IRIS 2 Weecaps: Episode 8

Chul-young is dead. Shed your tears now.

On the other hand – this franchise has gone back to the one thing that makes it awesome – interesting North Korean spy characters! Whee! Let’s throw confetti! Now if only the franchise learned that it should not focus so much time on the boring female lead, we’d have a better time with it. Also – please stop making your cast speak so much English. It’s pretty unnecessary…

Episode 8 recap

Joong-won speaks to the dead Chul-young: “I never betrayed my country. We just had different visions for the future.” He picks up the guard at a different location, and we see a lady find Chul-young’s body (presumably Yun-hwa?). The guard hands Joong-won a phone, and he hears a recording of Chul-young’s meeting with Yoo-gun, which was sent to the guard. Feigning ignorance, he asks what they should do, and the guard hands him a key to a safe deposit box.

Joong-won just killed his sugar daddy – *facepalm! Ok, more like a father figure very concerned for his well-being. He goes to the bank and finds money, blank passports, guns, and a USB. And then he calls in to his superior in North Korea and reports that he finished his mission. WHAAAAT – he was ordered to kill Chul-young!?

As for IRIS, they head on out, leaving their safe house in Japan so they can put their plans in action. Rei wants to make sure Yoo-gun remains in the dark about their master plan. But Yoo-gun is so frustrated and wants to know his relationship with Yun-hwa; if she’s a colleague, why did Chul-young say he arrested her? For all his protestations, Rei simply tells Yoo-gun the truth. The hell… But he does say that Yoo-gun was “always” a part of IRIS to make him feel better.

Soo-yeon is in Japan, tracking down the location of the safe house when she finds that two cars are coming her way. The cars are filled with IRIS people, and she turns away – thus missing her chance to see Yoo-gun in the car! She throws a tracker at them, thinking that they might be the IRIS people. She goes into the building and finds their planning room, taking a picture of their now-erased whiteboard in case Hyun-kyu can find some traces of the wording.

She gets attacked from behind by an IRIS agent and they fight – and she wins… except he swallows a suicide pill. There goes the lead. On top of that, during a gas station stop, Rei finds the tracker and throws it away. There goes that lead too.

Soo-yeon asks the hotel if “Ken” is Yoo-gun, but they won’t confirm on the identity. They direct him to a guest house, where Eriko lives, and Soo-yeon asks if Yoo-gun stayed there. She first shows a picture of Joong-won, and Eriko says that’s not him. When she shows a picture of Yoo-gun, Eriko pauses for a while before saying no. Dude – that’s such a telltale sign she’s lying!

Joong-won visits his mother and hands her a packet of money again to take care of herself. He says that he’ll be away for a while because of work, and his mother understands that this may be the last time she’ll see her son. 🙁 His boss, Kwon Young-choon applauds him for killing Chul-young so easily, and Joong-won says he’ll do anything for the country. Guess he’s one of the hardliners who don’t want to make peace with the South.

Just in case you were curious, Director Kang Chul-hwan couldn’t give a damn about reunification because it’ll cost money taking care of the poor North Koreans, while Choi Min wants reunification, period.

Soo-yeon goes to visit Baek San and finds out that IRIS always wanted Chul-young, but his ideals strayed further from IRIS’ and so they decided to eliminate him than recruit him. He also advises her that if she instinctively thinks this “Ken” is Yoo-gun, then she better believe it.

The peace talks for reunification are to resume, and Hyun-woo and Soo-yeon go to scout out a new hotel to see if it’d be an ideal location. Because Hyun-woo is still hung up on Soo-yeon, he buys her a necklace. Way to go. He tries to gift it to her when they scout out the hotel, but it becomes bad timing because he sees her wearing Yoo-gun’s ring. So he just leaves it in her car instead, and when he sees her hang it on the rearview mirror, it makes him super happy.

Turns out Kwon Young-choon is representing North Korea now in these talks, and he’s the brother of the dead ambassador. The brothers are very different in ideology, so NSS suspects that Young-choon could have orchestrated the death of his brother to get rid of a moderate. To prove it, Soo-yeon plans to wire tap his room.

Min visits Baek San to see if he can give information about the nuclear weapon locations. She wants to know them before IRIS ruins the peace talks, and if they know where they are, they can gain the upper hand during the peace talks. He promises to show her – as long as it’s only the two of them with no followers.

Yoo-gun gets bored waiting around, not knowing his job, so he checks out some of the supplies the team brought over. Of course, there’s a box of explosives, or at least US-made weapons. Rei tells him that his mission will be a solo one, and involves Young-choon.

Back in North Korea, Joong-won requests of Young-choon for an appropriate ranking as the commander of the missile unit. It looks like he’s got a plan, and it might have to do with the fact that years ago after his brother’s death, Young-choon stripped him of his medals and forced him to go on the run as a “North Korean escapee” to jumpstart their grand plan.


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