IRIS 2 Weecaps: Episode 6

Not too impressed with this episode. Not only did it follow such a similar story line to IRIS episode 7, but it wasn’t even a decent send-up to the original. (Wait – it’s not just this episode that rips from the original, but the whole series. Haha – forgive my slip-up.) While the situations are slightly different, what happens in sequential order is quite similar. Also, I hate to say this but Lee Joon’s character is the weirdest and most unnecessary character thus far. He better be a spy for IRIS or else I’m going to say he’s a waste of space and screen time.

Episode 6 recap

So IRIS wants to save Yoo-gun’s life and use him, except he flat lines while being flown to safety. Oh wells.

Hyun-woo and Soo-yeon return to headquarters where Team Leader Yoo Hae-young (the other wavy haired lady who recently got access to the server room, and boss of Byung-jin) and her team take them aside to report their findings. Even though they’re supposed to report to Director Kang, they found out that the mole who hacked into their server system (and found out about the two locations) was the director himself.

Even though he has a motive, further investigation reveals that it was the secretary – or actually, she’s a section chief named Lee Soo-jin. They find her in the midst of erasing her computer’s data and deactivating her phone, and arrest her.

During interrogation, Soo-jin keeps her mouth shut, until Soo-yeon comes in with a gun, threatening her to tell them where Yoo-gun is. She shoots her in the leg, and Soo-jin admits that IRIS took Yoo-gun, and that he’s now dead. Soo-yeon is heartbroken, but she refuses to believe until she sees his dead body. As for Director Kang, Min tells him to keep his mouth shut and ally with her, and she won’t reveal that he had compromised security by dating Soo-jin.

Back in North Korea, Yun-hwa finally creates a message using the IRIS code in the newspapers, and gives it to Chul-young to publish. He finally recognizes her and says he’s sorry for her mother’s death, and hopes just as much that Sun-hwa is alive. Cue a Kim So Yeon cameo! (Even though it’s just old footage from ATHENA.)

Min takes over control of her team and tells them to pursue every lead that can bring them closer to IRIS. She puts Soo-yeon as head of the A-team, and Byung-jin and Ji-yeon (the two computer guys) on the field. Min then asks Baek San for the locations of the nuclear bombs but of course he won’t give it, since there are still more spies in NSS and the Blue House.

Flashback again, and we see Baek San choosing to leave the agency for love. But he gets a call from Soo-min saying not to come over. Of course he goes, because she’s been beaten badly, and he gets stabbed in the process. The two of them are bloody and dying on the floor, and when Baek San wakes up, he’s in Japan and under IRIS’s control. His name becomes Baek San, and we learn that he used to be Yoo Sang-joon. And he’s told that Soo-min and her baby died.

AH GEEEZZZZ – WHY?!!?!? So Baek San is Yoo-gun’s dad, and no one knew. People thought instead that his former boss was Yoo-gun’s dad.

Nine months later, Soo-yeon is now living in Yoo-gun’s apartment and leading missions to track down arms dealers that dealt with IRIS. She’s become a cold-hearted “monster” so to speak as she takes over Yoo-gun’s mission to figure out Baek San’s past. After a conversation with Hyun-woo about proposals, she remembers Yoo-gun’s last words about checking the Matryoshka doll after their last mission together, and she finds his ring and a note saying “I love you.” She shakes from grief.

And then we go to Akita, Japan (like in IRIS) and find that Yoo-gun is now living a new life as ‘Ken’, boarding at Sato Eriko’s home (played by Yoo Min, and she too dealt with Hyun-joon). They nearly touch hands, and they pull away (much like how Hyun-joon pulled away from Sun-hwa’s hand as she touched his arm). He gets a mission from Rei, who is now his colleague, to kill an uncooperative person for IRIS in his private Japanese room (much like how Hyun-joon had to kill a politician), and succeeds.

Yun-hwa and Joong-won finally get a response from IRIS and they report to Chul-young, who organizes a mission with them two. Joong-won warns Yun-hwa not to think of joining IRIS again.

Soo-yeon visits Yoo-gun’s mother and finds Lieutenant Ha’s diary, and his note: “I couldn’t find the evidence that Baek San killed Yoo Sang-joon.”

HAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh wait – they don’t know it’s the same person yet.

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