IRIS 2 Weecaps: Episode 2

I can’t bring myself to write more recaps of IRIS 2 or the entire franchise. I have sold my soul repeatedly to the devil (Taewon Entertainment) and they have repeatedly hurt me (no Kim So Yeon leading the cast?!). I love watching the series – but not recapping the series – and yes, there is a major difference between the two.

However, I do feel bad for anyone who wants to read along with IRIS 2, so I do offer these ‘weecaps.’ I don’t know if anyone else is recapping it and if they are – kudos to them and I suggest you check theirs out. I can’t promise to be timely with these, but I will do my best. (I am still trying to find the time to finish I Need Romance 2012 and it’s embarrassing that I can’t even finish writing them up.)

Episode 2 recap

While Rei and IRIS are busy infiltrating Camp KC, Chief Park is actually inside Baek San’s room, interrogating him. Baek San finds that NSS has become weak in their missions, cracking down on illegal smuggling rather than realizing the threat of North Korea and Iran’s nuclear proliferation through their rocket development. Chief Park thinks that Baek San doesn’t want to be captured by IRIS, because they’d kill him. However, he replies, “IRIS can never kill me.”

The team attacks – and Yoo-gun manages to get to Baek San’s room. Lots of casualties on their side, but he gets Baek San and Chief Park out of the safe house. Since they’ve been compromised, Baek San wryly notes that NSS must have a mole.

More epic shooting in the woods – love the cinematography again. And then Chief Park is killed while helping Yoo-gun and Baek San escape – WTF. I’m surprised the show kills off Sung Dong-il so early in the game.

Yun-hwa still tries to convince Joong-won to join her in her mission in Hungary, as she’s working for IRIS. But Joong-won wants nothing to do with her or the organization. Smart fellow.

While everyone is trying to figure out who the mole is in the organization (it’s Choi Min’s secretary who’s also sleeping with Chul-hwan, who’s the head of NSS and liaison to the Blue House it seems), Soo-yeon gets out of the hospital and Yoo-gun speaks with Baek San. It seems Baek San is aware of a meeting in Hungary between President Jo (acting as President Ha’s emissary) and some military hardliners in North Korea. Park Chul-young is said to be going too! Whoopee! President Jo and Chul-young want to reach a certain peace where nuclear energy can be developed for good, but President Ha seems to want North Korea to stop completely or he won’t give his support.

Suspicious over the location, how Baek San knows all this, plus the fact that several years ago the prime minister was killed here and Chul-young volunteered to protect this delegation again, the A-team sweeps the streets of Hungary and do thorough checks for security. They still manage to miss Yun-hwa, who’s killed a waitress for the event, and Doo-joon trails Rei for a bit before losing him in a market.

That means – when Yoo-gun and Soo-yeon return to the location for the meeting after their small date, Rei is free to aim a bullet into Yoo-gun’s head from miles away. (Awesome cliffhanger I must say.)

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