IRIS 2 Weecaps: Episode 7

Lots of things happen in this episode, which in general is considered a good thing. I don’t think so for this episode in particular though, because I feel like things became even more confusing. It happens when you have too many story threads going on and you need to address it all into one episode. So here’s what happens.

Episode 7 recap

Soo-yeon gets closer to the truth of discovering the connection between Yoo-gun and Baek San, while Yoo-gun is busy having fun with Rie. They’re mistaken to be a couple, which of course means in drama-land, “They’re so hot together but they can’t be together, but their world wishes they were!” That evening, when Yoo-gun is asleep, some IRIS doctors come in and track his EEG to see if his memories are coming back. All they know is that he’s having nightmares of the killing from the night before.

Soo-yeon’s taken Lieutenant Ha’s diary, and he finds out that Lieutenant Ha knew that Yoo-gun’s mother used to be “Soo-min” but changed her name to “Ji-young” instead. He also knew about how a North Korean spy, Ui Jin-chul, had hid in Soo-min’s shop, and was killed by “Yoo Sang-joon”. They fell in love, and then “Sang-joon” was killed, and his superior, Kim Jung-young, was killed as well.

Interlude: Byung-jin and Ji-yun get some training from Shi-hyuk because they’re supposed to be field agents now. Of course, Shi-hyuk takes them both down easily. What’s the point of this scene?

Soo-yeon is still brooding and thinking about Yoo-gun so on her day off, Hyun-woo takes her to Lotte World to get her mind off things, and treats her to a meal at Paris Baguette. He’s so happy to see her happy, and basically confesses to her that if she can’t have “perfect” Yoo-gun, she can have the “slightly imperfect” Hyun-woo by her side instead. Soo-yeon is all, “…Awkward…” but she says that he’s better than “slightly imperfect” so it’s all good. They’re still friends. I think.

The next day, they find Joong-won, Chul-young, Yun-hwa, and an extra guard all arrive in Japan and show up on their search. They don’t know why they’re there, but suspicion is growing that Chul-young just may be the mastermind behind the North Korean ambassador’s death, and thus be part of IRIS. NSS tracks the group down to a hotel in Japan, and Shi-hyuk, Hyun-woo, and Soo-yeon head over.

Meanwhile, Yoo-gun gets followed by Rei’s second in command, and they have a fight in the snow because he just wants to. Yoo-gun’s instincts are slow to kick in, but when the other guy finally starts attacking ferociously, his training from the NSS days kick in. He’s close to killing the other guy when Rei steps in and stops them. It seems he just wants to test if Yoo-gun is recovering some memories, and then drops Yoo-gun off at a hotel.

At the hotel, Joong-won tries to hit on Yun-hwa again and promise a nice life together in hiding (with the innuendo of also lots of sex), and tells her to forget about Rei. He can tell she loves him. She rebuffs him and they head up to their room. Once again, what’s the point of this scene? Well, at least it showcases Lee Beom Soo… They plan for their rendezvous the following day, and Joong-won volunteers to go back to North Korea, sensing the danger they’re in.

That evening, the guard sleeps in front of the door of Yun-hwa and Joong-won’s room, while Chul-young heads to his own. He gets a surprise visitor – it’s Yoo-gun, with a gun by his side and leading him away to a port. When they turn face to face, Chul-young is shocked to find out that Yoo-gun is part of IRIS, but Yoo-gun has no memory of him and thinks he’s “Ken” as Rei had told him. Rei orders him to kill Chul-young, but Yoo-gun can’t because he’s so confused and intrigued by what Chul-young seems to know of him. So Rei shoots instead, and Chul-young jumps off the ship.

They head back to the hotel, and the second-in-command throws a gas bomb into the room so that he can kidnap Yun-hwa without anyone suspecting. Yoo-gun drives the getaway car. Meanwhile, the NSS agents arrive at the hotel, and Shi-hyuk pretends to be room service for Chul-young. But then they’re interrupted by the North Korean guard and Joong-won finally waking up and running out of their rooms.

Commence chase scene, and boy are Hyun-woo and Shi-hyuk pathetic! They can’t overpower a 40-something year old rusty agent!!! Sheesh! Joong-won just got hotter by 10 million megawatts. Suffice to say, the NSS agents lose the guard and Joong-won. Sigh.

The following day, they investigate the rooms and realize that Chul-young’s room was the only one not gassed. It’s possible he kidnapped Yun-hwa himself and they headed over to an IRIS safe house. But then after reviewing the CCTV footage, they realize that a different person kidnapped Yun-hwa, and that Chul-young was led away by another mysterious person. Since they can only see the back, no one knows who it is, but Soo-yeon has her suspicions. She gives the footage to Hyun-kyu to review, basically asking if it could possibly be Yoo-gun. The body is not a match, skeletal-structure-wise, and Hyun-kyu warns her that this obsession could be destructive (since he saw it once before with Seung-hee in season 1).

Meanwhile, Yun-hwa is taken to a safe house and when she awakens she embraces Rei, so relieved that he saved her. Or, let’s hope he’s really saving her and not going to kill her later. Back at NSS, Soo-yeon is a busy girl: she finds out from the traitor, Hae-young, about the IRIS safe house in Japan, and visits Baek San to confront him about Lieutenant Ha’s investigation. (I thought there was some random sexual tension between Soo-yeon and Hae-young too…) She shows him the picture of a younger him with Soo-min and his boss, and Baek San freezes – especially more so when she assumes that Jung-young is “Sang-joon”. He sends her away, not wanting to be confronted by this, and she says that she hopes to meet Ui Sang-chul one day. He blurts: “Ui Sang-chul is still alive?” and then quickly leaves; he’s practically admitted his proximity to this whole investigation.

Soo-yeon then heads to Min’s office; they’ve discovered that “Ken” was staying across from Chul-young’s room and probably was the one who kidnapped him, and the location of the safe house. So she sends Soo-yeon back to Japan to uncover the truth. Min then meets with Baek San to find out what IRIS is playing at, and he says that basically the big boss has pushed the “reset” button by gathering their team back together again. Attack time!

Yoo-gun tries to retrieve his memories and ask who ‘Yun-hwa’ is, finding the name familiar and wondering if they had a connection. Rei dismisses it and says that she’s part of IRIS so that’s all he needs to know.

As for Joong-won, he has a rendezvous with Chul-young, who got shot in the arm by one of Rei’s bullets. Chul-young tells him that Yoo-gun is IRIS, and that he now needs to contact North Korea and then find Yun-hwa. But then Joong-won pulls his gun – “Captain… thank you for everything.” And he shoots.


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