IRIS 2 Weecaps: Episode 9

DA TWUTH IS OUT! Well, pretty much. A lot of stakes are raised – again – in this episode of IRIS 2, and it’s nuclear war threats galore. But the web is being woven even more intricately now, drawing more lines between people you wouldn’t expect to have any dealings with each other whatsoever, and introducing new threads that might end up being badass characters, or just complete dead weights on screen.

Also – we get to know more about Mr. Black. Yay!

Episode 9 Recap


The NSS team prepares for the arrival of the North and South delegations for the Unification Preparatory Committee. Soo-yeon and Hyun-woo are in for a shock when the see Joong-won leading the security detail for Kwon Young-choon. Of course, Choi Min knew about it – but she didn’t warn her team as she wanted Soo-yeon to go along with her plan of wire-tapping his room.


Min meets with Joong-won privately and asks why a North Korean defector suddenly had his record cleaned and he’s in charge of security. He denies being an accomplice to Kwon Young-chan’s murder in Hungary, of course. Min wants to add her people to his team, since she doesn’t trust him, and wants to know what happened to Yun-hwa and Chul-young. He assures her that they’ve been eliminated and rejects her offer.


Later that evening, Rei drops Yoo-gun near the hotel so that he can start his mission. Yoo Joong-won retires to his room, and is suddenly met with his subordinate, Park Choon-sung, aiming a gun at him. Park Choon-sung was the guard back in Japan who was loyal to Chul-young. So… Choon-sung is rebelling?! He calls Joong-won a traitor and shoots him. Ahh!

Of course, the NSS team overhears this through the wire tap devices and burst into the room. Except that… Joong-won was faking it. He tricked them on purpose to see if they did bug his room, and now he has bargaining power. Since the NSS doesn’t want him to report it to the North Korean delegation, and thus end the peace talks, they are willing to see what he wants (as long as it doesn’t include an apology). Joong-won has three conditions: (1) no more wiretapping, (2) no more investigations on him or tailing him, and (3) all the information they have regarding IRIS. The last condition comes as a surprise for Min, who’s unsure whether she can deliver on that promise just yet.


Soo-yeon spots two suspicious agents coming from the North Koreans’ corridor. She has her team check out the CCTV records, and it turns out that those suspicious agents had sent over a steel case full of “presents” from the Blue House. The thing is, those agents don’t belong to NSS, nor did the South send the North any gifts. They then detect someone is lurking in the air-conditioning unit room, and go investigate.


Now that Joong-won has the terms and conditions that he wants, he and Young-choon are free to act on their plan. With a regretful expression, Young-choon asks for all of his delegates to convene in his room for some snacks and alcohol. In the middle of this party, Young-choon excuses himself. It’s all a ruse – they head down to that air conditioning unit room and meet “Ken”, who’s actually hiding out to take Young-choon away.

They escape in time before Soo-yeon arrives, and Joong-won sneaks back upstairs to his room to activate a switch. The switch releases gas from the steel case that held presents, and knocks out all the delegates in there. Soo-yeon finds two dead North Korean agents in the air-conditioning unit room and alerts her team about a possible assassination attempt. When Joong-won is notified, he rushes to Young-choon’s room; the delegates are dead due to the nerve gas, and Young-choon has been “kidnapped”. Suspicion naturally falls on the South Koreans because their delegation is safe.


Joong-won gives Min and NSS 24 hours to find out who did this and get Young-choon back. Otherwise, he will inform the North Korean government and it will be seen as a joint attack from the South and IRIS. While NSS is scrambling to find Young-choon, Joong-won secretly has his missile unit prepare to launch a rocket right outside of Seoul.

No worries though – Young-choon is safe. With Yoo-gun’s help he is taken to an IRIS safe house, and waits for another IRIS member to take him to meet Mr. Black. Hmm – so he’s going to work with Mr. Black. A few hours later, Park Tae Hee (Yoon So Yi) arrives alone to bring him to his next location.

Hyun-kyu investigates the steel case and the gas device further, and sees an imprint of “CX-11” on it. The initials had previously showed up on a photo Soo-yeon took of the whiteboard in Japan. On top of this discovery, the Japanese satellites have taken a picture of a North Korean missile ready to launch. Min has a hard time controlling her anger around Joong-won, and when she gets stressed out, she starts taking pills. I hope she doesn’t have a disease that we all don’t know about yet.

Min enacts code F-1, which gives a lot of power to NSS to spy on people, and strips away the common people’s rights with or without their knowledge. Baek San recognizes how dangerous this can be, and informs Soo-yeon that if the person kidnapped is a danger to North Korean politics, or does not follow the majority’s political line, then he’s the one behind the so-called terrorist attack on the North Korean delegation. In addition, he warns that IRIS will try to move their base camp to Japan soon. Soo-yeon then instructs Hyun-woo to gather information on all the gangs and well-known smugglers that take people to Japan.

Yoo-gun is having some doubts about, oh… life I guess. Rei tells him he can’t have doubts, otherwise it will jeopardize everyone else. He then tells him that the person who shot him, and made him lose his memory, was Ji Soo-yeon. WHOA.

But Yoo-gun doesn’t react. Yun-hwa wonders if he really does remember his past but is just putting on an act, but Rei doesn’t think so. He reveals that he only kept Yoo-gun alive because Mr. Black found out (through Lieutenant Ha’s computer hard drive) that he was Baek San’s son. What we know is Mr. Black is (1) Korean, and (2) wears glasses. I’d say he was Baek San, but he’s not.


Soo-yeon’s team locate a cell signal of a smuggler, so she immediately heads to the port to confront them. She manages to torture one and get the information of where they are… only to find herself face to face with Eriko. She aims her gun, and move behind a shipping container… only to find Yoo-gun there, aiming a gun at her.

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