IRIS 2 Weecaps: Episode 11

Well it’s episode 11. I couldn’t help but laugh at the scenes in English again, which I find are the curse of the drama. There was one point where I thought they were going to pull an IRIS stunt in that Yun-hwa would ally with Yoo-gun and help him, much like how Sun-hwa ended up helping Hyun-joon. But… we didn’t get that, and that’s a good thing; otherwise this drama would not have been able to stand on its own two feet.

Rei aims the gun at Yoo-gun, and they each pass a look of anger and revulsion to each other. Suddenly, Rei can’t take it anymore and orders him to be removed from his sight. Fake out! Well, we knew Yoo-gun couldn’t die yet.

Min shows Soo-yeon the recording of Yoo-gun killing Chul-young, and swears her to secrecy. Until they get to the bottom of it, they won’t tell anyone else. At that moment, the recording blares through the speakerphones throughout NSS. It’s Chul-hwan’s doing. He had the recording throughly checked for any falsification and came up with nothing. Therefore Yoo-gun is no longer an NSS agent, and must be regarded as a terrorist and assassin.

From his point of view it makes sense, but from the viewer’s point of view we can tell that Chul-hwan is doing this on purpose to usurp Min and make her look bad. Soo-yeon does state that Yoo-gun looked like he lost his memory when she encountered him, but it doesn’t make much of a difference.

After the meeting with Chul-hwan, Hyun-kyu gets a video message. It’s from IRIS, and they have Yoo-gun beaten and tied to a chair. Rei says that he wants Baek San for Yoo-gun, and if they agree then IRIS will stop attacking the Korean peninsula. (Pfft, yeah right.) If not, then they wil kill Yoo-gun. (I don’t know why Rei bothers with the mask – his voice is incredibly recognizable.) Of course, NSS doesn’t want to trade him; Yoo-gun is technically an enemy, and they haven’t gotten all the secrets out of Baek San yet. Min does finally inform the president about the nuclear weapons though.

Yun-hwa has a little tete-a-tete with Yoo-gun after the hostage video is sent. She taunts him about Soo-yeon being his lover, and yet he had shot her, while Yoo-gun is certain NSS won’t trade Baek San for him. Since he does remember everything now, he’s too dangerous for IRIS to keep alive, so they plan to kill him at the exchange.

Joong-won learns of the exchange, and he contacts Tae-hee – is it possible to get information from NSS, including the top classified files on what Min could have reported about her discussions with Baek San? Tae-hee says it is, and she surreptitiously enters one of the NSS buildings as a guest to sneak into their servers. She connects and starts the upload of all the classified documents to Joong-won’s computer. Unfortunately it will take her two hours – and she does end up killing a guard who wanders too close.

One of the NSS agents discovers that someone is accessing their servers and their information, and instead of cutting off the connection, they decide to launch a reverse virus so that it will delete all the information downloaded thus far. It goes off without a hitch, and by the time Tae-hee sees what’s happening, it’s too late for her to reverse the effect. She quickly packs up, and encounters a bunch of security guards already sent to take her down. With a small trusty blade, she takes them all out. Hell yeah.

Soo-yeon still wants to save Yoo-gun, but she understands that no one wants to give up Baek San to IRIS. Tasked with finding an alternative solution, she decides to follow the lead about Yoo-gun’s father and see if it would give her bargaining power. Byung-jin locates where Ui Sang-chul lives, and she tracks him down. Turns out, Sang-chul is the guy who told Yoo-gun’s mother and Baek San that the other were dead, and to change their identities.

Because Ui Sang-chul is dying from a disease, he decides to just tell Soo-yeon the truth about everything. Imagine her shock when she realizes that Baek San is her lover’s father. And then imagine the shock on Baek San’s face when he realizes he was talking to his son, and that his lover is still alive.

So Baek San now is willing to give himself up to IRIS, but he wants to plan the exchange so that he could – of course – escape from IRIS’ grasp. In addition, with the success of the mission, Soo-yeon promises to let him see Ji-young, or Soo-min, a.k.a Yoo-gun’s mother. As for Min, she wants Baek San to take her to the location of where the nuclear arms are, and they make a separate deal. (To note, she does not know about Baek San and Yoo-gun’s connection, or how Soo-yeon managed to convince Baek San, but eventually learns of the exchange plan.)

Back with IRIS – Yun-hwa taunts Yoo-gun again, calling him pathetic because his life is so twisted – just like hers. But Yoo-gun tells her that she’s being used by IRIS to work with the very people she should have revenge against. Not only did IRIS plot to kill her when she got arrested, but IRIS is also now working with the North Korean military hard-liners that she hates so much. The killing part, she knew, but Yun-hwa wasn’t aware of the second part. She barges in and “yells” at Rei for the deceit. (I say “yell” because she does it in English, and it’s not terribly effective.) Rei goes to tell Yoo-gun to shut up, and then tells him that IRIS wants Baek San because he knows the location of 5 nuclear weapons, one that they’ll detonate in Pyonyang, and another in Seoul.

What!? Why don’t you tell him your favorite cereal while you’re at it!?

That evening, Yun-hwa “seduces” Rei with some wine and an apology for overreacting. (I say “seduces” because again, it’s in English and it’s quite terrible.) She pours him a glass, and waits for him to drink – and then pass out from the drug. Whipping out her choker, she climbs on top of him and tries to strangle him to death. Thing is, he’s not completely passed out, and he’s a big guy, so he quickly takes her down. She does knock him out for a bit, but then his other men come running in and chase her down. She is so not getting out of this alive.

It’s time for the exchange at the pier, and Hyun-kyu injects some serum into Baek San while he’s asleep, presumably to help track him down. NSS snipers are at the ready to start killing the IRIS agents once the exchange finishes, and divers are on standby to wait when Baek San escapes IRIS’ clutches by jumping off the dock. The IRIS ship docks, and Rei and his men bring a hooded Yoo-gun to shore. Min leads her team with a hooded Baek San, and at 12 noon sharp, they unveil both men for the other to see.

And father looks into his son’s eyes once again.

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