IRIS 2 Weecaps: Episode 10

This episode was more IRIS-centric, which means more screen time for Jang Hyuk and the IRIS gang. There’s only one thing I was really happy about in this episode, and it was when we got closer to discovering the identity of Mr. Black. I have my suspicions on the actor who plays Mr. Black (since we never see his face or his real voice), and for some reason I feel like it’s Song Jae Ho (I Miss You, Runaway Plan B). But we’ll see.

Episode 10 recap

Now that Soo-yeon has seen Yoo-gun in the flesh, what does she do? She cries, “Oppa,” several times, in the hopes that he’ll remember her. No dice, and he shoots her instead because he thinks she’s the one who shot him in the head. Eriko and Yoo-gun make their leave, but she grabs his leg, still pleading him to remember her, and calling him by name. It forces Yoo-gun to pause, since this is another time someone has called him ‘Yoo-gun’ and he has no recollection of them. Rei comes by to silence Soo-yeon, but Yoo-gun stops him from killing her.

Yun-hwa and Rei observe Yoo-gun a little longer, but his memories are coming back now. And once he realizes that he knows Soo-yeon, he cries. Based on the way he cries though, I’m guessing he’s realizing now that IRIS 2 isn’t the best series around.

Hyun-kyu informs Min about the CX-11 inscription, and that it was developed by a company called Jeron for the US army. That means Jeron could have also sold it to any private buyer as well, including IRIS. Min takes the information to Joong-won and hopes he’ll call off the missile attack since there’s evidence that IRIS is behind it.

The Blue House is under a state of panic as well because of the nuclear threat. Though Japan and US military forces in the area have already prepared to intercept the missile, successful interception is only a 50:50 chance. President Ha decides to give Min full power in convincing Joong-won to call off the missile; she can say whatever it is she has to say.

So Min tells Joong-won a secret that only she, the president, and Baek San know: “The reason why IRIS is looking for Baek San is for the five nuclear arms completed during the 4th administration. We’ve already secured them. Do you want to start the third world war?”

Joong-won calls her bluff and cancels the missile attack. Shi-hyuk, who was in the room with Min, later asks her if it’s true that they’ve secured the five nuclear arms. Min confirms they did, but reminds him that he didn’t hear a single thing in that room. We know they really didn’t get those arms yet too. As for Joong-won he will be able to stay in South Korea in one of NSS’ safe houses.

Soo-yeon recovers in a hospital from her gunshot wound, which is near the location of her first wound. She remains in shock over seeing Yoo-gun, and when Hyun-woo visits her, he gleans as much that Yoo-gun is alive. However, they both keep the fact to themselves that Yoo-gun is now a part of IRIS.

Min then calls her contact in the States about CX-11 being leaked. While the US army claims that they have not leaked anything, it’s less certain whether Jeron has kept its mouth shut as well. The contact also tells Min that even though the CEO of Jeron is named David Greene, rumor has it that the real owner is a Korean-American named Anthony Choi.

One more clue about Mr. Black!

Tae-hee takes Young-choon to meet Mr. Black in his house, but she does not get the privilege of seeing him; Mr. Black’s guards escort Young-choon further instead. If Young-choon can hold his end of the deal, Mr. Black will make Young-choon the leader of the new Republic; power sells. Tae-hee reports to Joong-won that the IRIS team arrived safely in Japan. She thinks Joong-won ought to rethink teaming up with “them” but he refuses to listen to her doubts. They must do everything they can for North Korea. “Them” might mean IRIS.

Eriko and Yoo-gun return to the Japanese guest house that he was staying at. That evening, the old owner does another scan of his REM sleep and discovers that he might have regained his memories.

Rei orders the owner and Eriko to pack up their things, as they’re moving to a different safe house. Eriko’s last order is to kill Yoo-gun as well. They leave in the middle of the night, while he is asleep, and Eriko aims a gun at his head. With a tearful “I’m sorry,” she shoots, and leaves.

Soo-yeon leaves the hospital a little earlier than expected and asks Byung-jin to help her track down a woman named ‘Rie’ in Japan on the side. Of course, this little “mission” arouses some suspicion in his coworkers but they don’t understand what he’s searching for anyways. Byung-jin discovers that ‘Rie’ is really Eriko (like I’ve been calling her the entire time), and that years ago she became a scapegoat while investigating a political figure. A year later after that incident she and her superiors disappeared; they changed their identities and worked for IRIS. Soo-yeon then contacts her equal in Japan to get them to investigate Eriko’s guest house.

Joong-won meets with Min in his safe house to share some information about IRIS as well. He gives her the recording Chul-young made, which proves that (a) Yoo-gun is alive, and (b) he is part of IRIS. Of course Min flips her lid when she finds out that Soo-yeon knew about this and didn’t tell her.

Back in Japan, Yoo-gun wakes up with a start. Of course he’s alive. He sees a bullet shell by his side and takes out a hidden gun. The house is empty, but Eriko returns out of nowhere to warn him to leave. Since he got his memory back, IRIS and NSS are looking for him. They have one last embrace, and he makes his escape. When she exits the house, other IRIS agents are there. They clearly don’t believe her excuse that she “left something behind” and take her hostage.

Yoo-gun treks through the deep white snow, and hears snowmobiles from the distance. IRIS is here! He runs into the forest and shoots down each snowmobile driver as they pass him. He even has the gall to roll underneath one as it makes a jump over a small snow ledge. He takes over a snow mobile and shoots down several along the way, including Rei’s right hand man Jamie. Badly wounded, Rei decides to just kill Jamie instead of having him suffer any longer.

Yoo-gun can’t outrun all the IRIS agents, so he decides to literally drive it off the bridge. The snowmobile crashes, and he falls into a river – surprisingly unhurt for the most part. When Yoo-gun groggily gets up from the river bed, he sees IRIS before him, waiting.

He is then taken to new IRIS quarters where he sees Eriko beaten up and tied to a chair. She had warned him to get away! Why didn’t he get away!? In front of his eyes, Rei shoots Eriko in the heart, and then aims the gun at Yoo-gun’s head. “It’s nothing personal.”

Yeah, it’s nothing personal show. You’ve shot him so many times, I no longer care.

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