IRIS 2 Weecaps: Episode 12

Surprisingly interesting episode, because we moved away from the action for a moment and focused on three characters: Baek San, Yoo-gun, and Joong-won. Baek San recovers his heart, Yoo-gun must re-assimilate to his old life, and Joong-won is now officially on the run – again. And we have a new figure that I hope is as mysterious and good as T.O.P. – you can guess at what his character is/does.

One pet peeve I have with this series is how they like to make shots linger for way too long, just so that it fits with the edit of the soundtrack. They also like to add in unnecessary shots of the cast, or additional montages that don’t really add to the story or to the characters. They’re just time fillers.

So we’re at the exchange, and Baek San and Yoo-gun approach each other from opposite ends of the bridge. Min hopes that Baek San won’t forget his promise to her, but he promises he won’t go back to IRIS. (Hint: He didn’t say he’d go back to NSS either.) Yoo-gun meets him halfway and hopes Baek San will survive, as he has something to ask. (Like, “Are you my father?” No? Okay, next time.)

As soon as the exchange is complete, Yoo-gun is arrested and taken to an armored truck. Rei greets Baek San, and his guards take a hold of him. But Baek San punches both men out and jumps over the side of the bridge, right to the waiting NSS scuba divers’ hands. (What’s up with old men being able to take down young’uns?) NSS begins a firestorm of bullets at IRIS, and they take out most of them, injuring Rei badly and arresting him. Even Yoo-gun joins in the firefight – after he beats up his guards and steals a gun.

Soo-yeon is sent to secure Baek San at the beach, but he’s gone missing. She and the agents search in the surrounding area and find that the two NSS scuba agents have been stabbed, and Baek San is missing. Guess who’s in trouble now? Yep – Min is, and Chul-hwan takes over control of her team and all future operations. He tasks the team with tracking down Baek San, while he goes and interrogates Yoo-gun himself.

Thing is – Min doesn’t tell anyone that she knows where Baek San is. She had had Hyun-kyu inject a tracking device within him, so she knows exactly where he is.

In the interrogation room, Chul-hwan confronts Yoo-gun about him killing Chul-young. Of course, he denies it, but no one’s going to believe him. He breaks the recorder with Chul-young’s last words, and smartly does not tell Chul-hwan why IRIS wants Baek San, even though he knows. I bet he can tell Chul-hwan’s a sleaze. But he does mention Mr. Black to him.

Hyun-kyu does a quick analysis and notes that if there are still some bullet fragments in his brain, it might cause some pressure to parts of his brain that will affect his personality. He might lash out in violent behavior at any time, and so Min is now on alert over Yoo-gun. She visits President Ha and requests that Yoo-gun be pardoned; she knows that he didn’t join IRIS willingly. After the pardon though, Yoo-gun will be relieved from NSS, since she can’t keep him around. She tells Soo-yeon as much, and grants her special access to Yoo-gun’s home, where he will be kept in semi-house arrest for some time.

Soo-yeon finally has the courage to meet Yoo-gun face to face, and it’s a tearful exchange. He apologizes, knowing nothing else to say.

Chul-hwan ends up being summoned to NIS for internal review because of his affair with that traitor Section Chief, and so he gives Hyun-woo one last order: watch Yoo-gun and report anything odd straight to him. Hyun-woo is reluctant to do it, but when he’s reminded that Yoo-gun shot Soo-yeon (even though it was while brainwashed), he does it willingly.

Yoo-gun does debrief Min about what he learned, and Joong-won’s involvement in Young-choon’s “kidnapping”. When he tells her about the 5 nuclear arms, she doesn’t bat an eyelid, and he’s surprised that she already knew.

Soo-yeon takes Yoo-gun home, and even though she’s not allowed to give him a phone to use, she leaves hers while she gets groceries. It allows him to call his mother while in his safe room. Hyun-woo and his watch team are already observing him through hidden cameras, but they don’t report this just yet. Soo-yeon also figured out the Baek San – Yoo Sang Joon connection, but tells Yoo-gun she’ll take him to Ui Sang-chul so he can learn it himself.

After she leaves, Yoo-gun notices all the cameras and takes them all down. He sees Hyun-woo outside his home; though pissed at being watched, he has no defense when Hyun-woo says he can’t trust a man who shot Soo-yeon. Then there’s a random scene where Hyun-woo goes home, washes up, and drinks water. Uh… to portray his thought process??

Now on to the other characters: during the search for Baek San, Joong-won is summoned by North Korea to return immediately and answer for his rash action to start a nuclear war. Because he didn’t get a solution quickly enough, his opponents in government have already blamed him for everything. Instead of going back though, or staying with NSS, he escapes on his own and rendezvouses with Young-choon.

As for Yun-hwa, she barely escapes and makes it to Joong-won’s place. (Amazing how she knew where he ended up hiding.) After a shower scene that was not sultry at all, she confronts Joong-won on his motivations. He admits that his mother was recently sent to a coal mine, and he wants revenge on the North. Hence his dealings with IRIS. And so if she wants in on the revenge, she’ll need to follow him.

Oh and Rei is hospitalized under heavy security.

On to Baek San – the meaty part of the story. After escaping the NSS and IRIS, he meets up with an old colleague and makes a late night visit to Ui Sang-chul’s. A flashback reveals that back in the day, Ui Sang-chul had gotten shot in front of Baek San by some traitors within the agency who were leaking information to the CIA. Baek San escaped – barely – and lived his life not knowing that Soo-min was alive. He wants to kill Sang-chul, but doesn’t. Instead, he goes to visit Soo-min and they have a very touching and tearful reunion.

They spend a day together, and Baek San admits to being married during their time apart – after all, he had to live a fake life.

We then see a mysterious figure in the shadows retrieving Yoo-gun’s information off of the NSS database. He makes a copy of Yoo-gun’s thumbprint, and then goes to Ui Sang-chul’s, and kills him. He then places Yoo-gun’s thumbprint on the gun, framing him for murder. Hmm…

When Joong-won meets Young-choon, his superior promises to have him pardoned when their agenda is over. Joong-won informs him that the IRIS group they were working with were all eliminated, and Rei is under arrest. Therefore he wants Young-choon to convince Mr. Black to use a different team to carry out his agenda – and that team, should include Joong-won, Tae-hee, and Yun-hwa.

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