IRIS 2 Weecaps: Episode 4

These weecaps are getting too long… But we learn more about Baek San and Yoo-gun’s intertwined history!

Episode 4 recap

Yoo-gun knocks Soo-yeon out of the way before she can get shot by Rei. After all this Hungary mess, it turns out North Korea managed to miniaturize a missile, and they’re using the death of their delegate as an excuse. Former President Jo is fine – but due to the failed mission, someone has to get punished. Chul-hwan suggests to the president that NSS get dissolved and fold under NIS (which he kind of wants) and even looks like he might be a traitor. Instead – Yoo-gun gets suspended for one month.

Yoo-gun also visits Baek San and figures that top IRIS officials know a code that they can break based on reading the newspapers. That’s how he knew about the Hungary mission. Yoo-gun offers a deal – protection for any information on new IRIS messages. Yoo-gun informs Min that he thinks the assassination was just a decoy to cover up the actual missile testing. Because the missile testing would have been denounced by the world, they had the assassination to make it seem like they have a reason to do the testing.


Min sends Hyun-woo on his first solo mission in Cambodia to get Joong-won. Joong-won manages to evade him for the most part – and I swear, Lee Beom Soo has barely done any speaking so far. They end up in a secluded street to fist fight. So sad that a 40-something can out-punch a 20-something. But eventually Hyun-woo manages to arrest Joong-won and ties him up in the bathroom. Except the following morning, Hyun-woo gets distracted when he receives a package, thus leaving Joong-won alone time to cut himself loose, and then steal Hyun-woo’s hard drive.

Except – when Joong-won escapes, thanks to his friend, that friend brings him to a dealer who can get him a lot of money quick. That “dealer” is North Korea’s Park Chul-young, and Joong-won goes back to the north and is arrested. He is finally led out to see Yun-hwa, who has been tortured endlessly. Joong-won wants her to spill everything to the North already, otherwise IRIS will kill them. He also reiterates that he wants nothing to do with her (but we know that’s a lie).

Min tries to make a deal with Baek San to get IRIS down. She finds IRIS the only threat to what she thinks is justice. But Baek San notes that he allied himself with IRIS as a sacrifice to protect his country. He also wields “the most powerful weapon” so he won’t help her. Flashback to 1979 and we see Jung Suk Won playing the younger version of Baek San, and being recruited into NSS.

Yoo-gun goes on his “vacation” and slips a ring into a matryoshka doll he got in Hungary. He presents it to Soo-yeon as a gift and then they go on a trip to the ocean. It’s so obvious they have an easy comfort with each other, having had three projects already and probably friends in real life. It’s totally believable to see them as a couple. Of course – they have a bed scene because every IRIS franchise has had one so far.


Then they head to the countryside to visit his mother, and Yoo-gun tells Soo-yeon that his father, Yoo Sang-joon, died before he was born, and so he was named Jung Yoo-gun (two last names in his name). Then Yoo-gun goes to visit Lieutenant Ha, but he bumps into Rei, and they have a gun fight/car fight. Eventually Rei manages to shake Yoo-gun off, but can’t kill him, and Yoo-gun discovers that Lieutenant Ha is dead. He reports the murder, but goes through Ha’s things to find any clues on NSS. He knows that Ha was strangely curious about NSS after Yoo-gun joined. He finds a journal that has all the pictures of Yoo-gun growing up. He finds a page that says: “Baek San… IRIS…” And then a photo of younger Baek San with Yoo-gun’s mother and father; Yoo Sang-joon was the mentor that recruited Baek San. CONNECTIONS!

After the funeral, Yoo-gun returns to NSS, where he learns the security code changed – all because of Hyun-woo losing the hard drive. He meets up with Soo-yeon, who’s been practicing her shooting (she’s no longer as good at her marksmanship due to the shot in her shoulder). Yoo-gun requests for security clearance from Min to look into the NSS servers to find out who the mole is (based on log-on entries), but his other purpose is to find out any files about his father. He finds out that his father was killed in 1979 (not long after Baek San joined). He senses a presence – another person in the server room, and chases the person down before he/she can escape. But who is that person!?

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