IRIS 2 Weecaps: Episode 5

This episode marks the TRUE ARRIVAL of Lee Joon, though I don’t think it’s something to glorify. We learn a lot about Baek San’s back story, which is fine by me because that just means more Jung Suk Won eye candy.

Episode 5 recap

So Yoo-gun catches the secretary snooping around the servers and nearly throttles her, but lets her go because she’s supposedly doing work for Choi Min. Soo-yeon is still struggling to shoot well, until finally Hyun-woo reminds her that she’s in a shooting range and not killing people; then, she finally aims well in the center of her target. Chul-young wants to take responsibility for the events in Hungary, but the North Korean hard-liners are having a field day placing blame on his team. Joong-won is still trying to get Yun-hwa to talk, but she tries to force her way out anyways. Of course, she gets overpowered eventually.

Yoo-gun meets with Baek San because he wants to know how his father, Lieutenant Ha, and Baek San are all connected. Baek San can tell that Yoo-gun has a personal interest in this visit, but he doesn’t figure out who until Yoo-gun asks if he’s familiar with Lieutenant Ha. After all, Ha investigated IRIS in depth. Baek San even opens up to Yoo-gun and admits that he joined IRIS not long after he joined NSS. He had lost the woman he only ever loved after moving to NSS, and to take his revenge, he needed the power IRIS would give him.

A flashback reveals that young Baek San was dating a girl and got caught by Yoo-gun’s father. They all met formally, and took a photo… So does that mean that Yoo-gun’s mother is Baek San’s first love? And then Yoo-gun’s father took her away?! Yoo-gun’s father also warns young Baek San not to fall in love, as it causes problems for those in their line of work.

Two new agents come in – Yoon Shi-hyuk (Lee Joon) and Song Young-min – to join the A team in protecting President Jo, since the president wants to continue the Unification talks. Shi-hyuk quickly proves to be the conceited agent who thinks he’s all that because he’s so young… but he’s really not all that. In fact, he sounds like an idiotic brat. Yoo-gun also wants to conduct a mission to get IRIS to come out. Plotting it only with Min, he plans to use the A team as bait and lure IRIS out as they try to change his safe house location.

The secretary learns of this plan and informs Rei, and she tries to get information by stealing Chul-hwan’s key card and then trying to search his room for clues. She sees an imprint on a notepad that says ‘Camp GH’ and presumes they’re going to relocate there.

Min has a heart to heart with Yoo-gun over her motivations for catching IRIS, which I thought one of the more interesting parts of the episode. She says that when she was 8, her mother was late in picking her up from school, so she was going to demand a Cabbage Patch kid doll from her mother as payment. Little did she know, her parents had been working at a consulate and it was bombed by terrorists that day. She swore never to demand again, but when she was 28 and working in the States, she did it again. She was going to go on vacation with her boyfriend, and he was going to propose but left the ring in the office. She demanded he go back to the office to get the ring… that day was September 11, 2001, and his office was at the Pentagon. When she realized that IRIS was directly or indirectly involved in most terrorist attacks, she decided to take them down.

Similarly, we learn from Yun-hwa that after her sister (Sun-hwa) was labeled a traitor to the country, she and their mother were taken to a coal mining concentration camp. Her mother couldn’t survive in those conditions and so they escaped – except their mother died not long after they left the concentration camp. Afterwards, Joong-won manages to get through to her, and she says that she wants the New York Post, the Washington Daily, and the Moscow Daily every single day – she’s going to be reading some coded messages from IRIS! But she refuses to divulge more, knowing they’ll kill her.

The mission begins and it turns out there are two teams that are going to two different safe houses. Yoo-gun believes he’s going to get the mole in NSS and find out why IRIS wants Baek San through this mission. Yoo-gun leads one convoy, while Shi-hyuk and Young-min lead the second. When the secretary realizes that there are two different convoys, she determines that the one going to Pocheon is the real deal. However – they’re both decoys. Rei ends up in a shootout with the A team and most of his men are pretty much killed off.

Eventually Yoo-gun injures Rei, and he raises a gun to Rei’s head. Except… a sniper picks him off first. Bullet to the brain! And yet he still manages to stand up! Of course Soo-yeon is shocked beyond belief and Hyun-woo needs to drag her away from the line of fire. When they finally pick off all the IRIS agents, they discover that Rei has escaped – along with Yoo-gun’s body. IRIS is going to save him, and use him.

As for Baek San, he thinks their plan is reckless, but he finally gives in to Min and tells her why IRIS wants him. Back then during Korea’s 4th administration, 5 nuclear bombs were built that could completely annihilate the city of Seoul should North Korea ever invade. He knows all those locations, and IRIS wants to know too.

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