IRIS 2 Weecaps: Episode 3

I have to say – these episodes breeze on by because everyone’s shooting back and forth, left to right. But by golly do they have beautiful scenic shots (really taking advantage of the Budapest view) and awesome cliffhangers. Just when I think the episode’s about to end, they end at a different point that makes it even more exciting.

However, episode 3 starts off with a recap on the first two episodes. While we learn several things (i.e. the ahjussi who raised Yoo-gun is named Lieutenant Ha, and Yoo-gun originally worked for the Seoul Regional Investigation Unit catching the gun smuggler before being recruited to NSS), it’s a bad sign when you have to recap what happened before when you’re just two weeks in. Kinda suggests you have bad storytelling – or don’t have enough footage.

Episode 3 recap

We backtrack a little bit and find Yoo-gun and Soo-yeon having their date. I gotta say, I like that Soo-yeon has spunk, but she totally doesn’t act like an agent. When we get to the point where Yoo-gun and Soo-yeon return to their hotel, and a rifle is aimed at his head, we learn that the IRIS sniper is just practicing, and he doesn’t really have a bullet in the rifle.

Park Chul-young finally appears, and he’s escorting delegate Kwon Young-chan, who’s a moderate in North Korea. The talk is actually about planning for the future if North and South were ever to unify. Major talking points are the economy and the nuclear arms. The evening after the first talk, they all have a banquet. Yun-hwa is there after having stolen the identity of a waitress “Mei” but her disguise doesn’t fool Chul-young, and he doesn’t believe her “story.”

Min is equally suspicious of the waitress and has her people check ‘Mei’ out, but they don’t get much details. Finally Yoo-gun has his team pull up the employee history for the hotel and find this ‘Mei.’ At the same time, Yun-hwa goes to deliver a freshly laundered shirt for Young-chan. He lets her into his room because he’s quite taken by her (that sleazy old man). He ends up getting his neck throttled by her necklace.


Chul-young learns she went to Young-chan’s room, so he shoots down the door. Too late – he’s dead, and Yun-hwa just stands there, guilty. Yoo-gun and his team find that Yun-hwa’s face doesn’t match the one on record, and then they hear gunshots from the North Korean delegate’s room. They immediately bring President Jo to a safe place and Yoo-gun goes to investigate.

Yun-hwa isn’t working alone, and has her disguised sniper shoot into the room to distract them while she makes her escape. And guess what?! Her sniper is Joong-won! He makes his escape unnoticed, while Yun-hwa races for the roof. Yoo-gun follows in hot pursuit and it ends up being a car chase that includes the NSS agents and the local police. Yun-hwa doesn’t lose their tail for a looooooooooooong time, and finally gets barricaded on a bridge. The police tell her to step out of the car with her hands up. Good guys win, right?

Nope – as soon as the clock strikes 12 she runs and leaps over the bridge. What is up with IRIS baddies jumping from great heights?! And she lands perfectly onto a passing boat, driven by Joong-won. He scolds her for being so reckless and then hands her a remote. Before he can finish explaining what kind of bomb is under her car, she detonates it. Joong-won: “Can’t you let me finish what I’m saying!? So rude!” HAHA!


They disembark and another car chase ensues, this time by Yoo-gun and Soo-yeon. They end up in another old building and Yoo-gun goes after Joong-won (who’s set up on the roof with his sniper rifle) and Soo-yeon goes after Yun-hwa. Yoo-gun also calls Hyun-woo for backup. Then Yoo-gun runs across the roof and jumps to another building through the windows, and crashes into Joong-won. They fight on a rooftop ring, and finally Yoo-gun manages to flip Joong-won over the railing, and on to some rooftops before falling to the ground. How the hell is Joong-won not dead?!

Soo-yeon and Yun-hwa have some bone-crunching fight before Hyun-woo arrives as backup to put a gun on Yun-hwa’s face. They arrest her and hand her over to Chul-young, who finally arrives. Yoo-gun warns Chul-young to find the people behind this so that he won’t be suspected of being the mastermind. Chul-young realizes just in time that there’s an IRIS sniper waiting to kill Yun-hwa (in case she got caught) and he forces her to duck, thus keeping her alive.

Yoo-gun realizes that IRIS is actually going to go for both North and South and orders his team to go protect the former President. Min leads everyone to the airport but they get ambushed by IRIS operatives on the way. Yoo-gun, Soo-yeon, and Hyun-woo arrive in time when the NSS agents are going down and help take out a lot of IRIS agents. Soo-yeon spies a sniper getting ready to shoot President Jo, and so she grabs a fallen gun and shoots him instead – right through the spyglass and into his eyeball. But she gets shot too in the arm.


Rei shoots President Jo in the back too, so he falls, and then orders his men to retreat. Soo-yeon picks up a gun, stands out in the open and shoots near Rei’s head; her shaking arm doesn’t help. Rei aims to shoot back at her as she struggles to control her shakiness and shoot him first.

Aaaaaand it ends.

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