IRIS 2 Weecaps: Episode 13

It never ceases to amaze me how so much can happen in the first half hour of the episode, and then things start lagging by the second half of the episode. I was infinitely more interested in the mother-son relationship of the show than the action for this episode, even though it was ridiculously cliched and predictable how everything came about.

We start off with Joong-won sharing a meal with Yun-hwa, and he tells her that Rei got killed by NSS. Instead of heartbroken, she’s pretty bummed that she didn’t kill him properly. This is news to Joong-won; if she was pretending to like Rei the entire time then he has a chance with her and doesn’t need to dye his hair!

Section Chief Hwang (who’s Chul-hwan’s underling) takes over Yoo-gun’s desk, since he’s not coming back ever. Ha – of course Yoo-gun’s coming back to NSS. Except he’s now black ops: he will now report directly to Min, and he’s not really an NSS agent anymore. She tasks him with finding Baek San and Joong-won, and gives him everything he needs through a station locker.

We get an interlude with a random Paris Baguette-NSS delivery guy/employee who is learning English and happens to see Tae-hee, and is immediately crushing on her. Why do we have to know this guy is learning English? Anyways – when Byung-jin and Ji-hun come by to ask if he’s seen Tae-hee, he points them in her direction.

Of course, she knows they’re on her tail and calls up her associate to cancel their mission. She also sets the associate on them so that they get busy fighting with him and lose her.

Yoo-gun now has an old phone thanks to Min, and he gathers the courage to call up his mother. Boy is his mother happy to hear him; not only is she now reunited with her love, but her son has returned from the dead. He promises to visit after he takes care of some things, and he heads off to Ui Sang-chul’s home first to hear the truth. Except he ends up finding his dead body.

Yoo-gun runs off, leaving everything intact, and immediately heads over to his mother’s place. Meanwhile, Shi-hyuk is on his tail, and finds the body of Sang-chul. He reports it to Min and gets a forensics team over, but the way that he looks at Sang-chul suggests he knows more than he’s letting on. Perhaps he’s the assassin.

At the same time, Tae-hee and Joong-won discover where Baek San is and head over to Yoo-gun’s mother’s home.

Yoo-gun arrives first, and is flabbergasted to see Baek San there with his mother. It’s made worse when his mother introduces him as Yoo Sang-joon, his father. Tears are pouring down Yoo-gun’s face – it’s like he’s screaming, “Nononononononono” in his head. He rejects his father, and then suddenly Baek San’s assistant points a gun towards them out of nowhere.

Yoo-gun aims back, and then next thing we know his mother’s been shot… by Joong-won. Shooting melee begins, and Tae-hee and Joong-won retreat. As pissed off that Joong-won is that he couldn’t get Baek San, he’s shocked to discover Yoo-gun and Baek San’s connection, and feeling guilty for having shot an innocent mother.

The mother dies in Baek San’s arms, and her dying wish is that Yoo-gun forgive his father.

Min then sends Shi-hyuk to pick up Baek San using the tracker she had injected in him. Baek San’s on the move, as he’s run away from the house with his assistant. He figures out that he must have a tracker, borrows a knife, and expertly removes the tracker. He drops it in a bottle of water and leaves it by the road, killing the signal and stopping Shi-hyuk from chasing him further.

Min, A Team, and Soo-yeon all attend the funeral for Yoo-gun’s mother. Soo-yeon is the one who informs Min first about Baek San being Yoo-gun’s father, and Yoo-gun himself reveals to her that Joong-won killed his mother. Yay for the revenge merry-go-round.

After the funeral, Soo-yeon visits her brother, who’s a priest, and confronts the idea of mortality. Min learns that Rei has woken up in the hospital, and swears to interrogate him herself – even though it means using unconventional methods such as truth serum. And Shi-hyuk returns with information on Sang-chul’s killer – they found a gun with Yoo-gun’s fingerprint on it. Hyun-kyu makes a presentation though and says that he found a trace of a square plastic around the fingerprint, as though someone had planted the evidence to frame Yoo-gun. What’s worse is, Yoo-gun’s now on the run, having disappeared from the charnel house.

Tae-hee informs Joong-won at the safe house that they received their first mission from Mr. Black – they’ll be his team now. Joong-won doesn’t share this with Yun-hwa, but wants her to stop the spy work. When he reveals that Rei is still alive, she’s happy – now she might get to kill him.

Rei only wants to talk to Chul-hwan and promises to get him Mr. Black if he helps him and Lee Soo-jin out to Switzerland. To gain Chul-hwan’s trust, he has him ask Soo-jin about Escape Plan E2. Chul-hwan investigates and finds that both know of the escape plan. He presents to Min and Soo-yeon about Rei proposition, and Min agrees – with reservations. She’ll allow for Rei to help them meet Mr. Black, and in return grant him freedom.

Min informs Joong-won as well so that he can help with the mission on his own. It’s likely he can get his revenge on both Joong-won and Mr. Black there. As for Baek San – he’s in his own hiding place and contacts Mr. Black; neither are happy to hear each other.

The mission begins – NSS is to send a text message using a particular phone that is a code to IRIS that Rei successfully escaped. They’ll then meet at a pre-determined location sent to the cellphone. At the same time, Joong-won meets his new team and they prepare for the mission Mr. Black gave them; just in case you forgot, their goal is to eventually help North Korea’s welfare.

The plan goes smoothly, and NSS is directed to a church in Paju as the rendezvous point. Min texts the location to Yoo-gun, and Joong-won and his team head to the same church and take everyone inside hostage. Soo-yeon realizes midway that they’re going to her brother’s church, and she demands an explanation from Rei and Soo-jin.

Soo-jin: “Remember I asked you long ago if there would be a day when I could make a confession to your brother? That’s going to be today.”

Dun dun dun…

Oh and Lee Da Hae’s English is really nice to hear, since it’s clear and she can act with it. David McInnis can’t act – period.

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