her feelings for him change? Ji Hoon says he’ll wait. He’ll wait for her!

Seok Hyun goes out to think – and de-stress – and Na Hyun follows. She just wants to make sure he’ll be ok. He buys her shoes (since she walked out in house slippers) and they go to a movie together. But finally, he tells her to leave. It’s heartless because deep down, this is his biggest problem: he’s always telling the people around him who care to leave. He thinks it’s better for them, but he’s hurting them in the process, and hurting himself.

He realizes he wants Yeol Mae back, but it’s too late. When he goes to Ji Hoon’s coffee shop (where Yeol Mae is temping until Ji Hoon gets better), Yeol Mae doesn’t even want to go talk to him. But Ji Hoon encourages her to hear Seok Hyun out, by way of squeezing her arm, and tells Seok Hyun he hopes to have her back before dinnertime.

Seok Hyun leads the way out, and tries to bring Yeol Mae back home. Nuh-uh, she’s not having any of that. She likes Ji Hoon. In fact, she wants to marry him. Is marriage everything to Yeol Mae?! Apparently it is. Seok Hyun asks to start over again – he’ll say “I love you” more, he’ll even consider marriage.

But Yeol Mae won’t have any of it. The only thing remaining of their relationship is her scar. She closed up the wound in an ER alone. She’s not coming back to him. It was a harsh way to end it, but it’s the only way to do it. Rip the band-aid off faster. She returns to the cafe, much to Ji Hoon’s relief, and hugs him tight. He doesn’t ask what happened, knowing that when the time is right Yeol Mae will tell him.

Meanwhile with Ji Hee and Tae Woo – they begin their secret office romance, with Tae Woo being very much the loving boyfriend, and the two of them being an overly cute couple that don’t act like they’re in their 30’s.

As for Jae Kyung, it ends up on the news that her ex-husband Jang Woo has been arrested for illegal gambling… and was with another woman! Even though he’s divorced, that woman does say that Jang Woo gambles a lot more than he claims, and to wait for him while he divorced his wife. The negative press surrounding him might or might not be good for Jae Kyung’s launching show, but suddenly reporters are contacting her like crazy.

Yeol Mae tells Ji Hee what Seok Hyun said to her, and Ji Hee feels terrible about their situation. She feels bad for both of them, but knows Seok Hyun is hurting. In fact, she’s even jealous Yeol Mae ever dated him because he’s so reliable, and he was hers and Jae Kyung’s first love.

Jang Woo calls Jae Kyung to the holding cell at the police station for help; if they put a brave face for the reporters together and show they’ve reunited, it might be good press for the both of them. But Jae Kyung won’t have any of that. She’s not going to help him like this. Rather, she wants to see him stand up on his own two feet by himself and be that man she used to love. She leaves the station and is captured by a lot of reporters and the newspapers.

Yeol Mae helps Jae Kyung prepare for her launching show as the music director, and the show goes off without a hitch. Jae Kyung even shows off her English skills which are pretty strong. When the reporter asks her about Jang Woo’s scandal, she kindly declines and redirects the focus to her show. She’s too awesome.

Back at the cafe, Yeol Mae helps take out the garbage for Ji Hoon. When she goes outside, she sees Seok Hyun standing there, waiting. He missed her so much that he had to see her, but he can’t even tell her that. Instead, he takes the garbage bag from her and throws it out quietly in the dumpster for her. This is the first real sign of pained love I’ve seen from Seok Hyun, as in, the kind that shows he is really suffering from her absence.

Back at home though, Na Hyun picks up Seok Hyun’s ringing phone. It’s Seok Hyun’s mother, and it’s not good news. Na Hyun’s eyes are wet with tears when she informs Seok Hyun that his sister passed away. Seok Hyun registers the message, and immediately takes control: Na Hyun is never ever to tell Yeol Mae about this. She is also not to tell the film company about this, and to make up an excuse that the script will simply be done later.

Na Hyun is frustrated that he’s pretending to be strong when he should be broken up inside, but it looks like he’s been expecting it for a while. It turns out that on the day Ki Hyun fainted and was brought to the hospital, Seok Hyun found out she had the same genetic disease as their father. It’s a debilitating disease that eventually renders the person in a helpless, comatose state. Seok Hyun is angry that his parents even gave birth to him and his sister, but the mother claims that they never knew the father had the disease until it was too late, and that it may not be genetic.

So that’s why Seok Hyun is so against marriage and kids – he’s afraid he may have the same disease and will pass it on to his kids. He also doesn’t want to subject Yeol Mae to a life where she is forced to take care of him until he dies.

Yeol Mae returns home to pick up a few more clothes, and sees Na Hyun, but Na Hyun keeps her promise of not saying anything. Yeol Mae just goes through Seok Hyun’s drawers, thinking that he may have her shirt, but finds a box full of things from their relationship – keepsakes, photos, letters. She even finds their couple rings. The photos are from the cruise when they had broken up again, and it makes her realize that Seok Hyun didn’t really hate her or want to break up with her. Or else, why would he keep all this!?

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